Wednesday, 16 September 2020

A Smile for Today

 How to test yourself for the Covid 19 :

- Stage 1 : Pour enough wine in a glass and find out if you can smell it .
- Stage 2 : If you can smell the wine, drink it and find out if you can taste it .
- Stage 3 : If you can smell and taste the wine, you can presume that you haven't got the Covid 19 
Last night, I did the test nine times and thanks God all tests were negative.
This evening, I shall do the test again because this morning I w
oke up with some kind of a headache which could be a symptom of the wretched disease.

From one of my readers.



Roz said...

You can't be too careful. I think I'm going to have to take this test lol. I have seen versions of this. Hope you are having a great week Ronnie.


PK said...

So much better way to test than by scraping your brain with a q-tip!

Hermione said...

This test should be repeated daily. You can't be too careful!