Monday, 11 September 2017

Fitness conversations only

And then only in a positive way, no 'crap' about cholesterol or aches and pains or can't do this, can't do that. It's my husband's latest directive. To me of course. He told me I seemed to know more about systolic and ischemics and good and bad cholesterol and goodness knows what else than our GP did, he joked that it was a relief to go to the doctors to get away from medical talk. Our conversations these days, he said, hardly happen without some reference to health matters which included things that are bad for you or even might be bad for you just for good measure. He wanted to hear more about things that are good for you, more about exercise, climbing mountains, swimming, and nice food and drink not rabbit food and green slushy drinks.

I started to remonstrate but he cut me short, he said he knew I was thinking of both our interests but he said I paid too much attention to that side of things and that he wasn't unaware of any of the things I said from time to time and that he was making appropriate adjustments to his living habits and keeping an eye on mine too so there was no need to go on about stuff. I suppose there is truth in what he said, I'm more of a worrier than him and, as he pointed out, you can get so wound up with all the health advice that's around it can have a detrimental effect in itself. So I've got to lighten up, he says, see the half full glass not the half empty glass.

You'd think I was obsessed with health issues from reading the above but I'm not, well I don't think I am, and those who know me wouldn't say so. Perhaps it's just when I'm with P, well after all he is my nearest and dearest so it's only natural I care about him. Anyway I've had my orders and he said he expects to notice a difference or he'll spank me (haha as if that's going to persuade me) but the thing that got my attention most of all was when he said it was what you expected to hear old people talking about. Yep that got me and he'll definitely be noticing a difference in my conversations from now on.

Later in the day I nuzzled up to him and asked what about if I mention health matters in emails or whatsapps, would that still get me spanked? He smiled and said why don't you try it. I haven't yet.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by Hurricane Irma.



Cat said...

Hey Ronnie...P does have a good point about old folks conversation focusing on health. I think my family doctor I had growing up gave me the best advice I've ever received, even though I haven't always followed through the years. He said to focus on all things in moderation rather than denying yourself anything. Joining in sending prayers for all impacted by Irma.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, hmm, I wonder if your conversations will change lol.

There is so much differing advice and different opinions the mind boggles, it's hard to know which one should follow. P cracked me up with health being old people's conversation.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by Harvey, Irma and the earthquake in Mexico.


lindy thomas said...

Hi Ronnie, as Cat said a little of everything in moderation. If you deny yourself things you crave it which makes it worse.
My thoughts are with those affected by all the conditions lately. What is mother earth doing to us all.
Hugs Lindy xx

Eric51 Amy49 said...

Good morning Ronnie,
Today is 9/11. Lot's of "where were you when" stories floating around the office, a reminder of how tragic life can be. Then, of course, are all of the devastation tales pertaining to the storms and earthquake. The pictures on the news are mind boggling. Life is full of ups and downs, hence your medical topics. For all, I hope for some balance and peace of mind. Have a wonderful week.

Hermione said...

Amy has a good point. In the midst of life we are in death. Enjoy each day, and focus on the positive!


kdpierre said...

I don't know enough about you to make a specific recommendation, but if you drink, Google up a new cocktail featuring ingredients the two of you like but that you've never made before......hopefully something a little exotic or interesting. Then surprise him with one and say, "now try this and let's talk about sex." I can't think of any guy who would not like this.

Leigh Smith said...

Love that he got through about the 'old folks' line. It's true.

If you did every single thing out there, you would have to live in a bubble, because everything is bad for you. Hell, you're not getting out of here alive anyway, so might as well enjoy it all - in moderation, of course. lol

Ella said...

Wise words from P, I think. It is too easy to slip into thinking only of that because we love that person in our lives so much. I think that I get that way, too, Ronnie. I think I did this morning, in fact. Your post put me on notice. Thank your dear P for me.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Enzo said...

I agree with all who have already mentioned that everything in moderation might be the best advice ever.

I find that the older we get the more preoccupied we get about health issues and some of it is even justified. ;)


Red said...

Enjoy the Day... indulge in excellent chocolate, wine, and good food, spankings, and fabulous sex.. but don't sweat the small stuff. Be aware, shop with this awareness, but also indulge... latest study says eating more fat is actually good for us...
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Cat - I like the sound of your doctor. He's right. Thanks.

Roz - I shall definitely not be mentioning medical things:) Thanks.

Lindy - Everything in moderation, well most things:) Thanks.

Amy - I shall change from this day. Thanks.

Hermione - Yes we should enjoy each day on a positive note. Thank you.

Kdpierre - Will have to try that one. Thanks.

SG - LOL, love it. That's what got me - old people talk about medical things all the time. No more:) Thanks.

Ella - You are right, it's because we love that person and especially when they have recently not been well. I shall let him know. Thanks.

Enzo - I know I'll still mention medical things and will probably get me spanked. Thanks.

Red - I do enjoy those 5 things enormously. Yes I read about fat not the baddie now. Thanks.


abby said...

All things is moderation...well..most of them...;) is generally a good rule to follow...hugs abby

1ManView said...

Ronnie, you and L are on the same page. I had to put a stop to health talks years ago. I knew she wouldn't stop, but it wouldn't be a everyday subject.
But she still can be a pest about it. My last check up my sugar levels were higher than normal. My doctor told me me to watch my sugar intake, which I did. But it wasn't enough for L, and she told me so. I switch to eating a corn chip that had no sugar and was very low in salt. One day she got one me about the chips. Too many, too often... I got out the chair and went into the pantry. I came out with a extra big candy bar. I sat down and opened it in front of her, than I took a big bite. While I ate it I stared her down. She didn't say a word, just smiled and didn't look directly at me. The next day she handed me some healthier chips and walked away. I took one bite, closed the bad than threw the bag at her, which just happen to pop her in the butt. Weeks later when I had my sugar level rechecked at the doctor office, she told the doctor what I did. After the doctor cleared some tears from her eyes, she said, Mr. O, shame on you. The next time just tell her you didn't like them. I look the doctor straight in the eyes and said, I did. The doctor walked out the office, we heard her laughing in the hall... (The doctor is also a family friend, she knows me all too well 😆 )

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

God bless you.

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

God bless you.

ronnie said...

Abby - Not all things:) Thanks.

1MV - I love that story. It is because we care. Keep an eye on those sugar levels and try to keep off those candy bars and corns chips high in salt and sugar, oh dear, there I go:) Thanks.

KKF - Thank you.