Monday, 3 January 2011


I seem to have gone over my target weight.

I knew I'd put weight on, we girls can tell:) and it was confirmed when I stepped on the scales New Years Day. In fact I've put on even more than I thought.

I need to loose 3-4 lbs. I know it doesn't sound much but it's all on the tummy, I can tell from the way my jeans fit....or don't. Never mind what the scales say.

So I'm going to send this picture to P and I'm hoping he'll take the hint and help.

''I seem to have gone over my target weight...
....and need a little assistance please''

Now I'm not suggesting P could or should recommend a particular diet for me, but a little encouragement would be nice, and a little warning that if I don't measure up, perhaps hit certain targets, some corporal encouragement might be required. God, the thought of it, I think I could be struggling with my weight most of 2011.


Sorry writing seems to have gone small, not sure why.


PK said...

Good luck with the weight and with getting help from P. I wish I was that much over my goal weight - I would feel victorious for sure!!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

They say the universe is expanding. That's my excuse for not being able to lose extra pounds.

As for small type size, I am having that too. It's 10 point before I upload and 6 point on the Blog.

abby said...

How could he resist? I have a weigh in this morning..and am hoping for only a couple pounds. abby

Raven Red said...


I AM on a "weight controlled assistance plan", but after these three weeks or so, I am in so much trouble...(GRIN)

Sara said...

As you know, Ronnie, I sure can relate! My personal assistance plan has been working and I've lost 5 far. Good luck with yours. Love the picture!!!

Underling said...

Hmm. Lose weight, jeans fit better. Don't lose weight, get some lovin' spanking.

Seems to me, whether you lose or not you gain. If that makes any sense.

under cover spankee said...

{HeeHee} I think I should try the same thing...

Though I have lost 30lbs over the last 3 months...I am one of those strange people who lost 3lbs over christmas...but I gained it again over new year...Ummm!...

Good luck x

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I can relate. I about fell over when I stepped on the scale the other day. I hope P can offer you some encouragement!

Good Luck,
Valley Girl

ronnie said...

PK - I'm sure P will be more than willing to help:) To be 4-lbs is a lot for me PK. Thanks

OBB - LOL, do you needd to loose any? I hope somebody may be able to tell us what we could do. I change font in drafts and it looks OK but when I post it's small.

Abby - Sorry late replying to your comment, how did your weigh in go?

Raven Red - Tell us more. When's your weigh in?

Sara - 5 pounds, congratulations, that's great. I hope my little assistance plan works as well :)

Underling - Isn't there a saying "there is no gain without pain" and I'll certainly have some pain for gaining LOL. Thanks.

Under Cover Spankee - Hello. You lost 30lbs in 3 months, that's fantastic you must be thrilled. What's your secret?

Valley Girl - I'm hoping he will offer some corporal encouragement:)

Thanks for stopping by and for your good luck wishes. I'll let you know how it goes.


turiya said...

Good luck... I'm still working on the weight loss too. The scary thing is every time I start working out I start gaining weight and every time I just go without for a while I lose weight. Not sure what that's all about. LOL



P.S. Word Verification - discoc

take that as you will...

sixofthebest said...

A good spanking is an excellent incentive to go on a diet. A so-called 'spanking massage' would eleviate greatly the delema. For all it would take is a few sessions of 'six of the best strokes', of a pliable, swishy, stinging cane, across your bare bottom, twice a day. You'll see how fast you will lose the unwanted poundage. Tell your ever loving husband, you would like him to administer this 'spanking massage, to you this instant, no ifs or butts.

Hermione said...

Blogger is being evil today. Your print is small and my comments got turned off. 2011 is not starting out well.

Hope P takes the hint!


Daisychain said...

I asked for help with this before; it was great till I started NOT losing weight on purpose...Davey soon cottoned on!
But, I decided to start losing a kilo a week from now on, and YAYYY, I have lost the first one right on time! Another kilo by next saturday....
Good luck with losing yours, Ronnie; if you are only a few POUNDS over its harder to lose! LOL, I have about 50 pounds to lose!!!!xxxx

redxxx said...

Seems that P will be more intuitive than you wish. He might just give you a spanking a week,specially for weight loss!By the next week you have to lose another pound and are rewarded with a spanking. If you do not lose the pound, then no spanking that week.... now that is proper motivation for you my dear...When you reeach your goal weight, then spankings return as normal in your lifestyle.
Glad to hear you didn't use European kilos.

Raven Red said...


The first weigh in is in less than 8 hours, hence being wide awake at 3am in the morning.

I am slightly panicky...oh hell, what am I saying - I have declared a national emergency...

Now, if I can just find that chocolate bar, I am SURE I will feel better...

ronnie said...

Turiya - I think if your working out muscle puts weight on when you first start. I'm sure there is someone that picks these word verifications. Thanks.

SOTB - Twice a day. I think six strokes of the cane one a week would be enough incentive for me :)

Hermione - I'm sure he will. I drafted two fictional stories over the Christmas holidays (took me ages) I know I saved them in drafts, I know I did. Came to look at them yesterday and now I cant see them.

Daisy - Thanks. Someone said the same about being hard trying to loose the first few pound.

Red - Last time it was once a fortnight. I think I may just have to send your comment to P and see what he thinks. Kilos what that :)

Raven Red - Not sure what time it is there. Good luck, I'll be keeping everything crossed for you.

Thank you all for stopping and leaving comments. I let you know how it goes.


Dave The Rave said...

I'm betting that if you were to receive a swat or two PER pound over your target that it might inspire you to lose the needed weight.

1manview said...

Who can resits such a position, plus the added burn calories under the sheets should also help... Now go meet him head on, or maybe not... lol ...

Happy New year to you and yours...

ronnie said...

Dave - Hello. I like that but I think P would want think that was too lenient:)

1Manview - And a Happy New Year to you. I love the picture. I hope when I send it to him he doesn't want me in that position.

Thanks, love to you both,


Losing 3-4 pounds huh! Easy. Drop the handbag, the shoes and most of your clothes and your half way there already :)


ronnie said...

LOL Pref, excellent idea. Thanks.