Monday, 16 July 2012

No Pert Bums?

So, according to yesterday's Sunday Times, the Olympics Beach Volleyball teams are going to be allowed to wear leggings and long sleeved tops if they want to because of the continuing rotten British weather which is remaining unseasonably cold and wet.

Apparently the beach volleyball is attended by a higher ratio of males than any other Olympic sport.......yes you guessed it, because of all those pert bikini clad bums and all that stretching and bending. So, can we assume that if the weather remains bad, attendances will drop?

Oh all those disappointed males:)

Have a good week.



Anonymous said...


I hope you get some decent weather for the Olympics, I plead guilty that I am one of those males that enjoys beach volleyball.


PS I play in a league, but the attire is more conservative.

Hermione said...

How very sad for the male audience.


Bas said...

I'll tell my Son in Law. He has tickets for the beach volleyball.
He has never been interested in volleyball in his life.
I have already asked him where in the Uk there is a beach suitable for Beach volleyball as we know it.
He didn't listen.
Well my daughter is going with him so, ultimately, he will have to behave himself I suppose.

SNP said...

Poor guys:) Have a good week as well.

sunnygirl said...

The cooler weather is better for the athletes but I feel so sorry for those male attendees who are going to "miss the show"

otk4us2 said...

If the weather is bad, I am sure the attendance of males will be way down.... lol.


wordsmith said...

Well I enjoyed the ones here anyway!

Anonymous said...

I am sure the leggings can capture the shape of a perky bum for some!!

Bas said...

Oh by the way Ronnie. I appreciate that you want to create beautiful beach weather for the beach volleybal players. But could you please, please stop sending all the rain to me.
This really has to stop.

Michael M said...

Ah but, when the sun does break through the clouds, how good will the shedding of those leggings be, during time out.

Don't just blame the men for oogling - what about the men's swimming or horsejumping - I am sure there will be a bottom or two for the ladies there or perhaps a riding whip in a male hand in the dressage?

Rollin said...

Headline: In women's beach volleyball, teams can now wear leggings in lieu of skimpy bikini bottoms. "In a related story, advanced ticket sales to the women's beach volleyball events have precipitously declined. Officials are at a loss to understand why."

Ticcers aloud said...

dammit, and i was soo looking foward to seeing there bums....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Actually heard about this through my sister...her two boys (16 and 14) have tickets for this....and deeply troubled by the news.The joys of an awakening libido ! I'm not usually troubled by the weather...but this is starting to get to me.I've kind of given up looking out of the window to see what's what in the morning. Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Joey - But I'm sure for the sport as well Joey:) Thanks.

Hermione - These tickets were the first to sell out and now becuase of the possibility of the girls covering up they predict tickets will be back on the market in their hundreds. Thanks Hermione.

Bas - Man made beach ring right on the doorstep of our Prime Minister. If I'm correct he has a good view from his window:) Thanks Bas.

SNP - I'm sure they'll get over it:) Thanks SNP.

SG - Yes coller weather better I wouldn't have though leggins an long sleeve shirts would be comfortable. Be interesting to see what they wear. Thanks SG.

Dave - Way down I'm sure:) Thanks Dave.

Wordsmith - :)Thanks Wordsmith.

Minelle - I think possible more:) Thanks Minelle.

Bas - LOL. Oh no, are you having it bad in the Neatherlands as well? Cheers Bass.

Michael - Ah yes, men in riding britches, boots and whips how did I forget that:) I tried to get tickets for the dressage. Thanks Michael.

Rollin - Hello to you. It's true:) Thanks Rollin.

TA -Better hope we get a change in the weather:) Thanks TC. Good to see you blogging again,

Sarah - Let's hope the sun shines for them:) Oh I know what you mean and we can't get away until September. Thanks Sarah.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I guess it is up to you to keep us males happy.

Christina said...

It would be sad for all the men that watch the sport to loose sight of why they watch it if it was all covered up! LOL

1manview said...

Oh my, what a bunch of wimps... :) I watch volley ball, but not because of the clothes. A nice round butt will always impress, even with pants on. Now track, that's were the tightest bottoms are in the tightest outfits. And yes, ML was a track runner.. :)

Peace and love

Lea said...

Volleyball players covered from head to toe? That'll definitely affect the ratings. Lol.

Ana said...

Bas has my vote for funniest comment. :D

Happy Olympics!

ronnie said...

OBB - An how would you like me to do that:)? Thanks OBB

Christina - I do feel sorry for them:) Thanks Christina.

1ManView - LOL. That's what P said. I was a track runner my self:) Thanks 1MV.

Lea - Will be interesting to see if they do. Thanks Lea,

Ana - I agree:) Thanks Ana.


Red said...

Naughty, making fun of males... Our appreciation of women who keep themselves trim and fit should be encouraged, as these women have a much longer life projection due to a healthy body shape.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Red - Just my little bit of fun. I know there is an article out today in the UK that inactivity is as deadly as smoking. Thanks Red.