Wednesday 24 May 2017

Bouncing Bottoms Galore and The Cane!

Really! Swinging cocks too on the beach near our hotel in Tarragona. It wasn't marked as a nudist beach but it was clearly a case of anything goes, not that I mind at all, I just hadn't expected it. I spotted the first one and nudged P, who was laying flat out on the sand beside me trying to doze after a sleepless night. He didn't even raise his head, just murmured lovely and to keep an eye on them and let him know if it grew to epidemic proportions. Then, as an afterthought, see if I could spot any spanked bottoms amongst them, adding not to forget that my own bottom was due to be spanked later.

That was last week, first full day of a lovely little break in the sunshine which combined spanking with good seafood, Roman ruins, historic old town, excellent wines, more nudes and a trip to a leisure park which we aborted quickly. So I'm refreshed and I shall tell you a bit about it because I was also well spanked.

At the start of our trip I was in the doghouse for badgering my husband to get to the airport extra early because there were press reports of huge delays at Bham because of airport restructuring work in addition to local road closures. Even the car parking firm said allow extra time so, reluctantly, P agreed and allowed nearly three hours ahead of departure time, something he never ever does! So anyway we got there in just normal traffic and the airport itself was quiet and P told me someone needed a damned good spanking and perhaps he could rent a private room for half an hour. Very funny, I told him. He said I wouldn't think it was funny when I was across his lap later. Promises promises, I thought but didn't say.

P got stopped at Security, he was frisked by a girl then asked to open his bag, she removed a small sunsceen spray and gave it to someone to take to a separate scanner, it took less than five minutes but from the look on P's face you'd have thought a lot longer, he does get a bit angry. But here's the funny bit...after she'd cleared him and he re-joined me...he said, "What a disappointment, she stopped me for an innocuous mini sunscreen and ignored the dangerous weapon I was carrying". I asked him what he was on about and he told me he'd got one of my travel canes in his bag. I didn't believe him so he unzipped and rummaged around to show me the red handle, he didn't get it right out of the bag. I was shocked. 

"What if she'd seen that and asked you what it was for?" I was really amazed that he'd done that without telling me.

"I would have taken great pleasure in asking her what she thought it was for and then, before she even answered, telling her she was probably right. And then watching her face." He was smiling, probably pleased with himself for having risked it.

I asked him what if I'd been standing next to him, OMG the very thought made me shudder but he maintained it was none of their business and so what if they saw it, it would probably embarrass them more than him, he said. (what about me!). Anyway the cat was out of the bag, I knew a spanking wasn't an idle threat and he reminded me several times during our long wait for embarking that the only thing keeping his temper even was the thought of striping my bottom later. I have to admit it made me tingle each time he said it.

The Spanish airport was dead and they don't bother too much about passports so we got through and picked up our car quickly, it was less than half an hour to the hotel, it wasn't late but even so by the time we got there we were both hungry and stale from travel so a quick shower and into town. We didn't get back till late and we had guests next door so I didn't get spanked. P didn't sleep well, he got a mosquito bite and swore there was one in the room but couldn't find it, he didn't think the bed was comfortable and there was a train line nearby which ran throughout the night although I didn't think it was too noisy.

So that's the background and why P was feeling tired the following day, after visiting the harbour in the morning, when we were spending couple of hours on the beach. He didn't get to doze, I kept reporting more nudes to him, there really were quite a few and some fit looking types amongst them, I made a point of saying that. P wasn't tempted. After an hour or so I told him I was going to get a cup of tea, there was a beach bar not far away, he said he'd have a coffee but not yet, he had a little job to do first. He was going to cane me.

I told him he couldn't, not on a beach, he hadn't got the cane with him anyway, it wasn't supposed to happen like this blah blah. He just said we'd leave the towels where they were and walk back to our hotel which actually overlooked the beach, then he'd cane me and then we'd come back down and have a drink at the beach bar and I could sit there with a sore bottom and point out some of the nudes to him. He was very cheerful. The hotel room was cool, there was no noise coming from either side, P said it was a very good time for caning with everybody out. He retrieved the cane from his bag, put me across his lap on the bend, pulled my shorts down and caned me, telling me off all the way through it for pestering him into breaking his good timekeeping habits. I objected and told him I'd only been following Internet advice!

"And for good measure," said my husband, "quite apart from the airport debacle, I think you deserve your bottom extra caned for going on about all the nudes on the beach."

So I got quite a long caning and he did it hard because it's a short cane and he wanted to make sure it made an impression. It did! It might have been short but it was whippy and it stung like hell and it was as much as I could do to stifle my cries. When he decided I'd learned my lesson he gave my bottom a beefy slap with his hand and told be to get off and pull my shorts up. I lingered, thinking he might want some attention but just snapped and said it was coffee time, telling me to get a move on or I'd be back over his knee for another dose only harder and then I'd be going down to the beach bar with tears as well as a sore bottom. I jumped off the bed!

