Monday, 26 September 2016

In with the New - Bonnie's Edition

Bonnie's been busy while I've been away finding new blogs for us to enjoy. 

Now don't you forget to stop by and say hello to these bloggers.

Palm Printer's Spanking Canvas
A collection of stories - some true, some fiction, and many deserving the title faction - written whilst indulging in the delights of a long held spanking kink... 

Hot and Sore 
Naughty girls and boys learn hard lessons through corporal punishment.

Restart of DD.

A Strict Mom's Blog
A woman in her late 40's still believes in old fashioned discipline.

The Spanked One
Lesbian. DD. Spanking. 

Aryonův Spankingový Deník
A collection of corporal punishment photos and videos

The Spanking
For the Love of women and spanking of all kinds.

Little Girl
She says she's just a brat, but Daddy's belt says otherwise.

Women's Slippers and Slippering
Those flexible soles teach harsh lessons.

Fessee and Short
Fessée spanking, fessable spankable, fesses ass cheeks, mini-short short shorts.

Her Spanking and Shame 
UK-based disciplinarian provides real spankings for misbehaving and deserving females.

KC Perrin
Erotic short stories about spanking, bondage and exhibitionism.

My journey as a married submissive.

Saucy Sadie
Romance and erotic writer.

Thanks Bonnie.

Started a new spanking orientated blog.... spotted any new ones. Please email me the link/s if you have.

Have a good week.



Leigh Smith said...

Thanks Bonnie and Ronnie - I'll find some time to stop by.

Hermione said...

Palm Printers - LOL!

They all look great! Thanks B and R.


Michael M said...

Thanks for these. Michael

Cat said...

Thanks Bonnie and Ronnie...will try to find time to visit.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

lindy thomas said...

Thanks Bonnie and Ronnie for all these bloggers.
Hugs Lindy

Roz said...

Thank you Bonnie and Ronnie. Welcome to blogland everyone :)


ronnie said...

SG - Thanks.

Hermione - A good name for a blog. Thamks.

Michael - Thank you.

Cat - I know time is short. Thanks.

Lindy - Thank you.

Roz - You are welcome. Thanks.


missy said...

Hi Ronnie. I just wanted to thank you very much for mentioning my blog on your site - my stats went through the roof. Also great to meet another fellow Brit out here in blogland too.

ronnie said...

Missy - Hello. You are welcome. It was Bonnie who spotted your blog. Not many of us Brits blogging:) Thanks for stopping by.