Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Bottoms Up

Thanks for joining me for the last of my 'Bottoms Up' series and thank you to everyone who revealed me their favourite/least favourite implement. 

As it's the last one, I thought I should share my own least favourite.

Still my least favourite implement is the paddle Bogey an
d Bacall sent me (I call it Bogey's paddle). 

It's just a small simple wooden paddle. l can tell you that size may well matter but it's definitely not everything; it's also the way it's made, what it's made of and how it's used that counts and on all three criteria my bottom can testify to its effectiveness. It's sharp, packs a punch way above its inches and leaves a lasting impression on my bottom...and my mind. 

The paddle is one of P's favourites because he says it's fast and well suited to OTK as it doesn't need much room to swing but still produces excellent results (from his perspective). He also knows I genuinely dread it so am unlikely to be able to convert the experience of receiving it into a sensual one, certainly not at the time of use anyway.

I am more than happy to do another 'Bottoms Up' post if any bottom (or top?) wants to share their least/favourite toy. Email



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, thank you for sharing this series of posts, and to all who contributed. That paddle sure looks like it packs a punch!


Hermione said...

That paddle sure looks mean. I have heard that the holes make a difference.


Anonymous said...

My wife uses a very large hairbrush, a gift from her mother, and it was not for brushing her hair. My mother-in-law told her daughter that to have a long marriage, the wife must get to the bottom of the problem. The first time I felt it, I was pleading, begging, promising to be good. She heard none of that and talk about a spanking dance afterwards. It still hurts as much if not more today and to make the spanking worse, I will face the wall, mostly in the front room. My wife wants others who might drop in, that she is in charge.

Aimless Rambling said...

Wood is always hurtful, some more than others and that one looks dreadful.

Ella said...

It's timely that you should mention paddles today. I need to write something on one that visited me just this morning. P is right; it is fast and effective. Surely never think about sex during that sort of spanking. Glad you got to write one too!

Hugs Across the Pond,

QBuzz said...

I always thought that wooden brushes/paddles hurt the most... though since my girlfriend started using a tawse I might have changed my mind...

ronnie said...

Bogey said he can't comment on my blog so asked me to post this:-

The back story on the Bogey paddle.
Ronnie said she wanted a paddle with holes. I told I could make her one just like the one Bacall has. It’s quite light - made of southern pine.
It happens to be Bacall’s favorite paddle.
I suspect P uses it with more vigor and perhaps speed than I do on Bacall. And that may account for the different feeling.

ronnie said...

Roz - For such a small toy it does. Thanks.

Hermione - I've heard that as well. Need to do an experiment. Thanks.

Anon - Hairbrushes can certainly hurt. Thanks.

SG - I just don't know what it is about that paddle. Thanks.

Ella - Get writing. Thanks.

QBuzz - We have a long and a short tawse but I don't find they hurt ,as much as the paddle but that could be me as I like leather. Thanks.

Bogey - You could be right. He likes the way he uses it and that I don't like it:) Thanks.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful woman I met while living in an apartment complex, older, but so much fun. She had a decorative "spanking paddle" hanging in the kitchen. She saw it while shopping, and just bought it. I asked if she ever used it, she said not yet with a smile. It was about six months later that one Sunday morning deciding to have some fun and having spent the night with her I came to the kitchen, naked, good morning I said, her back was too me. When she turned around and saw me, she had a different look. Before I knew it she had me across her lap, that spanking paddle warming and stinging my bare bottom. I said I was sorry, she kept spanking me. When she stood me up, did you forget we were going to church this morning. I squirmed in the pews during church service. Her best friend after church came up to us, see you used that decorative spanking paddle, sure did was the response and does a very fine job at that.