Wednesday, 12 August 2020

I'll have what she's hearing

According to an article in the Sunday Times, women are getting extra kicks, sexual ones that is, by listening to podcasts online. There has been a huge increase in audiences since lockdown and it's mostly women in the forty-plus age group tuning in.

"It seems we’ve got smuttier during lockdown, and podcasts featuring erotic stories are trending. Listeners have had more time on their hands and, if separated from partners or the dating world, more need for stimulating alternatives to physical intimacy."

Celebs are making them, well knowns like Demi Moore, Andrea Riseborough, Lena Dunham, Gwendoline Christie to name but a few. I didn't even know about them until I read the article. Apparently they are turned on by things are done, or suggested, which they wouldn't dream of telling their husbands about let alone asking for. Well maybe they should get more open with their husbands and things might happen. Who knows, maybe their husbands are tuning in to the same stuff in another room:)

The article didn't mention spanking podcasts, I wonder why as spanking according to polls is one of the most popular sexual add-ons or mild kinks practised universally. I'll have to do some googling.



Roz said...

Ha, very interesting Ronnie. I hadn't heard of this.


PK said...

Now I'm going to have to start listening to podcast!


Women should start informing men of what they want to happen. I agree. Y'now, I am a regular listener to BBC radio 4's "Women's Hour". And from every ratings stat, that I have ever seen for that program, I am one of the over 70 percent of regular listeners that are male. Why? Because it gives a lot of information that men really need to know about women but women won't tell men.


Red said...

Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. something to research and start listening to.
Dare i ask if you have some fantasy scenario that you have never shared with P?
bottoms up

morningstar said...

I don't fully understand podcasts - eldest daughter and SIL listen to them all the time.
Maybe I should google the steamy ones (grinning) might interest me more!

Minielle Labraun said...

Sounds interesting! I’ll need to check it out! Thanks Ronnie!

Hermione said...

CBC Radio 1 is playing their most popular podcasts on the radio, but alas, no steamy ones yet! Some are prefaced with warnings, but that's because of the descriptions of crimes.