Monday, 4 September 2017

In with the New - More of Bonnie's Spanking Twitter Finds

More Bonnie finds (thank you) Looks like Twitter is the new big thing for spankos. Enjoy.

Rosy Palm
Tweets from a cunning linguist and master debater.

Traditional disciplinarian of naughty young ladies.

Juan Spanker
Corporal punishment from Barcelona, Catalonia.

Spanking Clown

The more she laughs, the harder he spanks.

Hard Hand
Twitter site for a spanking film maker.

Sean Byrne
A tall easygoing 60-year old well-balanced male who believes in old-fashioned discipline for wayward ladies.

Peter John Samson
A lover of girls punished in their pyjamas.

Mr. Spanko

Twitter for French spanking fetishist offers original photos and videos. 

Adriana Evans
Kinky girl next door, sex worker, fetish model, spanko, ABDL, and pro switch. 

Ashley Belle
28 year old spanko and ageplay switch - Daddy's girl - Lover of kitties, puppies, elephants, Disney, and Harry Potter.

Loren Punishments
Punishments Only video producer and spanker. Lifelong enthusiast of spanking, fetish, OTK, cornertime, and domestic discipline.

Miss Elizabeth

Professional domestic disciplinarian based in the Indianapolis area, voted Spanking Awards' "Best New Female Spanking Top 2016".


Spanking Twitter with plenty of OTK punishments of naughty brats. 

Lilly Belle
Notes from a spanko/princess/ageplayer.

Snow Mercy

Award winning model, actress, entertainer, educator specialising in BDSM, and travelling dominatrix. 

Ria is 24 years old and a spanko.


Naughty 28-year-old Essex girl loves dropping her knickers and touching her toes for her strict, controlling Master. 

Lord Smackbottom
A kind, caring connoisseur of spanking.

Ava Nicole
Camgirl, fetish model, ABDL, and spanking princess.

Molly Malone

Corporal punishment enthusiast. 

Have a good week.



Hermione said...

I LOVE the photo! Can't wait to visit all these Twitter feeds. thank you, Ronnie and Bonnie.


Leigh Smith said...

I have a twitter account but really don't know how to use.

Red said...

So many spanking sites.. amazing...
bottoms up

Emerging Lurker said...

That is a healthy list. Thanks to you and Bonnie for researching and sharing.

Roz said...

Hi Ladies, that's a great list, thank you both :)


ronnie said...

Herm - Thanks. There are so many. Bonnie's has spotted a lot more.

SG - I'm no 'shelp, I don't do Twitter. Thanks.

Red - There a lot lot more spanking on Twitter. Thanks.

EL - Our pleasure. Thank you.

Roz - Thank you.