Monday, 26 February 2018

Beach or Bedroom

I was clearing our sons old room on Saturday. We're going to decorate it, not that it desperately needs it but because when he and his wife stay over these days it always looks the same, I mean like it was when he was at high school and university even, and it just doesn't seem right although I bet next time he stays over I'll hear 'Mom! What have you done to my room?!!'

So there's this one cupboard, it's been used as a kind of overspill ever since he left, which was crammed with all sorts of stuff we've been too lazy to find a proper place for or to take to the trash. Well I tackled it......and filled two black bin sacks which will end up at the tip. But I also found some useful stuff, long forgotten, even some opened-once-only Christmas presents from years ago which might be safe to re-cycle now (evil aren't I) or perhaps even use. Then the silliest thing of all I found was an old beach game paddle (we used to have two but I only found one) 

which provided hours of fun on the beaches of Spain and Portugal over a few years until P ripped the ball attachment from one of them and used it across by backside in the sweaty heat of a villa one evening, after which we had to take turns sharing one.

I didn't throw the paddle into a bin sack, I left it on the bed, no particular reason other than memories. When P saw it he asked whose it was and asked if I was taking up ping pong. Then he re remembered and said there must be another one somewhere around, then he remembered some more and grinned and asked "Didn't I find it necessary to paddle your backside with one of them once, it might even have been that one?

 I told him he had and that I didn't know which had been most fun, its use on the beach or its use in the bedroom. "I suppose you could say you got tanned both ways," said my witty husband smiling at his own joke. "I'll help you make up your mind."

With that he pulled me across to the bed, sat down and turned me over his lap. I only had sweat pants on, elasticated, they came down easily and he gave me about fifty swats, they were loud really loud and they stung like hell but I was giggling and trying to get away from him at the same time so I didn't really notice how much damage something so light was doing to my bottom. Not lasting damage you understand, but damage I could see clearly in the mirror when I stood up. I was positively glowing.

"So, which is most fun?" asked P.

"Well we can't compare now can we, because somebody not a million miles away from here ripped the ball off so that they could apply a little discipline while we were on holiday. So I can't refresh my memory with a quick game.

"Ah yes, I remember that. Well let me refresh your memory as to what happened immediately after I'd spanked your bottom with it." P stood up and I saw the bulge in his shorts. He took me into our own bedroom and refreshed me very nicely.

"Don't throw the paddle away," he said as we lay on the bed post coitus. I'll keep it in my desk drawer, maybe I'll fix it." I very much doubt it but I put it in his draw anyway, perhaps he's getting sentimental in his old age. I don't mind if it has that effect on him:)

Have a good week.



an English Rose said...

NIce aid to the clearing out of cupboards!
love Jan, xx

Fondles said...

what a lovely tale. now imagine if every item you cleared out lent itself to a new event and story for the blog. it would take a REALLY long time to get thru all the stuff in that cupboard!

Roz said...

Love it Ronnie, what fun, and a real bonus from cleaning out the cupboard :) If only more cleaning, housework etc resulted in such fun lol


morningstar said...

Ronnie -- this morning (well morning here) made me smile -- just a fun story of 'normal' life .... thank you for that smile!

abby said... plan! It is always fun to recall good times...and sometimes re-enact them! hugs abby

Hermione said...

We have two of those beach paddles, and boy, are they noisy!


Leigh Smith said...

You two are a hoot. Cleaning out closets are usually not nearly so much fun.

Lea said...

This is the best argument for why one should declutter and go through their things. We can only hope to find such fun useful and sentimental items!

Ella said...

A very sweet story, especially because it ended up with a spanking and further activities. Made me smile to hear the nostalgia from both you and P.

Sam has a paddle ball toy from which he ripped off the rubber ball as soon as it was purchased. It has the words, "It's Fun" printed on it in red. When it comes out of the toy box, he always says "Let's have some fun, Ells." It is very lightweight, and yes, it is loud! Has quite a sting, too.

Hugs Across the Pond,

NoraJean said...

Hi Ronnie ... Nothing like having to do a cleaning and finding a bonus. Sounds like you two had fun!

Frank had me buy a ping pong paddle when he first heard about household 'implements' ... yowzer! I think I've convinced him to put it away for awhile. However in our bedroom rearranging for the new bed, the youngest kiddo found it and was soon batting a ping pong ball around the living room ... the things we do ;))... nj ... xx

ronnie said...

Jan - I'd forgotten how stingy it is and loud. Thanks.

Fondles - I know, I didn't finish the clearning out in the end. Thanks.

Roz - I'd do it more often if it did:) Thanks.

Morningstar - Thank you. It was a fun day.

Abby - Brings back lovely memories. Thanks.

Hermione - I'd forgotten how loud. Thanks.

SG - I'm going to start on another one soon. Thanks.

Lea - I wonder what else we have hiding. Thanks.

Ella - LOL. Love your tale and yes so so loud. Thanks.

NoraJean - LOL. Now it's resurfaced, I think Frank may use it again. Thanks.


Red said...

this will encourage many people to clean out their closets and attics/basements, with the hope of finding a forgotten spanking implement.
Delightful bonus with accomplishing something and being spanked, plus love making
bottoms up

Terpsichore said...

wonderful story :-) Hugs

ronnie said...

Red - I didn't expect finding an old bat would lead to a spanking and a bit of extra activities:) Thanks.

Terps- Thank you.


Rosie Jones said...

What a delightful story, Ronnie. I have some decluttering to do but I doubt the outcome will be as much fun as yours.
Rosie xx

ronnie said...

Rosie - You never know:) Thanks.


1ManView said...

This story left me with a big smile... 🙄
There's nothing like a memory you can touch and use over and over again, while making new memories....😉

and happiness

ronnie said...

1MV - Then that makes me happy. Never thought of it like that:) Thanks.