Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Bottoms Up - Michael

Thank you for joining me for another 'Bottoms Up'

This week we have one from our friend Michael.

My Least Favourite spanking instrument, when it is used on me, is the thin (5mm)  cane that I bought in the UK. It is slightly too long and too whippy and my wife cannot control where it lands so I often end up with sore red marks on my right flank as it curls round the far side of my right cheek. The sharp sting of these tip strokes takes my mind off the enjoyment of a well deserved caning of my bare bottom..

My Most Favourite instrument is the London Tanner strap. I had to ask my wife if I could explain to her how to use the strap. As a result of my trying to teach her she thinks that the strap is not a seriously hard way of punishing me, so it is not very often that it comes out of the blanket box at her request. What I had asked her to do was to place me with my hips over two pillows whilst lying along the bed wearing just my pants. She would then stand by the side of the bed and spank with the strap across the full rounded part of my bottom cheeks. After fifty strokes I asked her if I could move over to the right side of our double bed and for her to move round and give me another fifty strokes from this side. In this manner my bottom would be fully strapped on both cheeks. I thinks she thinks I was giving her too many instructions so the strap only makes an appearance for good boy spankings on my birthday or an anniversary.

Thank you Michael.  Swap - the cane does it for me but I hate the paddle which is the same as yours.  Maybe you could cut the cane down a little.

See you next Wednesday for the last of my 'Bottom's up' spot, but 
if any bottoms, male or female still would like to do a review of their least (or favourite) implement (you don't have to have a blog) I will happily post them. Please email me I'll keep it secret if it's just for me but if it's OK for me to post it please say so. Pictures are always good.



Roz said...

Thank you Ronnie and Michael. Those both look ouchy and I'm with you on the cane Michael.

Hope you are having a wonderful vacation Ronnie:)


Hermione said...

I like the look of that strap! Thanks Ronnie and Michael.


Aimless Rambling said...

I'm with Hermione - I like the look of the strap, I believe we had one similar but 50 strokes would be a little too much for me.

QBuzz said...

Glad to see British canes are still living up to their reputation :D
London Tanners implements are wonderful - we have the slipper paddle and the pocket strap and tawse, so probably not as severe as this

Ella said...

Good post. Thanks, Michael. My husband has some trouble with a cane too. I once saw a diagram of where the caner should stand in relation to the bottom's bottom! It was a good one, but I cannot remember where I saw it. Perhaps your wife could practice on a soft pillow plumped to resemble a bottom. You can see if the strike leaves an equal indentation on the pillow.

Hugs Across the Pond,

ronnie said...

Roz - Cane, as you know I like but that paddle, no. Thanks.

Hermione - We have the same one and not a favourite of mine. Thanks.

SG - We have that strap and I hate it. Thanks,

QBuzz - I agree, I do love the implements from London Tanners. Thanks.

Ella - I saw that diagram and I can't find it either. Canes that are too long and whippy can definitely curl. Cutting it down may make a difference. Thanks.