Friday, 30 October 2015

In with the New - Halloween Weekend Tumblr Edition

Tumblrs, Tumblrs, Tumblrs everywhere. Here's a selection for your enjoyment.

Naughty Girls' Panties Down OTK Spanking
Naughty girls getting spanked.

Spanking, Domination, Chastity
F/M Spankings.

Spanked Cherry Red Bottoms
Collection of girls naughty bottoms getting cherry red spankings until they are sore and remorseful. 

This blog is where I can post my fantasies of spanking and humiliation. There is nothing better or more appealing than a set of squirming red cheeks being spanked! 

A Spanked Wife
A well spanked wife in a D/s relationship. Need firm handed domestic discipline from her husband to keep her well behaved!

Katie's Naughty Things
Katie thinks she should probably have her naughty bare bottom smacked. This is where she thinks about such things. 

A life long love of spanking.

Sound Spanking
A male spanking enthusiast sharing spankings pictures. 

Spank Me Please 
Plenty of Bottoms.

Diary of Discipline
Spanking and Discipline.

Memories of a 1960's Naughty Schoolgirl
A girl born in the mid 50's disciplined at home by a strict but caring mother recalls her dd upbringing.

Beautifully Tanned Asses
Photos featuring girls whose naughty bottoms get cherry red spankings until they are sore and remorseful.

Patriarchs Thing
Dedicated to spanking and related subjects. 

Wife Spanking
Domestic discipline for disobedient women.

Discipline One
Photographs of corporate punishments.

Robert OTK
Men and women getting their bottoms spanked.

A blogger with a thing for spanking videos and gifs, specifically those involving hairbrushes.

Don't forget - spot any new spanking blogs, email or leave a comment with the link.

Have a fun weekend.



Let me know if top picture is yours.


lindy thomas said...

Thanks Ronnie, love your Halloween picture. Welcome to blog land everyone. Look forward to getting to know you all.
Hugs Lindy

Roz said...

Thanks Hermoine, love the pics! Happy Halloween. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Welcome to blogland everyone :)


Red said...

love the art, and thanks for links to new people starting spanking sites. The more the merrier!
spooky Halloween to you
bottoms up

Leigh Smith said...

Thanks Ronnie - Trick or Treat

ronnie said...

Lindy - So many Tumblrs out there. Thanks.

Roz - Have a good one yourself. Thanks.

Red - Happy Spankoween to you. Thank you.

SG - Treat every time:) Thanks.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, thank you for the collection of links. Loved the pictures. Wishing you a happy weekend.



Minelle Labraun said...

Happy Halloween darlin!
Thanks for showing us all the new reads!

Hermione said...

Very cute pictures! Tumblr sure is enjoying an upsurge of spanking blogs.


ronnie said...

Nina - My pleasure. Hope you have a good weekend. Thanks.

Minelle - Happy Halloween to you. More pics than words. Thanks.

Hermione - Can't believe how many of them there are. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Sue Stone said...

Nice set of links Here is one more that I know of.

ronnie said...

Anon - Hello and thank you. Will add it to me Tumble edition in December.

Sue - Hello to you. Thanks. Have a Tumble edition in December so will add this to it.


Sue Stone said...

Awesome I will keep checking back to see what other lovely spanking things you find.

ronnie said...

Thanks Sue.