Friday, 27 October 2017

Olympic Pole Dancers

I thought it was a joke when I saw the headline last weekend, I can't remember what media source it came from but surely someone else would have seen it? It's true anyway, a real possibility that pole dancing could become an Olympic discipline within the next five years so get training, girls, and if you can't get sponsorship early days you can make good money on the side in the sleazy boys clubs.

I would never have thought it years ago when I first learned about pole dancing after P had visited Spearmint Rhino near the Chinese Quarter in Birmingham, he went with a bunch of clients and a couple of colleagues from his own industry, they shared the cost. He'd only told me they were going for a meal and then probably onto a late bar or casino but next day he told me where they'd ended up. It got me spanked too because I went on a bit about it calling the girls near enough prostitutes and the clubs fronting brothels (very wrong of me on both accounts) but P wouldn't hear of it although he did admit they were working girls in fact he said they worked bloody hard. I played my face a bit in spite of P saying not to be so silly and at lunchtime he took me home and spanked me. We were working closely together in the same office at that time so the atmosphere had been a bit frictional in the morning and I'd been taking calls slowly and acting belligerently when I put them across to him, well those that belonged to him. But it was certainly a lot better in the afternoon! Amazing what a well smacked bottom can do for a girl's demeanour.

Anyway I knew most of the blokes who'd been on the outing and I couldn't help over the next few days winding him up, when any of them called the office, pressing mute and saying 'It's that creepy so-and-so, do you want to take it?'  or, 'P can you take this pervert off me please, it's you-know-who' and that sort of stuff until he told me to stop being so childish or he'd take a cane to my backside. And make me go with him to Spearmint Rhino for good measure, just to show me what it was like. It never happened, nor the caning on that occasion, I grew up:)

Have a fun weekend.


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Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I hadn't heard but it wouldn't surprise me. It seems anything can be an Olympic sport nowdays.


an English Rose said...

hi Ronnie, I know it is daft, mad people who suggested that! Gave me a giggle though to think of the likes of Claire Balding and Matt Baker commenting on it!
love Jan, xx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

It's exceedingly difficult. It's not just for sleaze bars. Try this.

Hermione said...

I can't believe that would be an Olympic sport, but then maybe no stranger than skateboarding or surfing. Rhythmic gymnastics are pretty erotic, after all.


Red said...

I imagine it would be both men and women separately competing, so the outfits worn could be interesting fun for both sexes to watch such well tuned bodies, just like in swimming..
(would there be any other reason for watching)
Fun to read of you getting spanked for bad behavior years ago.
bottoms up

Ella said...

Well, you never know. The only Olympic event Sam will watch with me is beach volleyball. He hands out his own medals based on tits and ass.

In a younger day, my sisters and I would see a men's strip tease and dancing show. It was fun if I drank enough beer. More recently I went to a drag show with a gay friend. Actually was way more fun than the straight shows.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Rosie Jones said...

I’m not surprised by the suggestion that pole dancing may become an Olympic sport. Pole dancing is usually associated with sleaze but, forgive the pun, dancing in a club and dancing for fitness are poles apart. It is hard work, needing both strength and stamina. The required skill level for competition is right up there with gymnastics and the choreography can be like poetry in motion. I know this because one of my daughters took up pole dancing for exercise several years ago, reaching competition standard. I wish I could post one of her videos, I’m sure the reaction would be applause, not sniggers.
Rosie xx

ronnie said...

Roz - There are one or two that I don't think should be included as an Olympic sport. Thanks.

Jan - LOL. Yes would be amusing to see Clair and Matt commenting on that. Thanks.

OBB - Thanks. Will take a look.

Hermione - I didn'r realise skateboarding was an Olympic sport. Thanks.

Red - I was spanked quite a lot years ago for my bad behavior, nothing much has changed:) Thanks.

Ella - Been too a few men's strip tease and I have to agree about drag shows real fun. Thanks.

Rosie - Thanks. I hadn't thought about it like that. The only pole dancers I've seen are on TV in clubs and to me no strength or stamina needed.


Blondie said...

I love the way you tell a story. It is hard work to dance the poles. Olympic sport - I don't know....

Eric51 Amy49 said...

I have a few friends who do pole dancing as a sport. Incredibly difficult. If you take the sexual side away from it, it's really just another form of gymnastics. I would guess the Olympics are not focusing on the sexual side but the athletic side.

Leigh Smith said...

I believe anything any more, life is sure strange.

Anonymous said...

Re: The Pole Dancing: it is about time!

Re: Your Story: That was kind of hot! You tell a story well.

Thank you for the blog!


Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) Pole dancing aside, I love how you tease your P at times, knowing that he will give you some spanky business if you push just right. Though good on you for stopping before the cane did the talking for P on this one!

I liked hearing from Rosie about the exercise side of pole dancing. I can imagine that it is quite a workout, very similar to gymnastics. Wouldn't surprise me to find that in the Olympics.

Hope that you and P have a great weekend! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Cat said...

Pole dancing as an Olympic Sport? Oh good gravy...why doesn't that surprise me. Your story did crack me up, Ronnie. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

tdk said...

I volunteer to be a judge.

ronnie said...

Blondie - Thank you. I don't think it should be an Olympic sport.

Katie - Thank you. I'm looking at pole dancing in a different light now.

Cat - Happy you had a laugh:) Thanks.

Tdk - Hello. I think many would. Thanks.


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