Monday, 28 February 2011

You won't find these in the Ikea catalogue

I think a trip to Stockholm is called for.

Anyone who thought Sweden was all Abba, IKEA and tall leggy blondes would be wrong according to today's Sunday Times. The national Museum in Stockholm is staging an exhibition of sauce and smut, they call it 'Lust & Vice' and promise it will reveal ''predilections and perversions from past to present''.

From over a century ago, a painting (or rather two but of different aspects of the same subject) of a nun by the famous Swedish painter Martin van Meytens, who went on to become painter to the royal court in Vienna, to modern saucy shots...

.....and references to a special section in Sweden's most famous and prestigious department store, PUB, which specialises in erotic lingerie, corsets, spanking paraphernalia etc.

I googled the department store and found it but I couldn't find the spanking dept because it didn't have a search box, or not that I could see, and I don't know the Swedish for spanking anyway. But I'm sure the exhibition at the National Museum would be the main attraction, it runs from Mar 24 to Aug 14 so plenty of time to persuade P he needs to see Copenhagen again:)



sixofthebest said...

Ronnie. Many a nun, had to visit a confessional booth, for committing sins of the flesh, because they were human. As such they were made to pay with their bare bottoms when the 'good father's of the church', be he priest, friar, or abbot, would painfully apply a birchrod, cane, or whip to their naked rear ends.

Sara said...

Oh my Ronnie. Let's see if we can arrange a group tour to Stockholm? I'm in!

Hermione said...

I went to Babelfish to translate spanking into Swedish. It seems to be "dask".

I would love to go on a tour of that exhibit. Perhaps they'll take it on the road and it will come to Canada.


ronnie said...

SOTB - You learn something new every day. thanks.

Sara - I'm in as well, could be fun.

Hermione - 'dask' doesn't seem long enough. Somehow I don't think it will be touring:(

SOTB, Sara, Hermione - Thanks for stopping by.


Raven Red said...

Me!! Me!! I want to come too!!


So this is what helps pass the time away during those very, very long and cold winter nights in the frozen Scandinavian wastelands.


Red said...

great find. Maybe I have to plan future vacations where erotica is on display.

ronnie said...

Raven - Yeah Raven wasnt to come as well the list is growing :0 Hope your felloing better.

Prefectdt - And I thought they all stayed in and listened to Abba.

Red - Thanks. I see you have a new avatar Red.

Thanks all.


Daisychain said...

HMPHHHH, well, I certainly hope you weren't planning to sneak off there without ME????

Little Butterfly said...

Well, I'm Swedish, so I guess I understand why I'm so kinky now!

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

Daisy - Now would we go without you.

Little Butterfly - LOL.

Thanks both.