Friday, 21 May 2010

The Perfect Dinner Party

I spotted this French video for the first time last week.

I'm interested to find out why she got a spanking from their dinner guest.

Anybody help me out?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie, it's a clip from a French film called La Fessee, which is about a 'professional' spanker travelling all over France and spanking ladies, with or without their consent, wherever he went. In this action it would appear that he had been invited to dinner with the express intention of spanking the lady of the house after dinner!

Take care....


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Glad that Aristotle gave us an explanation since I don't speak French. And wouldn't you like to see the rest of the movie. Anyway, once the spanking started, you didn't need a translation.
The universal spanking language of the sound of his slaps and her gasps. And what an elegantly dressed woman to be slapped on her bare butt.

Thanks for sharing it with us Ronnie and I'm sure some of your readers will be looking for OTK after reading it.


Hermione said...

I was going to guess that he was being sent on a trip around the world by his boss, who wanted him to have a good sendoff. he says something about fond memories of Elizabeth.

Rotten spanking technique, though. Like swatting flies! I hope he improves as he goes on.


Daisychain said...

I agree with Hermione, the spanking itself sucked! Good find though. Wish they put subtitles with the film! xxx

ronnie said...

Aristotle - I knew somebody would be able to tell me, thank you so much. Do you know if there is more to the video?

FD - LOL that's what P said. Glad you enjoyed it. OTK my favourite position :)

Hermione - Yes, exactly, If he's going to spank he should at least do it properly :)

Daisy - Thanks. I should have paid more attention in my French lesson classes :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,

La Fessee is a full feature length film but I don't know if it is purchasable! It appears from time to time in clips like this spanking at a time.

Do you think I might apply to be the English equivalent of this French fesseur and go all over England spanking naughty ladies' bottoms?

Aristotle x

redxxx said...

wonderful find, Ronnie.... Definitely erotic, and where do we apply for his job....

ronnie said...

Aristotle - I think the full version could be a little boring. Did you know there is a gentlemen in London - London Sank Daddy that offers his services, for no charge. I think he's written a book.

Red - LOL. I'm glad Aristotle was able to let us know about it.

Thanks both.


sixofthebest said...

Hi Ronnie, I consider this spanking scene from the movie 'La Fesse', one of the most sophisticated and erotic scenes ever produced. It has all the elements in it that I would sexually enjoy. Including this mature lady in an evening gown, when raised showing her wearing suspender-belt and stockings, spanked on her bare bottom.