Monday, 26 October 2015

Temper Temper

My husband doesn't really do temper, he's too logical as a rule. He can get angry but it subsides quickly, he doesn't really have a temper, at least not under normal conditions, it's a waste of energy he says. Well he is currently operating under 'not normal conditions'; you see sometime before we took a recent little break in the sun he got a semi blocked ear, it came and went, he thought nothing of it and thought it would pass on its own, perhaps aided by flight pressure or underwater swimming, which he loves to do. Well it didn't go away, it remained with him while we were away and in fact towards the end of our trip he picked up an ear infection and went to see his GP when he got back. He's been taking antibiotics since and has to return to the GP next week.

Now he says it doesn't really bother him too much but I know it does because I can see the signs. He can't use his left ear on the phone and write with his right hand, he has to precariously balance a phone on his right shoulder or hold it across with his left hand or use speaker which he doesn't like, he feels off balance, he can't hear people or noises properly to his left and I can tell it's becoming a hassle. He cancelled a couple of meetings last week, made an excuse rather than tell the truth (god knows why) and he has a meeting tomorrow which he can't cancel and is dreading because he'll feel an idiot if he has to ask for repeats. I've told him to just say right at the start he has an ear infection picked up overseas while swimming, being treated but causing temporary poor hearing so just speak up please. How simple is that!

Anyway now I've bored you with the background, I can tell you that signs of temper are becoming evident in spite of his efforts to carry on as normal. He snapped at me last night because he couldn't hear the music properly when we were dining and I said the volume was high enough, he didn't want to chat with a delivery guy, he hurried past our new neighbour who was relaying some tiles to the front of his drive, pretending he was on a call so he didn't have to talk! I told him he'd been rude, he told me I'd be bloody rude if half my hearing was cut off. It's also affected his libido, not on holiday but since back we've only made it once and it's been a week with nothing 

Then this morning it all changed, I'd just had a shower and was drying my hair, he was in the office at his laptop, I called to him a few times that I'd love a cup of tea if he was making one. I got no answer and went into the office, towel wrapped round me, he had his back to me but heard or sensed the door open, I asked if he'd heard me call. He hadn't, then he said it was no bloody good calling room to room I'd be better off emailing him or getting a couple of baked beans cans and a piece of string.......I said "temper temper, poor dear" and bent down and kissed him on the neck. I wasn't being patronising but he didn't like my 'attitude' as he put it when I was lying across his lap on the futon ten seconds later, he didn't discuss anything, just hoisted up the bath towel over my bottom and gave me a good hard spanking. I objected and squealed a bit but he told me I was wasting my time he couldn't hear me anyway so save my breath.

Spankings, immediately after showering or bathing, are wonderful terrible, they sting twice as much and I struggled quite a bit. When he sat me up, on his right side, he said that was for making fun of him, I told him I hadn't been making fun of him! He said not to argue unless I wanted another dose (I did but I didn't argue), then he asked me what I'd wanted. I told him it didn't matter now and I was sorry for disturbing him. I went to get up but he held be back and pulled the towel open, he kissed my shoulder and tweaked my nipples, he said if I was saying anything he couldn't hear me because his left ear was was turned towards me. I wasn't saying anything just murmuring, then I reached my hand down to his crotch which was bulging and I whimpered for it and if he didn't hear it he couldn't mistake my actions. I had him unzipped and his cock out in a trice teasing the glistening precum with the tip of my tongue, I was leaning at an angle across him with my scalded bum half off the futon seat and he managed to get his right hand down between my cheeks and the telltale wetness lower down as I licked and sucked. I felt an orgasm rising and started humping against his hand and fingers, he could sense it and started fucking my mouth, it became rather frenzied and I gurgled and screamed as an orgasm raged through me and his yum erupted into my mouth. After a couple of minutes I said, "No blockages there then," and we both laughed.

"And I'd only come in to ask if you were going to make a cup of tea," I said. "I think I'll go and make one instead."

Have a good week.



Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, "no blockage there". Sounds as though all's well that ends well :) Poor P, nothing more annoying than a blocked ear. Hope he is feeling better.


abby said...

Hope P's ear problem is soon solved....Bet he had a much better day!
hugs abby

PK said...

I understand how annoying not having both ears working can be. Nick wears two hearing aids and I have to wear one in my left ear. I know all about holding the phone in the left had across the body, trying to write with my right. All of this gives you a temper and very little sense of humor about it. I really hope this clears up completely in time. Meanwhile it should be no trouble into annoying him into another spanking.

Ella said...

The temper thing is not always bad. Certainly, this little altercation had a happy upending. Really laughed when P said he couldn't hear your squeals.

I have never had a spanking just out of the shower. Sounds like great fun. Thanks for sharing, Ronnie.


Minelle Labraun said...

I love the title Ronnie!
Poor P, having a blocked ear must be so disconcerting and uncomfortable!
Although I believe some good came from the temper over the blocked ear! At least it appears as though all other systems are running perfectly!

Hermione said...

You know, I do think you were being a teeny bit patronizing. But I completely understand. I'd have done exactly the same, and it produced good results.


Leigh Smith said...

Sorry about P's ear but glad it worked for your benefit.

an English Rose said...

Oh well Ronnie at least you cheered him up ;)
love Jan,xx

ronnie said...

Roz - Still can't hear out of the one. Doc appointment this week. Thanks

Abby - I did as well:) Thanks.

PK - I'm being good as I feel bad annoying him with his ear like that. I'll wait until it clears and then really annoy him:) Thanks.

Ella - A spanking on a wet or just showered bum is delicious. Stings to hell:) Thank you.

Minelle - I do know what it feel like as I've had blocked ears in the past. Thanks.

Hermione - I really wasn't, not this time. Thanks.

SG - Thanks. He's back to docs this week.

Jan - And me:)


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I hope that P's infection is gone soon. But he seems to be on the mend when he can use it as an excuse for not hearing things. I liked how he played that card about not hearing your objections when you were lying across his lap. Oh, and I loved how great your non-verbal communication was. :)



Cat said...

Poor P...blocked ears are the pits! Hope his unblocks soon. Congrats on verifying there was no blockage below the waist. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Cats - LOL. All was working well. Ear still blocked. Thanks.


Baxter said...

I love how you take any situation and get your bottom spanked. I sympathize with P as my right ear gets blocked with wax from time to time and it is a pain in the butt.


ronnie said...

Baxter - Have to take it when you can:) Thanks. Still blocked so I think he will have to have it syringed.


Red said...

I hope that P's hearing will heal soon. Some of the viruses are extremely potent, so he may need another round of antibiotics.
A wonderful spanking event to read, and glad to know you are being spanked hopefully more regularly now.
bottoms up