Friday, 23 February 2018

Some Oldies

        1917 silent movie - 'NARROW TRAIL'.
Silent movie star WM. S. Hart spanking a cowgirl.

Ralph Bellamy and Brenda Joyce.
1959 movie - 'HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS'. 
Jane Wyman, Clifton Webb, Gary Crosby and Carol Lynley in a rare spanking scene.
I think the older women must be Jane Wyman and the girl getting spanking is Carol Lynley but which of the men is doing the spanking. Maybe someone knows.
1945 movie (as you can see) 'FRONTIER GAL'
Yvonne de Carlo and Rod Cameron.


1955 thriller VOUS PIGEZ (You Get It?) 
Eddie Constantine and Yorick Royan.
Found at Mainstreamspanking.

Has anyone watched any of these films? 

Have a fun weekend.



Lea said...

I've not seen a one of them, but definitely have an interest to! I find the men from back in the day to have generally a more commanding presence that I often find appealing. That plus spanking?! I'm in!

Mr Upton Ogood said...

Gary Crosby is the spanker...Clifton Webb is standing, observing... Jane Wyman is also standing..(btw...Jane was, I believe, Ronald Reagan's first wife...fwiw)

Roz said...

These are great Ronnie. I'm not familiar with any of these movies.


Hermione said...

I am bad with faces, but I never forget a spanking in a movie.


Fondles said...

They look familiar but then i watched a lot of westerns on TV when i was a kid. I was too young to actually remember any of the plots now but i'm sure if not these, then I must have seen a scene that was similar.

Rosie Jones said...

I’ve not seen any of them. Thanks for sharing, Ronnie.
Have a good weekend.
Rosie xx

Richard Hetndon said...

Thank you darling girl love those black and white stills from old movies

Ella said...

A picture is worth a thousand words, Ronnie. So it stands to reason that 5 pictures are worth five thousand words. These are great. I much prefer spanking pictures in black and white. Well, a little red wouldn't hurt. But then again, I guess it could hurt a great deal.

Hugs Across the Pond,

NoraJean said...

Hi Ronnie ... Great pics ... I was amazed this week, to come across a spanking scene in one of Elvis Presley's movies as well ... who knew :>)) ... nj ...xx

ronnie said...

Lea - The only one I knew was Frontier Girl. Thanks.

Mr Upton Ogood - Hello to you and thanks. Never knew Jane W was Reagan's first wife.

Roz - My pleasure. Thanks.

Hermione - I'm sure you don't:) Thanks.

Fondles - I think there's a few cowboy movies with a little spanking in them. Thanks.

Rosie - You are welcome. Thanks.

Richard - So do I. Thanks.

Ella - You and me too, black and white pictures are the best and especially when it's a spanking one. Thanks.

NoraJean - Hello. I love that one. Thanks.