Friday, 23 September 2016

My Husband's Online Thing

Is it to do with getting older that makes people (some people) want to do everything online? Does anyone else find that? We are all online whether we like it or not but my husband has got a thing about it, or that's how it seems to me, and it caused us a few problems during our recent holiday. It also got me spanked when I pointed out to him that perhaps keeping some good old fashioned paperwork might be a good idea sometimes.

You see online is all very well but when you're travelling, or in queues or checking in somewhere it only needs a little glitch to cause problems. I'll tell you a few of the glitches we encountered, I won't include my comments at the time to each one, just believe me it was frustrating and embarrassing at times.....not to P I might add, but to me especially when he was berating the counterparties for encouraging everyone to go online and then not having better systems to cope with it.

It started at the airport with checking a case in, we didn't have a printed booking or boarding cards. P showed his phone boarding card but the girl wanted the booking number so P had to backtrack through emails to find it, which held up other people. He told the girl she shouldn't need the booking, she didn't like him so made him weigh his hand luggage too, which was OK for weight but I'm sure she would have enjoyed charging him if it hadn't been.
It happened again with security when they wanted to see boarding cards and P gave them his phone which had both our cards downloaded but the security guy flicked the screen the wrong way after seeing P's, and my card disappeared and he had to hand it back to P to find it again. P was annoyed and embarrassed with a string of people behind us even though it only took a minute or so to find it.

Then at the other end the car hire company wanted to see our car voucher. P told them he hadn't printed one, his driving licence and passport was all they needed, they said they needed the voucher. P looked over the counter and saw his name on their list and pointed to it, I must agree it seemed a bit petty of the clerk to want a voucher, but he wasn't getting a car without the voucher so he tried to search email but had no data connection and had to ask the car hire guy for their wifi details to get connected.

We got the car and were driving along the N125 when P went to put google maps on for navigation. There was no data connection and roundabouts ahead. P pulled over and checked his phone, there was nothing wrong in his settings it must have been just poor signals in that area. Anyway thank goodness the car company threw in a map with their paperwork, we got through the roundabouts the old fashioned way. P's language, third world country, useless infrastructure etc was unprintable. Anyway we reached our destination and as it happened google's sat nav woke up a few times along the way so that cheered him up a bit.

When we got settled into our accommodation, which was lovely by the way, and P had put his phone and iPad on charge, I just mentioned to him that maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea not to rely on them so much. He disagreed, I told him well at least not to get so worked up when they went wrong, then I went for shower to wipe away the journey. When I came out P was mumbling about the strength of the hotel's wifi signal, he said it was crap. I said 'Oh for gods sake we're on holiday give it a break'. 

P sat there for a minute, thought about it, then got up and retrieved his small otk cane from our suitcase, put me across his lap, pulled my shorts down and spanked me. Good job it was midday and guests were either at the beach or the pool so no-one to hear my pleas or the splat of the cane across my bare bottom. He didn't spank me too hard, I think it was to draw a line under the 'technology tantrums' as I'd called them at some point. He told me maybe I was right and he'd grab a shower too and then we'd go and take a look around town...and he wouldn't use the phone to find his way. I said if that was the case, 'Why the fuck have you just spanked me?'

He laughed and said it was for being critical of him. And then added because he liked spanking me. I felt a little tingle aside from the one in my bottom.   

Have a fun weekend.



PK said...

I do agree that I like to have a hard copy of things. As for that spanking, well of course spankings release frustrations but in this case they were P's frustrations. Doesn't matter, I'm sure you still enjoyed it.

Hermione said...

I agree with you that we rely on technology too much. Ron won't set foot inside a store if he can look up the product he wants on their website.

On holiday? Take a break from technology.


Minelle Labraun said...

I am nervous without a hard copy as well. I always worry that something could go wrong if I don't!
The spanking cleared Ps mood and enhanced things for you so all's good!
However.... 'Eeek.... that cane!

Michael M said...

Maps and driving and refusal to ask for directions often lead to tense moments which are then best resolved with a spanking. At least in our house .

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, the wonders of modern technology, and I thought it was supposed to make life easier lol. At least it got you spanked :) I have to keep paper copies too.


Leigh Smith said...

It was a good start to a holiday though, wasn't it.

I agree that we rely too much on technology. It's good to have paper copies of things especially when WiFi connections aren't always reliable.

Meredith Malloy said...

Jack always carries paper copies of everything. However, spankings are true here because he, like your P, likes to spank. Keeping me freshly spanked is his goal.
Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Technology is wonderful ... except when it's not working properly. But, at least it got you spanked! That's a fun way to start your holiday off! ;)

Ami Starsong said...

Apart from the using the cane bit, I am quite certain that your P comes out of the same pod as my Dan. It fairly drives me up the wall at times and has earned me more impulse spankings than I care to divulge. Ha!

Glad you had a great holiday despite the little pecadillos!


Red said...

I am in your camp Ronnie. I always print boarding passes, proof of payment if baggage has to be checked, a map of where I will be driving, just to give the general direction.... We have a garmin for driving, but it hits no signal areas, and you do not have the overall picture. I print boarding passes on bright yellow paper, which always gives a little friendly conversation to the person checking it, after staring at white paper, or cell phones.
The only bonus of all P's difficulties is you got a delightful spanking out of it...
bottoms up

Cat said...

I'm with you Ronnie...from years of traveling before electronics and computers to traveling to areas where phone and internet service is spotty at best, I always print out all my documents. Oh and I usually at least have written directions along with my GPS since it is a well documented fact that I am not only geographically challenged but directionally challenged! :D

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

PK - I'll be making sure I have hard copies. Thanks.

Hermione - I'd hate if P did that:) Thanks.

Minelle - It's only a small cane not the school cane:) Thanks.

Michael - Another one who wont ask directions. A spanking certainly helps. Thanks.

Roz - You can't always reply on technology. Thanks.

SG - Yes a spanking makes a great start to a holiday. Thanks.

Meredith -Thanks. I wish P did but maybe next time I can persuade him to.

Lilli - It was a pain and a little embarrassing at times. Thanks.

Ami - What is it with our men. I wont be going next year without my hard copies and I'll probably get spanked for it:) Yep lovely holiday. Thanks.

Red - That's a nice idea printing on coloured paper, never thought of that. I'll be printing my next time we travel even if I get spanked for it:) Thanks.

Cat - I'm hopeless with directions and we did have a few words when I was map reading. Thanks.

Red said...

The yellow paper allows me to comment that I needed something to keep me awake for an early morning flight, and it always elicits a friendly comment from a few people working at the airport. (and it will get you a spanking when you flourish it in front of P while he is checking his phone to find the email)
bottoms up