Monday, 26 April 2010

Will I take it more seriously then?

I've been trying to loose 2 lbs or so, now you would think that small amount would be easy to shift but heck no, it just wont budge, mind you I haven't really been trying too hard so I asked P if he would help motivate me and I think you all know what that means.

Just over two weeks ago I was on the scale, right said P you need to loose a 1lb and I will check your weight again and if you haven't achieved it you will be spanked. My initial inward smile and thought to 'bring on the biscuits' faded later when I caught a sideways glimpse of myself in the mirror and remembered bikini time isn't so far away and I really could do with losing the weight. So for me it was heads I win tails I can't lose but on balance I wanted the weight loss more than the penalty for failing.

Weigh day came and, despite genuinely trying, I hadn't lost anything so there I was OTK with his hand raining down on my bottom and him lecturing me on trying harder and he wasn't interested in hearing the details of my cutbacks, only the result, and he liked me in my bikini (that made me happy) and I'd better shape up, no pun intended. He then gave me a week to loose a 1lb.

So fast forward to Saturday morning and there I was again on the scale and did I achieve the loss, bloody hell no I'd only put on another 1/2 lb. I really can't believe it, fruit for lunch, have cut out bread, no cakes, sweets or biscuits. So I'm due another spanking. P couldn't administer it then and there as son was in. So I suggested instead of my maintenance spanking on Wednesday why didn't he make it a diet spanking. P said I must be joking, I'd get the diet spanking in addition to and immediately after my maintenance spanking.....and he'd be using the cane, one of the new ones in fact, he added as an afterthought. And perhaps I'd take it more seriously then, he added as a second afterthought. Gulp.

He also said he was going to Google and get some extra tips on caning. I said why on earth do you want advice, your pretty good at wielding all our toys (grovel, grovel,) and he said because experience can always be improved by learning from others and and don't think by trying to butter me up you will get out of it.

So wish me luck for Wednesday.



PK said...

Oh Ronnie,
You've done it now! But I also know it can work when our men take our request seriously. I'm sure its hard for some people to realize how a spanking can work in this way if we liked getting spanked. It's not difficult for our guy to make it feel very different. I guess you would have to understand the difference between a good girl and discipline.

But since you were kind enough to make sure we had a cane I can only thing - go for it P! LOL!

Good luck on the weight loss!


Sara said...

Oh No! This might be one of those 'be careful what you wish for' times! On the other hand, maybe those 2 lbs will be melted away by the heat in your bum! I hope it works..good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, Good luck with the diet and getting off those 2 1/2 lbs. I suck at cutting back. Perhaps try drinking more water and getting in some walking if you can squeeze it into your day?


Measha said...

I hope wed goes well for you, maybe if you lose the weight by then he'll let you off with a warning?

I agree with kitten, more water and more moving will get the job done. :-) Good luck!


Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

"Good luck for Wednesday" lol...I am trying to lose weight too...May be I need more encouragement too...but cos I love being thrashed...The harder the better...I don't think that would be enough keep me on the diet straight & narrow...{{{Pouts}}}...Mind you I hate slippers...sooo may be...

Keep up the hard work...

Karen x

Lil Sam said...

Hi Ronnie
Good luck on Wednesday and with the weight lose, I know it is hard
Hugs Lil Sam

M:e said...

Oh dear! Keeping my fingers crossed for you sweety. Good luck.

Love the picture btw...very cute.

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Well, Ronnie.....whilst I wish you good luck......I hope even more that the feel of the cane across your backside will indeed motivate you to lose enough weight to fit nicely into your bikini. What I think is sure is that you will need some soft pillows to sit on come Wednesday night. You will not want to sit down on your caned bum without pillows, that's for sure. I'd send you a couple if I knew where you lived!


mouse said...

Ohhhh good luck Ronnie! The cane can be a great motivator.


Hermione said...

If P wants detailed instructions on caning, the best resource I know of is Abel at The Spanking Writers. He wrote a very specific explanation once, but I didn't keep it. (I wonder why not.)

