Friday 11 August 2017

My most (so far) viewed post - Spanked to Orgasm

Amy thought it would be interesting if we re-posted our most (so far) viewed post. I did look and was surprised - I thought it would have been an 'In with the New' edition but no, it was a discussion I found on a forum regarding orgasm from spanking only which I posted on 8th May 2012.

Here's the full re-post.....

I found this question on a discussion forum over a year old, there were loads of answers to it but I thought, as I've never seen it raised on a blog within our little community, that I'd pose it afresh and see what people think, if anyone is interested in replying please do. This was the question, posed by 'wideawakeone' :-

Orgasm from spanking only?
Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:02 pm

Have any of you ever had an orgasm from spanking alone, with no genital or other stimulation? (Or for Tops, have you had a bottom experience orgasm while being spanked?)

Is the experience of having an orgasm during a spanking different from having one through direct genital stimulation? I would imagine so.

I've never had this happen to me, but given how turned on I get during a spanking, I would think that I might get there if I had a patient, skillful Top and all the time in the world not to be rushed. wideawakeone.

My response at the time of the post....

It's only fair, seeing as I'm inviting responses to such a personal question, that I should give my own response which is that no, I've never had an orgasm from spanking alone but, like wideawakeone, I do get very turned on before and during spankings (with a few exceptions) and I would imagine it could happen, in fact I'm so intrigued by the idea that I'm going to mention it to P. So I can't answer the second part of her question (yet) but I bet some of you could.

Then by coincidence - Hermione posted about the same subject.

If you want to read responses to the original post go here and scroll down until you reach comments.

Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

Interesting Ronnie,I would have thought your top post would be one of your hot holiday spanking posts.


Anonymous said...

It has happened to me but only under very specific and rare conditions, and a few times I have felt very close to one but because I am not allowed to orgasm without permission, I have actively tried to keep it from happening. If I had not fought the feeling, you could have added a few more to the short list.

The times that it has happened all shared very similar 'conditions': 1, these were always occasions where I had not been allowed an orgasm in at least three weeks or more, and as a guy, felt very "full" and "pent up" 2, the spankings were playful but hard, not punishments, 3, the events leading up to the spankings or the events surrounding them were usually a bit emotionally intense in some way......either being some elaborate sexy game, or other played-out fantasy & 4, they were all marathon events of either a very, very long spanking, or several spankings in a row, so that by the time of orgasm I had already gotten literally hundreds of smacks and was already pretty numbed-out and a little endorphin-buzzed.

What would then happen is that the smacks wouldn't hurt-hurt anymore but feel like a scratchy burn. Then I believe because the smacks were from wooden or lucite paddles, the impacts created a vibrational effect that, because I was already so horny from denial, triggered the orgasm. At least that is how it felt. I tend to doubt impact from a switch or slapper would have had the same orgasmic effect, nor would a paddle if I had had an orgasm more recently.

Even still, like I said, unless we were actively trying to induce this phenomenon, to get all of these conditions aligned by chance is a rare thing.

Aimless Rambling said...

Interesting that one of your hot vacay stories didn't make the most viewed. Love the look on the gal's face in the pic. Pure bliss.

Ella said...

I was not reading your blog when you wrote this post, so it was new to me. This was a great idea that Amy had.

My answer is yes. It has happened to me many times. I usually find the orgasm is quite intense; perhaps because I am only concentrating on my own pleasure. Even before I came out to Sam, a spanking fantasy always accompanied an orgasm for me. Still does. He just did not know back then.

When Sam and I were still in our teens, he could give me an orgasm just from nipple play. We haven't tried that in a long time, so I am not sure I still could. Time marches on.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Eric51Amy49 said...

Hi Ronnie,

Thanks for posting this again. It is interesting isn't it, what ends up being the most viewed?

This is certainly a post Eric was interested in reading. I do get incredibly turned on when he spanks me but I've had a rough past and it's hard to get me to orgasm with all the traditional bells and whistles, let alone just a spanking. I find the threat of one to be the best foreplay around. Eric knows me well enough to get me to the mountain top but it takes a combo for sure.


Rosie Jones said...

This post was before my time, so I hadn't seen it before. Nothing turns me on like a spanking, or even the thought of a spanking, but I've never had an orgasm during one. Interesting post, Ronnie.
Rosie xx

Anonymous said...

It was in my mid-late 20's when I finally dated a woman who loved to be spanked. The first time I spanked he she was naked over my knee and soon grinding into my legs! The little slut was getting turned on! I spanked her a bit harder then put my hand "there" to see how wet she was.

I had just BARELY touched her labia when she arched her back and began to suck all the oxygen out of the room! Seconds later she had pushed me back and mounted me and you can imagine the furious actions. We both had the most explosive, total exhaustion orgasms.

So, not technically an orgasm from spanking, but the turn on from it that led to one.


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Forgot this.

Adding that is a great pic, and I'm guessing she will soon be grinding herself against his leg! You go girl!

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. I really did think it would have been one of the 'In with the New' posts.

kdpierre - That's intestering. If the tables were turned and that was me not been allowed a orgasm for weeks on end, I wouldn't have been able to stop. Thanks for sharing.

SG - I wouldn't have thought it was one of them. Love the look as well. Thanks.

Ella - Lucky girl. Not many have it happen at all. Thanks.

Amy - A good idea you had. Very surprised. Since that post I have cum through spanking alone. Thanks.

Rosie - Spanking a turn on for me as well. You never know might happen one day. Thanks,

A.J. Thanks. I like that picture. Yes spanking a ral turn on.


Hermione said...

I remember those posts. It wouldn't work for me, but kudos to those who climax from spanking alone.


ronnie said...

Hermione - Maybe you will. I have since. Thanks.