We were sipping tea and coffee fifteen minutes later, sitting on the raised decking of the beach bar which gave a great view of the whole beach, idly watching boobs, water shrivelled cocks and bare bottoms in the sea. P said he didn't think any of them had been spanked. The only bottom that has been spanked for certain was sitting next to him:)



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, wow, sounds like a wonderful trip, and a caning to boot! Not sure about all the nakedness though lol. That was brave of P to pack the cane!


Fondles said...

I particularly like how he didnt think it would embarass him - "what about you?" indeed!! Lol. Sounds like a wonderful time.

Glenmore said...

and you didn't have an urge to display your cute , cane striped bottom at the nude beach Ronnie?You should wear it like a badge of honour!

abby said...

Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all....and were not at least a little tempted to show off just your bottom? hugs abby

Anonymous said...

This is one of those times where F/m dynamics have an advantage over M/f ones. I think "showing off" a striped bottom is always a little risky.....but much less so if the bottom belongs to a guy. You never know what would happen if someone saw a beaten bottom on a woman accompanied by a man. It's totally unfair......but that does seem to be the world we live in.......and I guess, kink aside, over-concerned people have the best of intentions. But they just don't understand DD. All the best!-------------KDPierre

Hermione said...

Oh my, I would have been spanked very hard if I had gone on about fit nude men on the beach. You are so naughty!


Aimless Rambling said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and a little like my most recent story. lol

Anonymous said...

Delightful adventure! We pack spanking implements but not in the carry-on luggage. How better to meet other spanking enthusiasts than to show a bit of your spanked bottom on the beach. hope you had a few more meetings with the cane on a week vacation
bottoms up

MrJ said...

That WAS very canable behaviour - I now you know and knew. ;-)

Baker said...

Sounds like an amazing trip. I'm with Hermoine, if my sweet man ever heard me remark on another man my bum would not be happy;).
-- Baker

Enzo said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures, Ronnie!
Always enjoy reading all about them.


Cat said...

Ooh Ronnie...bare bums and shriveled cocks...yup, more than a comment or two in passing would have earned me quite a spanking also. Have traveled with Matthew who always carried his weapons of m'ass destruction in his carry-on and no one could ever mistake his leather paddle, tawse or flogger type thingy as anything other than weapons. ;) Looking forward to hearing more stories about your holiday and why your trip to the leisure park was quickly aborted. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Ella said...

Well, I think it sounds like a wonderful holiday, Ronnie. Sun, sand, good food, a beach bar and, of course, the caning. Lucky girl. Life is sweet.

Have already told Sam that I would certainly like to shop for a little travel cane from the business you have posted on your blog. Birthday coming up next month, and I know just what I want.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Rosie Jones said...

Seems P was on a mission there, Ronnie!
Rosie xx

1ManView said...

Happy to hear you had a great time, and some some candy cane too....


ronnie said...

Roz - I was surprised he took a chance on packing the cane. Thanks.

Fondles - I could have spanked him:) Thanks.

Glenmore - Oh no I would be far too embarrassed. Thanks.

Abby - Definitely not:) Thanks.

KDPierre - Yes, you are totally right. I would never take that chance and display my spanked bottom. Thanks.

Hermione - There were some very fit men displaying all they had and you couldn't help noticing them when they were walking right past you:) Thanks.

SG - LOL, yes a little. Thanks.

Red - We weren't there for a whole week that's why we only took hand luggage. If a week or more we check ourluggage in and pack a few toys. Thanks.

MrJ - Are you sure:) Thanks.

Baker - Better keep your eyes averted if you ever go on a nudist beach or keep quiet:) Thanks.

Enzo - That's really lovely of you to say. Thanks.

Cat - Didn't mind the bare buns it was the shrivelled cocks:) I think in the future P will be carry more weapons of mass destruction in his carry on bag. One more post about hols, a little incident that could have turned out quite nasty. We just didn't like the leisure part just not for us and we not sure why we went. Thanks.

Ella - You are so sweet, thank you. I'll make sure it's a whippy one if you do:)

Rosie - I love it when he's like that. Thanks.

1MV - Yes lovely candy canes:) Thanks.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Sounds like fun to us. Bacall always points out women I should see. I try to do the same for her.

Anonymous said...

Good grief Ronnie. This recount was up to your usual standards. I've just had a bout of the blues thanks to a migraine but after reading this I'm going to ask my wife to cane me with my Cane-iac Ever Rwady Cane and then use my Cane-iac smack stick SNR to really blister my butt. Well done and happy spankings.


ronnie said...

OBB - Yes, same here. Thanks.

Yorkie - That's very kind of you, thanks. Hope you are over your migraine and got a nice bottom warming.