Friday, 18 September 2020

Favourite Spanking Picture

This week's favourite spanking picture if from Bonnie.

Bonnie explains...

The woman walking toward the camera is Kiri Kelly, arguably the best known spanking model in the 1980s. This still was taken from the Nu-West video Revenge is Sweet. I know this because Randy and I owned this video on VHS tape. If it wasn't the first commercial spanking video we purchased, it was among the first.

I love this picture. Young Miss Kelly has just been spanked by her boss for a second time in an office setting. But she is still indignant as evidenced by her clenched fist and tight jaw. Having seen the video, I can tell you that her bottom is even redder than her face. I love her expression. It just screams, "You spanked me!"

I hadn't seen this one before. Thank you Bonnie.

You can still send me your favourite spanking picture for me to share.

Stay safe, wear your face coverings and keep washing your hands, and of course, try and have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

Thank you Ronnie and Bonnie for sharing this pic. Love the expression on her face and clenched fist. I'm not sure she's learnt her lesson yet.


Anonymous said...

My wife spanks me, if I walk away from a spanking with that attitude, I would be back over my wife lap, and no telling how long the spanking would last. I would be facing the wall, no matter who might drop in, and if that isn't enough, my wife bought little boy pajamas, they fit, and I must wear them the rest of the day. You can rest assured I try very hard to not let that happen, but I do fail sometimes, knowing what is to come.

Red said...

Excellent picture, when you know the back story. Thanks for the storyline putting this in perspective.
bottoms up

Glenmoretales said...

I love spanking 'aftermath' pics ( I recall one of you sitting on a cushion at a restaurant after a spanking!).
Have never seen a reaction like this one before though.

O and P Spanking Stories said...

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Hermione said...

I wish I had been able to buy spanking videos back then, but they were not allowed across the border into Canada.


ronnie said...

Roz - Yes her face is a picture. Thanks.

Anonymous - Not a good attitude. Thanks.

Red - Thanks. Bonnie explains why she likes it very well.

Glenmore - I remember that time:) It's a very good after spanking picture. Thanks.

B - Will do.Thanks.

Hermione - We've seen a couple of videos but they weren't very good. Thanks.