Monday, 15 December 2014

UK Bans Spanking

Other banned acts include:

Aggressive whipping
Penetration by any object “associated with violence”
Physical or verbal abuse (regardless of if consensual)
Urolagnia (known as “water sports”)
Female ejaculation

I think it's an un-necessary and stupid intrusion on individual freedom to do as we choose, responsibly, and the State getting involved is unwarranted and hypocritical (how many members of Parliament - both houses - engage in at least some of the practices outlawed:)) As a whole I doubt it will impact on the spanking community but I feel for those who rely on aspects of it to provide an income and I hope they can find a way round it. The fact that the whole thing is laughable is underlined by a small tongue-in-cheek piece in yesterday's Sunday Times by Rod Liddle, who takes a weekly look at sillyness, usually 'committed' by idiots in authority or high public profile who should not be. 

His take was:-  

A sitdown protest for porn’s wild side.

To Westminster, then, for the mass demo protesting about government restrictions on certain sexual acts in pornographic video films.

They re-enacted them too. An uncomfortable experience for us men, I confess.

I ended up lying on the wet grass with an angry sex worker perched on my head, like a particularly outlandish hat seen at Ascot.

Some 500 squatting protesters made their point that a whole range of practices — some of which I do not understand, and none of which is ever undertaken by decent Christian folk — have been deemed illegal if shown on film in the United Kingdom.

These practices include “humiliation” — which, by accident, is my default position on the two occasions each year on which I am allowed sexual intercourse (my birthday and Walpurgisnacht, since you asked).

Anyway, if it’s consensual and doesn’t maim or kill you it should be OK, the protesters averred.

Hermione's brunch from yesterday covers this same topic.

Out Christmas shopping today.

Have a good week.



mouse said...

Female ejaculation?! Seriously?

Minielle Labraun said...

It baffles the mind!

Roz said...

The mind boggles. Seriously?


DelFonte said...

I really despair of our government and their so called legislators. Who do they think they're protecting? This law won't make any difference to vulnerable people - I mean, if they can't protect children in care and isn't that where the money should be spent! It will also send legit business overseas.

Blackbird said...

I saw a picture of the face sitting in the Guardian. Very weird!! Good piece you've copied here. Thanks. It's crazy... Why is our government busy doing this instead of tackling poverty with avengence?!? Oh I forgot... they are Tories....
Hope your Christmas shopping went well. Did mine online this year. No paddles. We already have too many hairbrushes!!


Unknown said...

Hi Ronnie, I am still not sure if this is serious or just a clever government hoax.:)
My husband from the small island commented only that this kind of legislation is a sign that Britain is well-off and must be doing very well indeed.
Hope you have fun doing the Christmas shopping.



Hermione said...

CBC aired a radio interview with one of the organizers of the sit-in. I alter saw a video of it, and I only hope it helped in some way. What a ridiculous law. Do they not realize that a website can be sponsored in another country?


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, what a load of twaddle. I do want to know one thing though. Does this mean we are breaking the law if we watch videos, for example on spankingtube? just asking...
love Jan,xx

Aimless Rambling said...

We have our share of stupid laws here too. If we continue to choose silly politicians, we have to put up with their silly ideas.

Michael M said...

As the defendant takes the stand:

"Your Honour, I plead guilty to making that video, but weren't you at Cassie's party last week?

I am sure I watched you being caned wearing those delightful pink knickers. I must say you took it very well.
So what did you say my punishment might be?"

MrJ said...

The UK withjout kink is like France without wine

Baxter said...

If the government actually governed and took care of governing and stayed out of our private business, we would all be better off. But they choose to legislate against the low hanging fruit rather than deal with the IRS or gee, balance the budget. Seems like governments do silly things in all countries.

Cat said...

Governments need to keep their noses out of my business! Think I'll just take my little corner of the world and create my own little country with one what you want as long as it is consensual and doesn't harm anyone! Thanks for sharing Ronnie.

Hugs and Blessings...

ronnie said...

Mouse - Seriously. Male ejaculations is acceptable. Thanks.

Minelle - Indeed. Thanks.

Roz - Can't get my head around it. Thank you

DF - We were talking about the same thing on the weekend. Apparently the Government is going to pay somebody £36,000 to watch porn because of the new regultions -

BB - Thank you. I saw the face sitting articule as well. Shopping almost done and don't think I'll be buying any new toys after all.

Nina - As far as I have heard/read it's no hoax. Shopping almost done:) Thanks.

Hermione - Haven't heard any more about the protest. Couple of our MP's want them annulled. Thanks.

Jan - Don't know, never thought of that. Will they try and stop blogs that have anything to do with the acts that they have banned. Thanks.

SG - I wonder if US will follow suit, hopefully not. Thanks.

Michael - LOL. Yes as I said a lot of our MPs engage in a lot of these acts. Thank you.

MrJ - Yes, like that. Thank you.

Baxter - Governments are the same world wild. Thanks.

Cat - I agree. Thanks Cat.


Bijan said...

Whats going on out there? for me Britain was always a castle of freedom. Why they intrude in personal affair? Are they fear the fucking Islamic community or something like that? is there a coalition between Islamists and feminists out there?
Now it a bit sounds like my country! Believe me, as a middle Eastern I tell you, after they attacked sexual freedom they pave the way for to stripe individuals off all they rights. its a tragedy we endure almost always here in Iran..
fucking idiots!

Red said...

mind numbingly DUMB! I imagine their are a few more pressing issues they could address than these issues consensually between adults
bottoms up