Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Too hot to get spanked

It's what I said to my husband last week when I saw the razor strop lying on the desk in our little office. He was already in the office but not standing waiting for me and, in fairness, he hadn't 'summoned' me. He was sitting on the futon with his laptop on his lap engrossed in something or other, I later learnt it was to do with our LAN which is malfunctioning. So I suppose I was jumping the gun a bit when I said what I said.

"Who said anything about spanking?" He asked. I told him seeing the razor strop

just made me know.

"Ah well, it's not there for that reason, it's there because I pulled it when I moved the desk to retrieve the operator guide for the printer which had fallen down the back. I loosened the hook which I need to re-fix which I'll do after I've got the printer online again (we've been having a few tech problems)." Then he added, "But it's never to hot for a spanking. If I decide one's necessary one happens regardless of the weather."

"Oh I see," I said, both disappointed and relieved. It really was hot, not that I'm complaining, shorts and t-shirt weather suits me. Anyway emboldened by his explanation I stuck my bottom out and wiggled it a bit. I think if he hadn't been hell bent on getting to the bottom of the printer's refusal to talk with my ipad, he probably would have spanked me for being cheeky, a friendly spanking you understand, as he was in quite a chirpy mood considering he hates tech problems.

So I went back downstairs. Five minutes later I heard his drill so he was presumably making a deeper fixing for the little brass wall hook. Five minutes after that he came downstairs too. He announced that our printer was crap, it's a Canon and it prints great but it isn't air print enabled so no amount of tinkering will let me use my ipad on it and for some reason my laptop has lost its ability to communicate with it since P put a new router in last week. It talks with his laptop but not mine. Crazy. He said we'll replace it but I said why not replace my laptop as it's getting a bit old.

"That's the trouble with devices," he said, "you get something malfunctioning then fix it but if you've introduced something new and something else doesn't like it, another problem can show up which didn't exist previously and so on. Frustrating."

"I'm sure a big strong man like you will be able to sort it out," I said. "...Eventually," I added for good measure. He knew I was teasing him.

"You know what, I think I'll borrow another laptop and just test it and if that works then maybe we will replace yours. So if you need printing done use mine. But for right now, as you're clearly taking the matter lightly and making a bit of fun at my efforts, I'll take a little break and have a bit of fun of my own."

He sat next to me on the sofa, dragged me across his knee, pulled my shorts down and spanked me. It was several minutes before he stopped and not before he'd made me squeal.

"Still too hot to get spanked?" He asked, sounding pleased with himself.

I rolled toward his hips pressing my left buttock against his cock which was rigid.

"You mustn't have heard me correctly, P, you were so engaged with that nasty technical stuff upstairs," I said smiling, "didn't you hear the 'never' bit?" I was lying of course but that didn't matter. Then I added, "It's never too hot for a fucking either."

I got one, over the back of the sofa, with a few more slaps for good measure and it was a hot one indeed and I was struggling frantically even as I was coming, to pull my shorts back up as far as I could to to catch the mess. See how a woman's mind works even in the throes of ecstasy:)



Michael M said...

Very tidy mind. Nice spanking,

Unknown said...

Jeepers Ronnie. You do enjoy yourself!


Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, you crack me up. You are incorrigible lol. Here's to desired results and happy endings :)


Hermione said...

You are lucky, Ronnie, to have a husband who is so good-tempered while dealing with technical problems.

Technology is such a nuisance. Since the Windows 10 upgrade, my printer no longer acts as a scanner. But we can print remotely from all devices (laptop, iPad) so I guess we are somewhat up to date.


Minelle Labraun said...

Oh, you are cheeky! Made me smile and smile!

Fondles said...

What a fun post to read. My printer has stopped communicating to my laptop wirelessly so a cable is necessary these days. And I totally feel your sentiment about catching the mess and how a woman's mind works! Yes, even in the throes.

Windy said...

Oh, nicely written story.... hot in more ways than one! :) Love your writing style as always!! Some laughter and some kink and some technology !!

Red said...

Delightful to read. Instead of 100% enjoying the orgasm, a small part of your brain wanted to catch the mess deserves another spanking. this time with the razor strop.
bottoms up

Baker said...

Sounds like you both ended up with what you wanted!

Terpsichore said...

what a fun story :-)

Anonymous said...

Well... That was hot! Good Story, Ronnie.


abby said...

This had me giggling. Love the banter between the 2 of you..and the spanking too, of course. And yes....I totally agree about the way a woman's mind works..hugs abby

ronnie said...

Michael - We women have a very tidy one. Thanks.

Yorkie - Well you have to:) Thanks.

Roz - Happy Birthday. A girl has to do what a girl has to do to get spanked. Thanks.

Hermione - Tech stuff is beyond me at times. I was quite surprised how calm P was. Thanks.

Minelle - Me cheeky, never. Thanks.

Fondles - New technology is a pain when they don't speak to one another. A tidy mind:) Thanks.

Windy - Thanks you so much for the lovely comment. I like that there's was a little bit of everything for you:) Thanks.

Red - I think I agree with you, the razor strop needs to come out. Thanks.

Sounds - Hello. A win win all around. Thanks.

Terps - Thanks. Very enjoyable.

Jack - Hello and thank you.

Abby - We do have our moments. It is funny how we think. Thanks.