Anyway, good luck!


Not My Original Vows said...

I hope you lose the weight you want, and good luck on Wednesday. The cane looks very ouchie! Being in Florida we are always in bikini season, but there are definitely some who shouldn't be in one. :)

turiya said...

Just some advice on losing weight that might help. Most people believe that just by cutting back you can lose weight, but that's not always true. If you start eating less calories than your body needs in a day, you can end up putting your body into starvation mode, which can lower your metabolism and cause you to gain weight even though your eating less.

The focus should be on a balanced diet... eating foods especially that will help you boost your metabolism. Just do a google search on foods that raise the metabolism. I have a recipe for a fat burning soup too... if you want it just email me.

Also, you'll need to start burning at least 200 calories extra per day than you normal do in your regular activities. Increasing your activity is the best way, especially if you're already eating well. I seriously recommend the Wii fit! :-D It's so damned fun you don't even know you're exercising.

Good Luck! *hugs*


ronnie said...

PK - Oh I know P will make sure it feels very different PK and he certainly doesn't need any encouragement :)

Sara - I know I asked for some motivation but the cane :)

Measha, Kitten - Thanks. Good idea on the water and the walking but I do both. Haven't started jogging yet, weather not warm enought for me.

Karen - That's it then a slippering for you for weight loss. Thanks.

Lil Sam - You would think a couple of pounds would be easy to loose

M:e - I've got everything crossed as well, thanks. Yes, I thought the picture was cute.

Aristotle - I think I may need the pillows, thanks for the offer :)

Mouse - I've a feeleing it will be a great motivator, thanks.

Hermione - You don't mind if I don't pass on the detailed instruction on caning to P do you? LOL Thanks Hermione.

Katia - Thanks for the good luck. I want to live in Florida. I know what you mean about some people should be seen wearing a bikini and I'll be one of them if I don't loose weight LOL. No not really P wouldn't let me

Turiy - Thank you, that's excellent advice. I do quite a bit of exercise but haven't started my jogging yet and not sure if my knees will let me :) I know it help when I do.
P say's if I buy a Wii I wont use it but I'm seriously tempted.
There will be an email winging it's way to you soon, I would love that recipe please. Thank you.

Thank you all so much for the good luck wishes. I was tempted to go on the scales this morning to get a sneak preview.


Daisychain said...

Turiya is absolutely right...exercise is what you need, and it doesn't have to be jogging! A brisk walk, for a couple miles a day will do it, or even dancing to the radio! Or stretching exercises, running up and down stairs, vacuuming strenuously,or stretching to dust cobwebs!!! As long as it is extra to what you normally do! I have an exercise chair I got from QVC, its great, except it really brings home to you how much exercise is needed to combat those extra treats! I exercised on it for 20 mins, till I was really sweating, checked the calorie counter and I had burned off 20 calories, lol, when a 2 finger kitkat is 100!!!!!!!
Good luck wednesday! xxxxx

paleje said...
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ronnie said...

Daisy hi,

Thanks but I do all that. I brisk walk to work every morning, 6 days. I normally go for a 25-30 minute walk at night and do exercise, stretching and yoga and I even vacuum :)

I'll have to check that exercise chair out, not heard of oner before.

Thanks for the good luck message. P has booked a lunch appointment with me :(


turiya said...

Have you considered that maybe you're adding muscle and that's why you can't lose the weight? If you're not that much overweight and gaining muscle, even the most minuscule amount of fat loss won't necessarily cause weight loss because muscle weighs more than fat. I think your best bet... if that may be the case... is to calculate your BMI. If you're in a healthy range then losing weight might not be the issue... maybe you just need to focus on toning the right muscles to get the look you want.



ronnie said...

Turiya - Thank you.

I have checked by BMI and I am in the healthy range so you could be right about muscle. I'll try toning and see what difference that makes.

I'll let you know when I make the soup which will probably be this weekend.