Monday, 25 June 2018

A Treat in Stockings

I  was sifting through my bottom drawer looking for some VPL pants to take on holiday with me, couldn't find any but did come across a set of stockings still attached to suspender, I smiled and then I mused about taking them to Portugal. Probably won't but I looked back in as I remember writing about wearing them.

It's a re-post but it was good fun so here goes......

I don't wear stockings very often, in fact I don't wear them at all for normal purposes, not even for going out somewhere special. Oh I do like them, don't get me wrong, I like them very much, they make me feel sexy and vulnerable and powerful (yes I know that's contradictory) and glamorous and all sorts of things but they're just not as practical as pulling on tights so they don't get used. Much. The exception of course, when I somehow manage to find time to fiddle about with clasps and make adjustments and get them just right, even on a warm day when no sensible person would wear such things, is when I'm wearing them for erotic purposes. Whether I've decided to wear them or been made to wear them I don't mind, either way I'm likely to get something more out of it than shiny legs for a few hours.

So I was delighted the other day when I came out of the shower and found a pair of stockings, still hooked to a suspender from their last outing, lying on the bed. P must have rummaged through one of my drawers and left them before he went to the office. I smiled, then my phone rang and I went downstairs to get it, I missed the call, it was from P so I called back, he said he was just calling to make sure I'd seen what was on the bed and to make sure to wear them. I told him it was going to be hot for stockings, he said I'd better do as I was told and wear them anyway and that I'd be a lot hotter if I didn't. Yummy insinuation, I remonstrated just to keep it going for a while, told him they wouldn't go with trousers or jeans (which I mostly wear for work) and he said I was to wear a skirt. "But P I don't wear skirts to the office unless we have visitors"............"Just do it, and don't be late in," he said and the call ended. Happy days, my husband must have been feeling particularly perky, it seemed like ages since he'd taken this sort of initiative, I was humming happily while I put on my stockings and suspenders

and searched for just the right knickers and found a nice retro style pair in black silk with minimal but tasteful lace trim then turned my attention to finding a skirt thin enough and tight enough to hug my curves and show outlines if I bent, which I intended to do quite a bit.

Our girl was in the office when I arrived, later than my usual time of course, she only works three half days now. I made a point of chatting with her more than usual, sat against the end of P's desk which I know he finds irritating, I hoped my suspender was showing through the thin skirt cotton but didn't bother looking, I pointedly ignored my husband. She must have thought I'd been drinking I was so chatty, she got very animated when I brought up the subject of holidays, they're taking their little girl abroad for the first time soon and really looking forward to it, I made sure the chat went on and on. At lunchtime she left, she still had a lot of profiles to finish and said she'd do some from home but I told her it would be all right she could finish them next time she was in. P told me I'd wasted an hour of her time, which he was paying for, and an hour of my own too. "Oh don't be a mean boss," I said as I bent unnecessarily low to check some stock in the corner of the office. I stayed there a while pretending I couldn't find what I was looking for. Then I felt a slap on my bottom and smiled slyly as I emitted a surprised "Ooh!"

The day continued in similar vein, with little casual touches, me being mildly saucy and by late afternoon complaining that I was rather behind with my own work and that some of my orders would just have to wait till next day (I wasn't behind really). P said if I'd still been working for him and taken that sort of attitude he would have taken the cane to me. I felt my face go red and my tummy went melty. I needed to say something quickly, something that would seal my fate. "If I was still working for you and got behind I'd have concealed it, that's what I always used to do and you'd never knew," I lied cockily. "Oh really," said my husband, "I'll deal with you after work."

And so he did. At 5.30 I started to get ready to go home and he said "Not so fast young lady, I've got twenty minutes work to finish then one phone call and then I'm going to cane your bottom soundly before you go home. So sit back down while you still can."

