Monday, 9 July 2018

In with the New - Wimbledon Edition

A little late with this 'In with the New' edition. I meant to schedule it for when I was away, but never mind, better late than never. Please try and find time to stop by.

Harley Quinn Twitter
Lonely Harley needs the crazy joker to lead punish discipline and please her.

Grace the Adult Schoolgirl
Grace allows herself to be treated as an adult schoolgirl. That means full uniform, studies, lines, cornertime and spankings. 

Ian Davis Twitter
Long time top lucky enough to have a wife who is a bottom.

Hiebe mit Liebe
Blows with love.

The Disciplinary Couples Club
A forum for disciplined Husbands and disciplinary wives to share their thoughts regarding domestic discipline and female led relationships.

Mr Kink Twitter
A bit of top and bottom fun

Reyna McKenzie Twitter 
Spanking model with a smart, quick mouth.

Musing of a Chaotic Mind
The creations of Kessily Lewel.

Miss Chris
Disciplinarian, life coach, and sex educator.

Do it ... Or Else 
Elicit loving spanking encouragement.

RDJ Twitter
Chronicles of Correction

Thanks to Bonnie for her contribution.


Have a good week


Picture from OBB


Michael M said...

Thanks for these. I have often wondered about a visit to Miss Chris but it isn't going to happen.

Roz said...

Thank you Ronnie, looking forward to reading more about your vacation :) Hope you have a great week.


Fondles said...

Thanks for these. I'll go check out the non twitter ones. (don't have twitter...)

Minelle Labraun said...

Thanks Ronnie and Bonnie. I will check these out. Unfortunately I can’t see a few when they make you join or have safe mode on. Some allow me to see.

Hermione said...

A lovely assortment, Ronnie. Ican't wait to visit them.


Ella said...

Ronnie, I don't do Twitter either, but I will definitely look up a few of the others.

Hugs Across the Pond,

NoraJean said...

No twittering for me either but the rest will go on my to be checked out list. Thanks, Ronnie! ... Hope you had a great vacay! ... nj

ronnie said...

Michael - A new one for me. Bonnie's find. Thanks.

Roz - A pleasure, Thanks.

Fonldes - You can still read these links without signing up. Thanks.

Minelle - That's a shame but I know a lot of readers aare signed up to twitter. I'm not. Thanks.

Hermione - Thanks. Hope you enjoy them

Ella/Nora Jean - These links are oK to read. Thank you.