Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Inaugural wear of my little black number

And very satisfactory it was too, although it will have to go in the wash only a day after me receiving it because it's got stewed plum and semen on it and although I like both, and despite my husband assuring me it didn't matter, aprons were meant to get stained, I just couldn't pop it back on the hook.

You see I got the kitchen apron I previously posted about, as part of my birthday presents. And the evening before my birthday we dined at our son's and their neighbour had given them loads of plums and cooking apples from their orchard, far too many for them to use so we took a couple of carrier bags home with us. Next day, which was my birthday, after I'd opened cards and small presents, P said he was going to make a couple of apple pies and stew and freeze the rest of the fruit. We were going into Solihull later I wanted to choose a couple of new watch faces for my O clock, he said he'd get the cooking out of the way first. Anyway I asked him if I could help him do anything and he said only if I put my new apron on. I said ok, but then he added.....and nothing else. I had to think about that, it took me half a second then I said ok again I was just going to shower and I'd join him in five minutes.

Well how self conscious did I feel, even though my husband sees me naked all the time, it still feels kind of strange when it's done differently and/or for a purpose. I mean I wasn't really naked as such, only my bottom was on display and that had a cute little bow from the apron hanging over it. I went into the kitchen and asked him where I should start, he was peeling apples, he didn't even look round he just asked, 'Are you the news commis, if so you're late'. I said I was sorry. 'So you should be, commis get spanked in this kitchen you may as well know that from the start'. Oh goody I thought.

P stopped peeling and picked up a wooden spoon, walked over to me and turned me sideways so he could give me a few swats with it. 'Nice,' he said, 'juicy.' He wasn't talking about the apples. He put his one hand inside the apron and felt my nipples which were both hard, it was cool in the kitchen, and used the other to massage my bum where he'd just spanked me. 'Yes, commis get spanked very hard in this kitchen when they're out of line...and even when they're not,' he said as he nuzzled my neck. 'Oh I'll have to be on my best behaviour then, what should I call you, Sir of Chef?' He didn't answer just made a mmmmm sound as he continued nuzzling and let his hand slip between my legs where he could hardly fail to notice his commis was a tad wet.

He undid my bow and twisted my apron around as best he could and sat me on the work surface my bum half on my apron and half on some spilled plum mush, he appeared in a hurry and when I felt his cock against my thigh I knew why. I reached down and started rubbing it through his jeans which he quickly opened for me and I got him out and rubbed it between my hand and my thigh. 'Do all your commis get this sort of attention as well as spanked?' I asked not needing an answer, 'If so I think I'm going to like working here'. After a bit more stroking and teasing P said that was enough or he'd make a mess and suggested we went upstairs but I just gave him a playful little slap and said let's get the work done first, shall we. He said he couldn't work in his condition and I suggested he run it under the tap which made us both laugh. Then he mumbled something about me being a spoilsport but that I was right and we should get the job done. He said he'd deal with me later for denying him.

It was a good enough start to my day.



Eric51 Amy49 said...

Happy Birthday Ronnie!
That sounds like a very fun way to start the day, making pies at your new job. Looks like the boss was quite fond of you. LOL Isn't role play fun?

lindy thomas said...

Happy birthday!
What a lovely way to try out your new apron, Ronnie. Sounds like heaps of fun and I'm sure there's more to follow in that outfit.
Hugs Lindy xx

Roz said...

Happy Birthday Ronnie! Wow, what a way to begin your birthday celebrations and christen your new apron. Hope the rest of the day was just as wonderful :)


Baker said...

Happy birthday, Ronnie! Sounds like a delightful day for you and P! Good use of your birthday present!

Hermione said...

What fun! You must have looked very appealing in that apron.

Happy birthday!


PK said...

Hell, that sounds like a good start to the month! You two are great together.

Leigh Smith said...

Happy Birthday Ronnie - That was exactly my mind's picture when you posted about that present. So glad I was right and you had a very happy birthday and apple pie and stewed plums too.

Ella said...

Well, once I figured out what "commis" was, I enjoyed your birthday story very much. Sounds like a happy day, indeed. There are just so many implements around the kitchen, and your P is certainly a creative guy.

I recently packed my travel cane, but, alas, our holiday was spoiled.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Red said...

happy Birthday Ronnie... Hope you had a great day, as we wil lfind out when you tell the rest of the story...
bottoms up

Cat said...

And a good time was had by all in the kitchen. 😄 Happy Birthday, Ronnie! 🎂 🍾

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Amy - I do love a little role play. Thanks.

Lindy - I'll have to plan on wearing it another time and surprise P. Thank you.

Roz - Thanks. I had a lovely day and evening.

Baker - Thanks. Was a lovely day.

Hermione - Wouldn't go as far as saying that but thank you.

PK - Thanks. We do have our moments.

SG - Thank you. I did think aobut what you said later and you were right.

Ella - Thank you. I was sorry so to hear about your holiday. Thinking about you.

Red - Who said I was telling about the rest of the day:) Thanks.

Cat - Thank you. A lovely Birthday.


an English Rose said...

HI Ronnie, sorry I am late , been away for a couple of days Happy Birthday, sounds like fun!
love Jan, xx

1ManView said...

Happy Belated Birthday young lady... Right after I read this I went straight to Amazon and bought two different types of aprons. (because we are truly opposite people) I don't plan on leaving the kitchen. It seems our privacy will be put on hold in the near future, so I plan on using it as much as I can now...

I'm with red - Where's the rest of the story...😈

peace and love

ronnie said...

1MV - Thank you. I hope the aprons have an amusing pic or words.

Jan - Was a fun day. Hope you had a good few days away. Thanks.