Twenty minutes can seem like a very long time when you're sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to be called across the office to have your bottom caned. When P got to his phone call I was in such a state I don't think I could tell you a word he said or even who the call was to. Then the talking stopped and he put the phone down, walked over to my desk and told me to stand, then sat where I'd been sitting and pulled me across his knee. He couldn't get my skirt up because it was tight and below knee length, I asked if he needed me to get up (helpful aren't I) but I think he was a little embarrassed at having his masterful manner and intentions thwarted so he just spanked me over the skirt. It felt delicious and several minutes later my backside was throbbing and P's hands were lightly caressing my cheeks and tracing the contours of my underwear. My knickers were moist and if my husband had lifted me off his lap at that point and bent me over my desk and fucked me silly I would not have been a disappointed girl. But that didn't happen. 

I was made to stand then marched, for effect I suppose, the short distance from my desk to my husband's. I stood with my hands on my bottom watching my husband retrieve the curve handled cane he keeps taped to the underside of his desk. I gasped inwardly as the sticky tape released it into my husband's hand and he stood and swished it a couple of times as if to make sure it still worked. Then he made me shuffle my skirt up over my hips, I thought ridiculously my bottom must have been bigger after the spanking because the skirt hadn't seemed so tight when I'd put it on in the morning. I'm still self conscious when my husband ogles me prior to a spanking, I could feel my face burning as I exposed my knickers framed by my stockings and suspenders and stood waiting awkwardly.

A thought flashed through my mind, had I fastened the suspender over or under my knickers, I couldn't remember. Then I was being told to bend over and P's left hand was on my back easing me forward. "All the way," he demanded. He maked me settle against the desk top, that way I've got no way of wriggling forward. He told me I'd been provocative and disruptive and pushed my luck just a little too far and then he asked me if I had any idea how luscious my bottom looked at that very moment and how much he was going to enjoy caning it and then, without waiting for a reply other than the whimper which escaped my lips, he raised his cane and brought it swishing down onto my bottom.

"Ooooaow..!" I exhaled and stamped my right foot several times before receiving a second stroke in almost exactly the same place. "Oooooargh no please!!" I exclaimed and wriggled my bum from side to side and then pushed it upwards because I needed the next stroke, which was surely coming, to land somewhere different. "Eeeeowwwchh..!" I screeched as my sit spots were seared. Then I felt P's thumbs in the waistband of my knickers and he pulled them down to my knees and I knew the answer to how I'd fastened my suspender. He told me that girls as naughty as me got it on their bare bottoms especially when their bottoms had clearly been begging for it........I lied that I hadn't been begging for it but he told me I was dressed in such a manner that left him in no doubt he was doing what was necessary. I got another six strokes form the cane across my bare bottom

and I screeched and wailed and eventually begged him to PLEEEEASE stop.. I'd learnt my lesson.. I knew I'd been naughty... I agreed I'd deserved a good caning...I'd had I stomped from leg to leg... PLEASE stop.

Then I realised my husband had put his cane down and was just standing there ogling again, ogling a naughty well caned girl trying to save her bottom from further punishment. "Now pull your knickers up, adjust your skirt, put your face straight and go home," he said. He made me do it while he stood watching, lecherous and amused. I kept waiting for him to say something else but he didn't and I left the building with a sore bottom, on my own, hurrying to the car in case anyone I knew saw me; even though they couldn't possibly know I'd just been caned, I was too flustered to talk normally.

When I got home I was starting to feel a bit stiff, I went straight upstairs to look in the mirror, realised how hard he must have caned me when I saw the stripes and felt some of them ridging. I straightened my skirt and went downstairs, my bottom seriously suffering from after sting and a deeper burn was establishing itself, I sat down but couldn't keep still, lifting one side then the other and letting my fingers run gently over the wicked little welts. P arrived about twenty minutes later, I didn't acknowledge him, just looked moody. He asked me if I was all right, I didn't answer, he said I'd better cheer up or he'd take me upstairs and cane me again. I didn't appear to cheer up and P escorted me upstairs, he didn't cane me though, instead he pulled my skirt roughly up to my waist and undid his trousers, he had me on the bed on all fours and started to unfasten the waist clasp on my suspender. "No don't P," I said, "keep it on and my knickers too, just pull them aside and do it fast. And hard." So he did just that and thrust himself forcefully into me and in spite of the pain in my nether regions gave me the best rogering I'd had in long while.

