Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Zen and the art of getting your ass spanked

"It’s April 2017, a sunny afternoon in Melbourne, and I am down on all fours in leggings and a shirt in front of another woman. She’s pleasant, youngish, and also from New Zealand. If you walked in right now it would look like a yoga class, like someone getting a correction to their pose. But she is actually asking me if I would like her to spank me..."

It's an extract from a report by Kiwi journalist Rebekah Holt and it isn't just for girls, or by girls, it's both sexes. They take things seriously in New Zealand, I know that from personal experience because we did business with NZ quite a few years ago, a Reverend would you believe and a member of his family. I remember our first meeting with them at a hotel in Stratford On Avon, they were lovely but, as P remarked afterwards, seemed very insecure, careful, distrusting really but not in an impolite way. We got used to that and as we got to know them better they thawed out of course, but through them we dealt with lots of Kiwis over a few years and nearly always found the same initial uncertainties. 

So I could kind of imagine them entering these 'spanking classes', they sound as if they are intended for 'newbies'. They have a nice picture of one of their trainers, Jesse, you can see him below, he looks like a nice young man:)

What was Ms Holt's verdict on her day with zen and spanking and massage? I think she liked it, her own words:-

"...What I don’t expect from the day is the kind of enforced evaluation I go through. The no and yes exercises forced me to spend time examining how I truly felt. This feels like the truly erotic part. I spent a day asking myself what I wanted, and I liked it.

Oh and yes, my ass was a bit sore the next day."

Well she got a sore ass out of it, what more could she want:)



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, you had me as soon as I sawthe references to NZ lol.

Very interesting read, especially Rebekah's thoughts and reactions to the course. I hadn't actually heard of her, or of Caitlyn.


Ella said...

I was hoping we would hear from Roz on this one. I read the article and thought it would have been a gentle introduction to spanking years ago, but it is a little too Zen for me now. Still it was an interesting concept and a way to do an honest self-analysis.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

Well, that was quite and interesting article. Rather a clinical way to go about it but I'm glad she tried it.


Red said...

A very interesting article... and have never thought of Zen and spanking. i agree with Hermione that it is too clinical, as spanking is more, in my opinion, emotional, while being erotic and sensual.
bottoms up

Minelle Labraun said...

I like it. However it seems like a way to make spanking ok for the average. You know... like qualifying it to those who would criticize. But hey I'm on board anyway someone can get spanked or give a spanking!

ronnie said...

Roz - I thought of you when I read the article. Thanks.

Ella - I'm glad she tried it and wrote the article and yes far too much Zen for me. Thanks.

Hermione - Yes thought interesting article to share and yes far to clinical. Thanks.

Red - I hadn't thought about link Zen and spanking. Thanks.

Minelle - I totally agree anything that gets spanking talked about. Thanks.