Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wednesday Smiles - Fat Face

A Fat Face outlet has opened in our local town (Debenhams opened too earlier this year, in spite of 20% of the town's retail space unoccupied). Anyway Fat Face has a nice window display so I went in out of curiosity, I was looking for a couple of last minute throwaway holiday items. I got them too, and was surprised and pleased with the stuff on offer, the service too. But the best thing is their design department, it feels like being in an old bleached wood log cabin, and in the dressing room they had some huge paddles on the wall, one of them really old looking with (I presume) fake flaky paint. 

I tried the newer looking one to see how heavy it felt but it wouldn't come off its fixings. What? I wasn't going to steal it! I just wanted to feel its weight, it was very big.

I told P about it and showed him my little snapshot, he said I should take a screwdriver with me next time, I was very adept with one after all the help I've been giving him, and he'd be more than happy to spank me with it if that was what I wanted. Then I could smuggle it back and replace it on the wall. He was joking of course, he knows I wouldn't steal it. But if I did, there's no way I'd be taking it back, can you imagine the headline in our local rag "Woman caught returning stolen giant paddle to local store, claimed she only wanted a spanking from it."

I wonder if I could make the manager an offer for it, tell her I needed one as a theatrical prop or something:)

Fat Face outlets beware - if you start losing giant paddles from your dressing rooms you'll know why.



Scheduled post. Hope it worked.


Michael M said...

Nice to read your post. Being sent to the woodshed didn't used to mean going shopping for clothes but I guess it does now. Hope Spain good.

sunnygirl said...

I don't think they'll come after you in Spain.

mrandmrsb said...

They change their displays regularly and if you ask nicely they will give you stuff that they are changing, so long as you go at the right time.
We have had some very nice posters from them!

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, well, you are definitely braver than me! Don't think I would want to be spanked with one of those!

That would sure make for a good headline LoL


PK said...

I can see you getting it off the wall, but I'd be interested in how you smuggle it out from there! Hope you're having fun.

Anonymous said...


I hope you are having a wonderful time in Spain.

I do not think the paddle would fit in your carry on luggage.


Hermione said...

What lovely decor! A restaurant here in town had a large paddle and a cricket bat as decoration. The place closed unexpectedly one day, and I wonder if those implements are still on display inside.

The scheduling worked perfectly!


P.S. I had to Google Fat Face. What a strange name for a clothing store.

Wilma Rubble said...

You should see the size of the ones we saw in the museum section of the Maui Aquatic centre! If I can find a picture I'll send it to you! LOL

an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, you do make me laugh. Hope you are having a lovely holiday.
love Jan.xx

kiwigirliegirl said...

LOL - ouch that thing looks like it might hurt - a lot!!!
Enjoy your holiday :)
hugs kiwi xxx

ronnie said...

Michael - Spain was great, Thanks.

SG - The arm of the law does stretch that far:) Thanks.

Mr&MrsB - Didn't know that. Will pop in as they could be changing it to Autumn stuff now.Thanks.

Roz - Don't think I would really but would love to have one that size:)

PK - Never thought of how to smuggle it out:) Thanks.

Joey - Wonderful time Joey. Cheers.

Hermione - I'm sure some one would have taken them with them. I'm happy all the scheduling worked. Thank you.

Wilma - That sure is a big paddle:) Thank you.

Jan - That makes me happy then:) Thank you.

Kiwi - I'd love to hang it in the house. Thanks.