Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Out of the frying pan

...into the fire. So the old saying goes. That's what I said to P last night, I mean it's pretty hot here right now and we're flying to Portugal so I looked online and I think it's a degree or two cooler. I said I preferred leaving the UK dull and wet when parting with it for a sunshine break. He said nonsense, the warm weather's lovely for sure but we don't have the sea on our doorstep here and we don't have al fresco dinners with fresh seafood or whitewashed villages and colourful fiestas. Sun, sand and sea, the three S's, he said. Then he corrected himself and said it should be the five S's, at least in ours case, and added sex and spanking to the list.

"But we already get the last two here," I said.

"Ah but not as intensely," he quipped. I hoped that was a promise and not idle banter:)

I'll be giving P a little hint.
(taken on a previous holiday)

Thanks in advance for your comments. Reply when I return.

See you when I get back.



Michael M said...

Hope you take those pants with you. Another refresh foto would be good for your readers.

Fondles said...

Gosh those are some cute knickers! Have a great time!

Roz said...

Have a wonderful time Ronnie, and enjoy the five s's :)


morningstar said...

Have a wonderful holiday -- enjoy the alfresco dinners -- the seaside - and all those lovely spankings .....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some wonderful spanking is going to take place. Maybe standing by a rail like that with those panties at your knees while P spanks you?

Minelle Labraun said...

Definitely love the details of your vacation with all those S-es!
Have fun!

The Glenmore said...

Hopefully he reads that before he whisks them down! Have a wonderful vacation Ronnie !

Hermione said...

Ronnie, Have a lovely time with plenty of each of the five Ss!


Eric51 Amy49 said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I need to get a pair of panties that say, "Spank me 100 times". LOL

Ella said...

Have a lovely holiday, Ronnie. Cute knickers, for sure. I have a similar message on a little towel given to me by a dear friend. :)

Hugs Across the Pond,

NoraJean said...

Have the S-iest vacation ever, Ronnie ... nj

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I visited her parents farm, they were on vacation and we watched the place for them. We walked around the place and she smiled and said better be a good little boy, for this is the woodshed. The next day I did something stupid on purpose to see if she was serious. I was soon taken to the shed, bared from the waist down and soundly spanked. Thinking that was it, I was told to finish undressing and I looked at her and she meant it. I was soon naked and she put me back over her lap and really warmed my bottom. I was rubbing, and trying to move fast to get back to the house, I did not want to be seen naked, she held my arm tight, walked slow and spanked my sore bottom if I tried to go faster. No one saw me, but I had to face the wall in the kitchen for an half a hour. I finally got dressed and she said the next time the walk to the shed I will be naked. We had a great time, sex was outstanding, but as much as I liked being spanked, that trip to the wood shed was more enjoyment for her than me. One thing for a male wanting to be spanked, but wanting others seeing you afterwards was not what I wanted to happen.

Rosie Jones said...

Have a great time, Ronnie. Hope you get all of those Ss.
Rosie xx

Baker said...

Enjoy the vacation!

Red said...

Hope you both have a wonderful vacation, and have lots of the five S's. I hope you took those panties with you, and they get taken down often.

Ps: you look fabulous in them, and delightful to see a topless outside photo. Hope P took some private photos of you when you turned around.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Ha! Do they make those in a men's? I want some to surprise my wife with!


ronnie said...

Michael - Sorry not this time. Thanks,

Fondles - THe message works a treat:) Thanks.

Roz - Thanks. We did.

Morningstar - We enjoyed the lot. Thanks.

Archedone - I prefer them up with that message:) Thanks,

Minelle - We did. Thanks.

The Glenmore - We are back now and really enjoyed the break. Thanks.

Hermione - Lovely. Thanks.

Amy - Let me know if you find a pair with that written on:) Thanks.

Ella - I like messages like that:) Thanks.

Nora Jean - We surely did. Thanks.

Anonymous - Would have been a shock had her parents returned early. Thanks.
Rosie - Trip was to short. Ready for another one. Thanks.

Baker - Thank you. We had a lovely time.

Red - That's lovely of you to say, thanks. We have a lot of private photos already

Yorkie - Even though they are ladies knickers, they do them in different sizes. Thanks.