Friday, 6 July 2018

My Pal Ronaldo

So I got my photo taken with Ronaldo whilst on holiday. A red cow got in on the act too.

I suppose it's the nearest I'll get to the real Ronaldo and it wasn't too difficult as his image was all over the place, Portugal being football crazy and me a bit of a fan....yes of the football as well as Ronaldo because of his foodball skills (and I wouldn't mind giving his bum a quick squeeze:)).

P took this photo in Vila Real on the Portuguese Spanish border, we had intended to drive across the suspension bridge but then thought why not take the passenger ferry. Then when we got to the ticket office the lady asked us if we had our passports, she'd just asked the same of two Americans in front of us. We explained we were EU citizens and she shrugged her shoulders as if to say 'so what.'

P spoke Spanish, the languages are similar and understood especially on the border where there is a crossover of workers. She told him that sometimes it might be ok, sometimes they might accept a driving licence but other times they might refuse entrance and we'd have to stay on the ferry and come straight back. We had neither passports nor driving licences with us so we didn't go.  

As it happened Ronaldo's magic couldn't swing the football for Portugal and they went out. You could have heard a pin drop in the town that night when it was all over. I was so disappointed for them and the staff, who work so hard to help make tourists happy in their country, biting back the disappointment and professionally putting brave face on and getting back to looking after their guests. P even left a bigger than average tip, he must be getting soft. Then on Tuesday night when England triumphed over Columbia the staff cheered as much as us English, it was nice to be part of.

Now back home and it's even hotter than Portugal was. I'll miss that atmosphere when I watch England/Sweden on Saturday.

Thanks for all your comments - will be a day or two before I reply.

Have a fun weekend.


PS. my cane wrapped in an England flag went through security unhindered, brought it back too. It got used a couple of times the most notable during a thunderstorm one morning but I'll tell you about that later.  


Michael M said...

Look forward to the "cane tales", Hope you had a good holiday.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, hope you had a lovely time, looking forward to hearing more of your escapades!
love Jan, xx

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

Too bad Portugal lost, but they will win next time.

Please explain the significance of the red cow. Is she also a fan of Ronaldo?


Roz said...

Very nice Ronnie :) Shame about the loss though, sounds like a great atmosphere to be part of during the cup. Hope you had a fabulous time, looking forward to hearing more :)


Terpsichore said...

looking forward to hearing more stories of your adventures :-) Hugs

Windy said...

Love hearing about your adventures!

So as an English football fan.... can you help me understand the drama better regarding why the guys act injured all the time? Is it just because they are exhausted? Storm and I have watched a lot of the games and we enjoy them. But the acting part .... confuses


Fondles said...

I'm a Ronaldo fan too. Of his butt and bod more than of his football playing skills. I know nothing about the game. But BIKSS is a fan for sure. He watches the games, I watch the guys.

Welcome home! Looking forward to the cane story.

Minelle Labraun said...

Great picture Ronnie! I’m glad you had a nice time! My Scotsman is loving the games!

Emerging Lurker said...

Congratulations on England's victory today!

Richard Herndon said...
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Rosie Jones said...

I’m not remotely interested in football but do like Ronaldo’s looks. Glad P’s clever ruse with the cane worked, looking forward to hearing all about that!
Rosie xx

Red said...

Actually quite happy to see Ronaldo out of the cup, with his play acting to be injured. Sadly, so many players do this to spoil the game and waste time when they are ahead.
Glad to know you can now travel with a cane and have it used often. This makes for an even more delightful holiday.

Love your photo.

bottoms up

ronnie said...

Michael - Thanks. Holiday was good but ready for another one now.

Jan - Thanks. We did but went far too quickly.

Hermione - The town was very quite after they lost. They have statues of a red bull outside The Portgual official merchandise stores. Don't think it has any significane. Thanks.

Roz - The atmosphere was great. It's ready to post. Thanks.

Terps - Thanks. One on its way.

Windy - Thanks. A lot of players think they are gods and don't always play fair by diving when one one has fouled them hoping to get a free kick or even a penalty if they are in he box.

Fondles - I like some of the rugby and tennjis playeres better than football player:) Thanks.

Minelle - Thanks. England are 90 minutes from being in the World Cup final.

EL - Thanks. Keeping everything crossed for them against Croatia.

Rosie - I'm not a footbal fan except when they Worl Cup is on. Thanks.

Red - Thannks - It was a shame Portugal went out as I love the country and the people. Portugal need some younger players in the team. He may not play in another WC.