Friday, 23 October 2015

Spanking ring in Cyprus

I was on holiday recently and dined al fresco at a restaurant called Philda's, which was quite charming and served a lot of fresh fish which we love, and even had a 'Frank Sinatra' crooner entertaining, he wasn't bad either, you can see him (first picture) with his back to you with waistcoat and white shirt sitting chatting with a lady diner who, I believe, is also a spanker. I'm sorry the photos are grainy by the way but couldn't use flash as it would have attracted too much attention.

So what's this all about? I'll tell you, and I wish I could have got the actual spanking bits on my camera by the way but that's just impossible when they happen unexpectedly. Anyway, in picture 1 the lady arrowed on the left, part of a party of girls with one man, spanked one of the waiters whose attention she'd been trying to attract for a while and who bent lower to hear better, especially with the language difference, and when she'd told him whatever, she gave him a meaty smack on his bottom and off he went. I was stunned, the girls were laughing, I couldn't hear their conversation unfortunately. 

Then, no more than ten minutes later, the chef came out from the kitchen (I knew it was the chef because he'd already been to our table to check we were happy with our food, which we were) and went across to the lady arrowed on the right who's chatting with the Frank Sinatra singer in the photo but had a girl sitting opposite at the time. They both appeared to know him, they chatted for a couple of minutes then the arrowed lady stood up, moved her chair back, put her arms round his neck and pecked his cheek, then reached round and smacked his bum with her left hand before sitting down again. Two in one evening at the same restaurant?

Then a little later, the left arrow lady joined the right arrow lady and chatted for a while, obviously they knew each other.

I kept a running commentary for P, who had his back to them and couldn't really keep looking round, he was just amused. He joked that if you started smacking waiters' of chefs' bottoms in the UK you'd get done for sexual harassment. I said I wondered if there was a local spanking ring, perhaps the restaurant was one of their meeting places (overactive imagination I know, I blame the wine), P said perhaps it was just the norm in Cyprus, after all it's known as the 'island of love' and there's erotica, mostly linked with ancient Greek mythology, all over the place.

There were no further spanking incidents, I imagined perhaps they would all meet up later at some local villa and have some sort of spanking orgy. P wouldn't engage with me in such speculation, he thought it was going a bit far, I think he was more amused by my excitement than what I'd seen happen, he said it was time to go, I said we could stay a bit longer, have another drink, he asked for the bill and said we'd go and get a cocktail somewhere, I pouted, he said be careful or you might get a spanking yourself. I didn't, that particular evening, but I did get a nice Brandy Alexander to round the evening off even though the bar was a bit tacky.

Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, wow, sounds like a spanking entertaining night :)


MrJ said...

Nice way to give a tip, I'd say.

lindy thomas said...

Ronnie, sounds like a great place to visit. Maybe its like Corbin's Bend where it is normal to spank.
Hugs Lindy

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, my imagination would have gone the same way as yours. Think I might fancy a trip to Cyprus now!
love Jan,xx

PK said...

You always find interesting places! I'm afraid it's the same in the US as the UK - much spanking like that would bring those harassment charges, but not from me.

abby said...

How could you resist not going back to see if it happened again?? Would have set my imagination on high also..
hugs abby

Ella said...

Even though P was probably right, I enjoyed your musings so much more, Ronnie. However, I do not think it was nice of P to tease by mentioning a spanking in your future and then not deliver the goods.

Even a good cocktail does not quite measure up to a good spanking!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

You should put it on your bucket list to meet and dine out with a group of spanko's. It can be a lot of fun. I would bet you have readers local to you that could provide introductions. Maybe one of them will send you a private email.

Minelle Labraun said...

Ronnie, you guys draw fun to you!
Wouldn't you have loved to follow them?
Here I think it would depend on variables whether harassment became an issue. I've had my butt smacked in public by hubby many times!

Hermione said...

What fun! I'd love to dine there in case there was a repeat performance.


Terpsichore said...

sounds like quite an entertaining evening. :-) Hugs

ronnie said...

Roz - It made a change from our local:) Thanks.

Mr J - The one lady gave a real big tip:) Thank you.

Lindy - You could be right. Thank you.

Jan - We should get a trip together and all visit this restaurant. Thanks.

PK - Not for me either:) Thanks.

Abby - I wanted to but P said no as he likes to try different restaurants when we are away. Thanks.

Ella - You are right there, I'd take a spanking over a Brandy Alexander any day:) Thanks.

OBB - I'd love to dine with spankos but I don't think I'd like it too close to home. Thank you.

Minelle - I wish we could have stayed, maybe more joined them later. Thanks.

Hermione - I wanted to go back but P didn't Thanks.

Terps - It was:) Thanks.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I can only agree with you, this must have been some sort of spanking group. :) Imagine the situation, somewhere at the sea, a villa, a warm night, lots of smacks, well sounds great to me. It seems we go to the wrong restaurants around here. This must have been a fun night out, thank you for sharing. Wishing you a great weekend.



Cat said...

Too funny Ronnie...I would have sat there watching with you...don't care if my back was to the ladies...would have turned around and watched. Sounds like some spankos to me! Sorry you didn't get a spanking that evening. Thanks for sharing. ;)

ronnie said...

Nina - It was a fun night and more after seeing the spankos. Thanks.

Cat - I would have been turning around as well but P.s not like me/us:) Thanks.


Red said...

fun story. Too bad your table was not beside them, you could have given it a go (smacked the waiters bottom) and see where it lead. Most assuredly, it would have lead to a spanking when you got back to your hotel room, so it would have been a win win and (possibly sexual) win.
Glad you had a good vacation
bottoms up