Friday, 12 January 2018

Rope Play

I know there is a fan club for rope play and it's usually men who get tied up with it (or the pictures I've seen are).....

...So it's was nice to find a couple of girls practising their own version of it........but then I noticed the girl on the right had a hole in her tights. Very poor. Why on earth didn't the photographer tell her to change before taking the picture.

Have any of you done any sort of rope or bondage play?  We haven't, P doesn't show much interest in that although he did make some Velcro bindings ages ago which he said were to tie my legs together to stop me struggling so much. He used them a few times too and I liked them but never told him I did. Perhaps I should dig them out again:)

Have a fun weekend.


Please let me know if any of the pictures are yours.


Dragon's Rose said...

I love rope bondage. When my Dragon has time he twists our own rope. Hemp is okay but the rope made from embroidery floss is devine. I lost the first set of cuffs I made in the big move. I have the leather and buckles to replace them. I need to get them made.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, nice pics ;). No rope play here, I do have yummy pair of leather handcuffs though....
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

We have never done any rope play. but like P we have Velcro cuffs for my wrists and ankles so she can time me four point and have her way with my bottom.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,nice pics. We haven't done rope play but have imorovised using scarfs etc to tie arms/legs on occasion.


abby said...

I also like the pics. Master made me some wonderful leather wrist and ankle cuffs that are fur lined. Not to the extent of the pics but we have done some rope play...I did enjoy it. hugs abby

Lea said...

Rope is wonderful and one of my Sirs interests; he likes bondage. I normally see way more pictures of ladies tied up than of men - in fact I was so completely awestruck by the photos of the men you posted; I'm not sure if I had ever really seen male bondage from a lovely photography perspective before.

morningstar said...

W was a rope guy -- in fact when he met me he had never done anything but rope.

Personally I found rope boring -- and amused myself by figuring out how to get out of it... earned me the dubious title of 'rope eel'.

Rope as restraints are much more up my alley :)

Terpsichore said...

We have never tried rope binding...but I would keep an open mind to it if my husband expressed an interest. :-)

Leigh Smith said...

Never tried rope - it is quite an art. We've only used scarves or neckties when we played around.

Ella said...

Well, I will give you a surprise with this one. Every so often I tie Sam's wrists to the headboard of our bed. Blindfold, too. Then I bring him to nirvana very slowly. He has never complained. I guess he has reciprocated once or twice, but I much prefer being restrained by his arms and hands and legs during a spanking. It drives me crazy.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Simon said...

We've tried bondage of various types but because I suffer from a few health problems including arthritis it's problematic. Even if I didn't suffer whilst tied up I would find myself with terrible backache or weird tingling in my joints afterwards which could last for days sometimes. So now I am rarely restrained and if I am it is for a very short time, so short in fact that it is not really worth the bother.

ronnie said...

Rose - I know what hemp is but embroidery floss, no idea but sounds intersting. Thanks.

Jan - Leather handcuffs, nice. Thanks.

Archedone - Velcro does work, doesn't it. It was mainly my legs/ankles P used the Velcro for. Think I will ask him to try it again. Thanks.

Roz - Thanks. Sounds like we all done a little of the same.

Abby - Thanks. I like the sound of those cuffs, yummy. Thanks.

Lea - I really thought it was more men from pics I've seen. Quite lovely picrtures. A real art. Thanks.

Morningstar - Yes there is a different in rope play than using rope for restraints. 'Rope eel' LOL. Thanks.

Terps - Maybe you should suggest it:) Thanks.

SG - From some of the pictures I've seen, it's definitely an art using rope. Thanks.

Ella - Yes a surprise:) sounds delicious. I did like it when P tied my legs with the Velcro but like you, I do prefer his hands and legs to restrain me. Thanks.

Simon - Sorry about your arthritis problem. Not worth revisiting bondage play if painful. Thanks.


Fondles said...

never tried rope per se, altho bikss has improvised with a bunch of different things in terms of restricted movement and bondage. perhaps that hole in the stockings was to "add character" to the piece? It *is* a lovely image tho.

personally i enjoy bondage, but it makes moving around and getting sexy rather difficult.

Hermione said...

We're not into rope play either, but about the hole in the girl's tights, it looks to me like a tiny "Do Not Enter" sign. Perhaps an indication that the right cheek is not to be spanked.


Red said...

Never done rope play... Thought for the wise: if P does something different you like, you should tell him
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Fondles - Same as us, Velcro was used for restricted movement than actual bondage. Having the whole spoils the picture for me. Thanks.

Hermione - Never thought of that. Thanks.

Red - We should tell what we ike and don't like, I agree. Thanks.


lindy thomas said...

Great photos Ronnie. We haven't tried rope play. Bear has used scarves and neck ties which was fun.
Hugs Lindy xx

ronnie said...

Lindy - Thanks. A little bondage is quite fun.