Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Taming the West....

....But first they had to tame their women.

Women needed to be strong, resilient and determined to support their men.

But too much sass or feistiness was not on. They also had to know their place and if they


Please let me know if the picture if yours to I can remove or give credit.


Roz said...

Love it Ronnie, hope you are having a great week, stay safe!


PK said...

Love this picture! Cowboy, spanking, the strap, the old fashion clothing - everything is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

At least in the west they did not need a trip to the woodshed, then and now very effective.

Aimless Rambling said...

A picture right up my alley, Thanks Ronnie

Anonymous said...

Check with ShadowLane, I think it is Brian Tarsis.

Red said...

Fun thought of how to deal with problems
bottoms up

Kenzie said...

Hi there! It has been forever since I've been on this site, but I decided to try and pick it back up again! I was browsing some blogs I used to follow and it's so nice to see you're still here! Hope all is well.

Hermione said...

Love that wild, wild west!


Baker said...

Great picture, Ronnie. I agree that is one way to tame their woman!

ronnie said...

Roz - Happy you enjoyed dit. Thank you.

PK - What more could you want:) Thanks.

Anonymous - That's true. Thanks.

SG - I thought of you when I saw it:) Thanks.

Anonymous A - Ok, thanks.

Red - Made me smile. Thanks.

Kenzie - Hello. Good to see you. Thanks.

Hermione - Me too. Thanks.

Baker - Lovely way to tame them. Thanks.