Monday 14 August 2017

In with the New - Another Short Summer Edition

A short edition for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

Mischief Mostly Managed
The blog of a feisty, mostly submissive wife.

Sister of Stone Erotica
Author of Erotica.

Thoughts of Him
Servitude and love for Her Master.

Kitty Dagger Writes
Kitty is in her 30’s, pansexual and in a long-term relationship with a pansexual man. Active in their local BDSM scene, and I wanted somewhere to share my accumulated knowledge.

Lucy Hannon
Blushable stories for the discerning reader means BDSM, anal play, pegging, femdom, maledom, spanking and more. 

Wicked Daddy's Blog 
He is as much a Master, as he is a Sir, or a Daddy. He empathically adapt to his sub, and enjoy all of it.

Monsoon Erotica
A new blog intended for publicising his/her erotic fiction. 

Little Girl Hannah Rose
Hannah in a domestic discipline relationship with her Daddy. Sometimes it's fun for her, other times, not so much. 

Diary of Seven
Seven is new to the BDSM scene. Cosmopolitan Girl in a vanilla world. Feisty, argumentative yet obedient.  She is open to sharing her experiences as she explores her sexuality being in her first Sub/Dom relationship.

My World of Erotica
Stories and Poems from her Erotic Mind.

Spanked Hubby
Keep great sex alive, try every way imaginable, but be safe, sane, and consensual. 

Have a good week



Roz said...

Thank you Ronnie for bringing us more blogs. Love the gif lol. Welcome to blogland everyone :)


Hermione said...

I see some very intriguing blog titles here that I will be visiting today. As always, thanks for your hard work in finding these.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the mention and referral!


Aimless Rambling said...

Thanks Ronnie.

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. gif makes me smile.

Hermione - Thanks. Enjoy.

Seven - My pleasure. Thanks.

SG - Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Love the gif and thanks for the mention of my older blog that I am reviving every second day with posts from ten years ago
Bottoms up

Michael M said...

Hi Ronnie
Some nice new stuff here. Thanks for the note on OBB. Am just reappearing out of the mist. Hope to post soon.
Michael. said...

Thanks for mention. Greatly appreciated ��

E xx

ronnie said...

Red - You are very welcome. Thanks.

Michael - Thanks. Good to see you. Looking forward to popping over.

E - Thanks. My pleasure.