Monday, 6 April 2020

Lockdown Erotica

According to the Sunday Times Rosamund Irwin, (you wont be able to read the full article and you need to subscribe) the Covid-19 outbreak has given rise to a new genre of fiction - quarantine erotica - with a series of raunchy stories rushed out and published electronically, often under a pseudonym, exploring lust in the age of Covid.

Books released in recent weeks include Sex During the Coronavirus Pandemic, by WH Fielding, in which protagonist Lucy tries to satisfy her sexual desires while performing social distancing. It has the strapline, "They could lock down her country, but not her heart" and features a protective mask on the cover.

Other erotic works inspired by the outbreak include:-

Quarantine: Step-Sibling Love in the Time of the Coronavirus: a Story of Taboo Romance, by Vickie Holmes

His Rules: Spanked, by Carmen Cuft which tells the story of Ashley, who goes out for a run every day despite her landlord Matthew warning her to stay at home. After Ashley and Matthew become intimate, she eventually concedes that: "If I get my exercise indoors, I won't have to go jogging any more."

Quarantined with the 10-Inch Soldier,  an interracial romance by Jamila Jasper, etc etc.

There are several others titles....but the one that caught my attention was the one by Carmen Cuft, which I imagine is hastily adopted pseudonym as I couldn't find much on Google, and it got me to thinking it's logical with people trapped mostly indoors cooped up with love ones or even not so loved ones, tensions are bound to rise, tempers fray, adrenaline builds up, something's gotta give as they say. Perhaps there will be an increase in spankings. Possible isn't it.

Stay home, keep safe. Hope you have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Hmm...interesting. I suppose not totally unpredictable? Rick and I were talking the other day wondering whether there may be a baby boom.


Hermione said...

Makes sense to me. Two people cooped up all day and night = more sex and spanking = babies 9 months later.

Stay safe!

PK said...

Sounds good but it can also lead to lethargy. I've been writing, maybe I'll be able to have some decent books come out when this is all over.

ronnie said...

Roz - We were talking about that as well. Thanks.

Hermione - Makes sense to me as well:) Thanks.

PK - We all look forward to your new books. Thanks.