Friday, 7 December 2018

Service with an unexpected smile

P hates pomp and fuss. He likes good service but he likes it low key and efficient. So he was apprehensive about taking his German car into the local dealership for a service because a friend had told him it was like an operating theatre, clinical, precise, men in suits to greet him, ANPR as he drove towards the green lights then the door lifting automatically for him to enter. I wished him luck. I still don't like the German car but I even offered to go with him because I know how much he dislikes that sort of thing. He went alone, said he'd got some personal shopping to do while they did whatever.

He came home a few hours later full of beans, took a bag of stuff upstairs and left one quite large box in the hall, he shouted for me to put the kettle on as he went up the stairs. A few minutes later he came into the lounge with the cardboard box he'd left in the hall. Present for me? In my dreams.

"So how was it, as bad as Jim had said?" I asked.

"No not at all, excellent people," he said. "Sure they all look like stockbrokers but they're lovely and can't do enough for you. And they finished ahead of time with a good valet thrown in."

Then he opened the box lid. It was a kiddies car, a BMW for kids. He looked pleased with himself he probably thought there was something wrong with me when my face went blank. I asked him what it did and where it was going or who it was for. He said it was for our granddaughter. I nearly sputtered a mouthful of tea.

"Baby girls don't do cars, P, it will be years before she could sit and be towed around on that thing even if she wanted to be."

I just shook my head, sometimes I just don't understand my husband's mind. He said well we could find somewhere to keep it until the time was right, too right I thought, I could definitely find somewhere for it. I asked him what on earth had possessed him to buy it and he said they were selling them at the garage and he thought it was really nice and unusual. I asked him how much,  it was a bargain he said, you couldn't buy them in the shops. I thought who the hell would want to.

It wasn't worth arguing about, suffice it to say we just don't see eye to eye on cars.

Have a fun weekend.



Yorkie69 said...

Come now Ronnie. Let's not put your Granddaughter in a box. She may like cars just as my niece does. ;)


Ozarkhillbillyhippie said...

In these times who knows when I put grease in my hair I couldn't imagine a gray pony tail yet I have one now

ronnie said...

Yorkie - I totally agree with you and I wouldn't. I was taking about it not doing anything, not motorised and it would be ages before she could sit on it on her own. Thanks.

Richard - I will be encouraging her to try whatever she wants to do, weather it's cricket, football or whatever. Thanks.


morningstar said...

This made me smile -- have no idea why - but it brought back a memory of my youngest daughter. She was about 2 and went missing in the house... I was panicked -- finally going down to the garage to tell her father I had lost the 'baby'.

BUT there she was in her sweet smocked dress with patent leather shoes on lying on her tummy looking at her Daddy under the car watching him play in the grease... ugh!! Good news -- she wasn't lost.

I think the car P brought the granddaughter was kinda cute... His idea of a great gift for the baby....... she may never sit in it... but I bet she treasures it cause it came from 'grandpa' :)

Roz said...

Sorry Ronnie but I have to say bless him for getting the wee car for your granddaughter. How sweet,and cute, even though she won't be able to play in it for quite some time yet.

They are smooth operator's for sure. My brother worked for BMW for years.


Hermione said...

My granddaughter loves to play with toy cars and trucks, so yours might enjoy the tiny BMW too. It was sweet of P to think of her.


PK said...

It might be a while before she can enjoy her car - but now the box it came in! That would be something she could enjoy as soon as she can crawl.

Aimless Rambling said...

... and so it begins. Think of it this way, the next time you come home with something for the baby, or little girl and he fusses, bring up the car. Who knows she might love the car and be next female Le Mans driver.

NoraJean said...

Think of it as P's condensed version of all the baby shopping you did pre baby, Ronnie ... and probably post baby, if I had to guess :>)) He thought of her, bought her a present and will most likely love to tow her around in/on it, in what to your amazement, will be a very short time :>)) ... nj ... xx

Lindy Thomas said...

That was so sweet of P for buying the car for your grandbaby. I bet if you gave it to her when she is a little bit older the box will hold more joy. Sometimes with kids the wrapping is the part they like the most. Anyway she may grow up to like cars of all descriptions.
Hugs Lindy xx

1ManView said...

I guess you have to look at it as a one man view...😉 All of us eventually get caught up in the first grandchild. It won't be long before it happens to you too... 😜

peace and love

Red said...

fun thought for P to do. glad no stereotyping in this chid's future
bottoms up

Rosie Jones said...

When I was little, one of my cousins had a bright red pedal car. He wouldn’t let me have a go because ‘girls don’t drive.’ I’ve never forgotten that, more than sixty years later. I don’t care for driving much but I love cars, especially my German convertible. I’m sure P and granddaughter will have lots of fun when she’s old enough to play with the car.
Hope you’ve had a good weekend, Ronnie.
Rosie xx

ronnie said...

Morningstar - Happy that you hadn't lost the baby:) Cute. Yes I think she will treasure it. May suggest he keeps it until her 1st Birthday. Thanks.

Roz - I am thinking now it was kinda cute. Personally I still don't like our BMW. Thanks.

Hermione - I will be interested to see if she does when she's old enough. Thanks.

PK - I used to love the boxes and paper more than the actual presents I got Thanks.

SG - LOL. I'll remember to do that. I'm off out tomorrow to do some Christmas shopping for the baby. The next female Le Mans driver - now wouldn't that be something. Thanks.

Nora Jean - Oh yes did a lot of shopping and still doing it:) I bet he would enjoy pushing her around in it.

Lindy - The wrapping is what I enjoyed:) Thanks.

1ManView - It already has:) Thanks.

Red - Definitely wont be. Thanks.

Rosie - I actually can't wait now to see her sit on it, Thanks.