I was absolutely exhausted afterwards and my bottom was still suffering most of the following day. I suppose it will be an eternity before I'm instructed to wear stockings again, still there's nothing to stop me taking the initiative myself, I do find them sexy and a sore bottom is a small price to pay for the surrounding thrills.

Have a good week.



Fondles said...

Oh I'll never again think of stockings without remembering this story! What a lovely read for a Monday afternoon!

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, wiw, what a wonderful, hot story! Maybe you should take them on vacation :)


The Glenmore said...

Thanks for the nice treat Ronnie.I love garter belts and stockings framing a nice female bottom.
I have bought my wife a selection of them but she knows the treat is more for me than her.
A while ago we were out for the day and she was dressed casually in jeans and a sweater.When we got home she asked me what I thought she was wearing underneath?I couldn't get those jeans off fast enough!

Hermione said...

I remember that story from the first time you posted it, and was delighted to read it again! I also remember the days when we all wore stockings and garter belts to school and never thought them erotic then. The stockings were wool or cotton and were worn for warmth in the winter.


Gary Friedly said...

Contradictory, you say? Stockings, vulnerable and powerful -- on my motorcycle, I feel the combination of command and vulnerability. Not sure if this is similar, but I think maybe it is. I never slipped any stockings on, though.

Leigh Smith said...

I remember stockings and garter belts (suspenders) and I hated them. Was thrilled when panty hose arrived.
Now men, not so much. Ray loved it and also often requested that I wear stockings and garter belt if we were 'dressing up'.

Ella said...

Men do seem to universally love stockings and garter belts. I would love to please him more, but I get so fffing frustrated by trying to get it all on correctly. The expletives that come out of my mouth ought to earn me a spanking even without the damn things.

Hugs Across the Pond,

PK said...

I'm not sure who I love more you or P. What a wonderful match you two are!

Michael M said...

Sure it would be a good idea to take them to Portugal. Or you could take a new pair of stocking tights. Boa viagem y palmadas felizes

NoraJean said...

That was a HOT throwback post, Ronnie! ... stockings and garter belts have played a part in our lives for a long time ... they certainly make one feel sexy ... Frank is partial to seamed stockings and always admonishes me to make sure the seams are straight, or else :)) ... nj

Minelle Labraun said...

I love stockings like those! I especially enjoy them hidden..... slowly indicating what’s below the skirt! Nice one Ronnie! You always have and still do have fun!

ronnie said...

Fondles - Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

Roz - I've decided not to, have something else I've decided to take. Thanks.

The Glenmore - And you didn't notice:) Thanks.

Hermione - Thank you. That's intersting as we never wore stockings and belts to school.

Gary - Hello. I think it is. Thanks.

SG - I only wear them for erotic purposes as I don't find them that comfortable. Thanks.

Ella - Oh I know exactly what you mean. Must have been a man who invented them:) Thanks,

PK - Me I hope:) Thanks.

Michae - Thanks. I hope there will be lots of spankings.

Nora Jean - I could never get the seams straight:) Thanks.

Minelle - Thank you. I hope we carry on like that.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. I really am going to have to get a full length cane now. It's blinkin' cold here but I don't feel cold after reading that. Wow Ronny. Just, wow...


Terpsichore said...

Love this story! You two are amazing! :-) Hugs

Red said...

thanks for reposting this wond3eerful adventure. It was delightful to read. Hope you have another similar experience soon.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Yorkie - Canes are good:) Thanks.

Terps - Thank you. We have our moments.

Red - Happy you enjoyed the read. Thanks.