Monday, 24 May 2010

Medium Rare Rump

What a sizzler of a weekend! And in more ways than one for me, phew! Biz meeting, Pub trip, Barbecue, Caning, Steak on the lake. Read on.

Friday evening we had a 'business discussion' god knows why it happened on Friday evening but it did, and we argued a bit, then got over it, then agreed a couple of things then went down to the local pub which we hardly ever do except in the summer when you can sit outside in the gardens, a couple we knew were doing the same so we passed an hour with them over a few beers.
Saturday evening we barbecued, P's mom came round plus our son and a girl friend (not an 'item', someone he's know since high school) and it was all very pleasant until P's mother started telling us about her latest aches and pains, bad enough in front of family but guests don't want to hear that sort of stuff. I dragged her away to help me clear up the dishes, she doesn't normally go on too much with me on my own and it saved the others, good aren't I. After the dishes, she suggested a game of scrabble which she enjoys, it was too dark outside so we all came indoors and got round the table, the good thing with 5 playing is the games move quite quickly, the bad thing with P's mom playing is she constantly challenges words if they're not 'old' established words from her crusty old dictionary. We didn't have a crusty old dictionary to hand so we used online via mobile to referee disputed words, that caused objections too because his mom didn't think online sources were reliable. Son and friend were exasperated and exhausted and occasionally amused by the end of it, P said it was only a game why make a fuss, I was annoyed that his mom is so intolerant of anything new or different but then I do have running grumbles with his mom as you know.

At the very end of the evening after dropping his mom back home P told me off for getting uptight, he said I'd come close to earning a spanking, I'd had a few glasses and couldn't resist asking what I would have needed to tip the balance so that I'd know for next time, I said it as saucily as I could. He told me right, that's it you've earned one, I'll deal with you tomorrow. Well that was a nice though to go to bed on and I snuggled against P.

Sunday I got spanked well caned actually, and we dined out on the lake. I woke early, P had the duvet off, it was a sticky night, I looked across and noticed one of those embarrassing morning erections men get, I couldn't resist handling it, he obviously wasn't asleep because he responded quickly telling me I was a naughty girl, I agreed and reminded him he'd said he would be dealing with me later, he said he hadn't forgotten as his cock stiffened in my hand, he said he was going to cane me in fact which caused me to whimper and get naughtier still. When my naughtiness finally produced the gooey eruption I'd sought, he said for me not to think I'd be getting off the hook by buttering him up like that. Ooh goodness no, sir, the last thing I wanted was to be let off the hook, I was horny as hell and I wanted what was coming to me, I even asked him in a mock terror if he'd be using one of the crook handled ones he'd modified from the garden shop. He told me I'd have to wait and see and then he was away for a shower and walk down the road for the Sunday papers.

A couple of hours later our son went out and P called me upstairs, he had a crook handle cane in his hand and he'd arranged a couple of pillows on the bed, obviously where I was destined for. I stood stock still, my eyes fixed on the cane, The lustful flush I felt suffuse my face was hopefully mistaken for an embarrassed blush as he ordered me to take my shorts off to expose a pair of P's M&S cotton pants which I'd put on for good measure, its a kind of signal between us, it meant I know what's coming and I want it. I got it too, even though this wasn't a punishment P caned me efficiently and hard as I wiggled my pleasure and displeasure over the cushions, gasping and crying out at the stingiest strokes and begging him to be lenient. He wasn't, I'm pleased to say.

He dealt with me firmly and when I got too wriggle some he held be down by the small of my back, pulled his pants down and gave me a finishing volley of extra hard strokes to make sure I'd feel it for a few hours, as he put it. Then he put his hand quite roughly between my legs and feigned shock at finding out I was wet, he said he ought to take his cane to me again as I was obviously getting way too much pleasure from such serious discipline, I pushed my backside up to dare him, but he didn't. Instead his cane stayed on the bed while its owner took advantage of me from behind. I usually like when he's come and then wants to play again later, it gives me a longer ride, but I didn't need it on this occasion, I orgasmed in Olympian style and flopped gasping onto the bed with P atop and inside me his undischarged penis hard. Barely a minute later, after P had told me how red by bum was and how hot it felt against his groin and repeated of the usual 'hoped I'd learned my lesson stuff' which I never tire of hearing, I was wiggling again and his cock was egging me on and soon we were on all fours again and sweating buckets as we both came. I giggled as I had the ridiculous thought that it was Sunday so the bed linen was due a change anyway, P thought it was because he was twiddling with my right nipple, then he told me we'd go out for a meal in the evening if I fancied, then he told me to stay on the bed and he went and fetched his nokia to take a couple of snaps of my punished bum. Reminders to be good, he said. Yeah.
At about 8.30 last night there we were overlooking the lake with the swans, chatting away when P produced his nokia and showed me my bum, some naked and some with pants pulled up, he said he liked seeing it lined, it was like a chargrilled steak, rump I presumed, and told him to put the phone away as our waitress was approaching. He did but only after he took a quick snap through the window. When our steaks came I smiled, they were indeed lined, P made some comment about them being succulent too, it made me squiggle a bit in my seat.
I'm a modest girl and its not often I display my backside in public but I chose a little peep with pants on, you can see the lines but they don't look as strong as the nokia shows them, and a steak (not the ones we had) and the shot from the restaurant window. I think my lines have some way to go to match the steak, P are you listening?



Hermione said...

What a wild weekend you two had! All those grill marks, both on the steak and on your bottom.

I'm glad the cane was so effective. Maybe I should teach Ron how to take pictures with my BlackBerry, so we could preserve the image of a purple bum for future reference.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Feeling quite jealous of P's stamina, three times in one morning. Wow! You have yourself a young man.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: WOW, did the air conditioning conk out or did your post make me that hot. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend once you got past the scrabbe game with his mom.

And we even got a bonus of the picture.

Glad to see you had such a nice weekend.


redxxx said...

What a wonderful randy time you had, despite the worst efforts of your mother-in-law.. Such a cheeky :-) photo. Looks grand to me...
Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou, Ronnie, for this account of your caning.....and especially for the photo of your chastised backside.

I think some bottoms, and yours is one of them, just cry out for the cane. Sometimes I look at Mrs.A's bare bottom as she walks across the bedroom and my thought is.....what she really needs is the cane!....

Thanks again......


turiya said...

Sounds like I great weekend to me! :-D



ronnie said...

Hermione - A little naughty of me posting the picture but I just couldn't resit it, it was funny seeing the grill lines on the steak and seeing the picture. Oh definitely get Ron to take a picture, P likes to keep a few on his nokia as a reminder of his work :)

OBB - If you read it again you will notice it was twice not thrice and that's a treat not a regular occurrence. Unfortunately :)

FD - Great weekend, weather was lovely, oh and the rest of it :)

Red - Thank you, had to make the most of it.

Aristotle - Maybe Mrs. A would like the cane.

Turiya - Yes lovely, thanks

Thanks all.


Little Butterfly said...

What a perfect weekend! And very nice stripes too. :)