Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A Smile for Today

I really like Endart spanking drawings. Shame that Endart finished. 

 Oh yes he will

Couldn't make my mind up which ones to share. Hope you enjoyed them.



Anonymous said...

I did enjoy them. they remind me of some of the spankings Robyn gives me. Funny how I protest during the spanking, but it's just what I want and need.

Hermione said...

Oh yes, I loved them all. Such a talented artist who knows his subject.


The Glenmore said...

End art was one of my favourite spanking artists and subscribing to his site was worth every penny and I looked forward to his updates each week.
It was very disappointing not only when his site closed , but that he removed it completely .
Luckily there is still lots of his work on the Web but lots of his best stuff is gone forever unfortunately.
Thanks for sharing Ronnie!

NoraJean said...

Spanko art! ... love it ... too bad it's no more ... thanks for the share, Ronnie! ... nj

Richard Herndon said...

Like them all 1 + 4 the best so h looks of defiance and acceptance

Leigh Smith said...

They are great Ronnie - thanks for sharing.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

I have been off line with no internet for a few days and just catching up with blogland now.

These are all great, shame there are no more of them. Thank you for sharing :)


ronnie said...

Archedone - I know what you mean:) Thanks.

Hermione - He certainly did, Thanks.

The Glenmore - Thanks. I wonder why he removed it entirely

NoraJean - Many more out there but sad no new ones. Thanks.

Richard - I like No1. Thanks.

SG - My pleasure. Thanks.

Roz - A pain for you but happy all sorted now. Thank you.