Monday, 12 April 2010

Outed at the office......could have been

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I think Spring has finally arrived for the UK, temperatures rising.

Had a good one ourselves or at least I did, P gave me a spanking on Saturday morning, he called me into the spare bedroom we use as a home office and gave me a solid OTK hand spanking, which I haven't had for ages and god I'd almost forgotten how good and bad they can be.

Why did he do such a thing? I think more or less just because he could; he had time, opportunity and motive (weak in my opinion), our son had gone into work, P wasn't working for once and frankly I think he just didn't have anything to occupy him so I filled the gap. Then last night after being out most of the day we were treated to a meal by friends as a thank you to P for helping them with a website for their new business, I don't think he did much, just happened to have the answers for the stuff they needed because he's been through it for our own online work.

Onto today's post -

Now this happened a good while back and I've been sitting on it to allow some time to pass, you'll know why...

I'd popped into the office down the corridor from us to drop off a letter which had been mixed up in our mail (we're in large office building with multiple different bushiness) and there was Margaret and two girls her boss always uses from a temp agency when he needs extra office help huddled around one of the computers

''Haven't you got any work to do,'' I quipped. I went over and sat on the desk and took a look at what they were amusing themselves with, there were several tabs running, the one they were looking at was a spanking site (I didn't know it), I couldn't believe it. Then Margaret said she'd gone onto the Internet to see if she could find an article that appeared in the local journal about a local lady who'd been providing - ahem - disciplinary services (totally true, I'd read it myself) not so far away from us because Helen and Carol (who are not local) said they didn't believe her. I don't know if they found what they'd been looking for but they certainly found this spanking site.

Then Margaret totally stunned me and said she'd visited a shop with a girlfriend once which supplied discipline and bondage gear and that it was quite exciting although she didn't do that kind of thing herself, her husband would think she'd gone mad if she ever suggested it. But she went on to say her friend told her there were lots of women who were into bondage and some even get spanked but it's something that's never mentioned and that her friend told her she gets spanked by her husband. How true that is I don't know, I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, that she would even mention such a thing or even know somebody who was into spanking. I was totally speechless.

From the look on their faces the two temp girls were totally shocked and told Margaret not to be silly and to stop joking, how could anybody allow their husbands to do that. One of the girls turned to me and said what did I think, could it be true, would you let your husband do that to you, now what could I say, I'm sure I must have gone red but luckily at that point my phone went, it was a business call and I left their office to take it outside. After the call I started thinking hold on, what if Margaret starts clicking on some more spanking sites or maybe she has even by some slim chance found me and that was why she was mentioning it to see my reaction, to see what I would say. Then I thought what if she could trace my blog back to our office address because I've often posted from here.

I flew back to our office and said that's it I'm finished, have we got proper security here, I'm not writing again, or coming to the office again for that matter - of course P didn't know what I was on about but then, amused when I told him, he came over and put his arm round me and told me not to worry my cover couldn't be blown, he reckoned it was millions to one against and she wouldn't be sure of anything, no way.

Phew! so I wont be outed. He said maybe she even bookmarked me or even commented under a different name, wouldn't that be amusing and neither side would know it.

Margaret's left now and has in fact moved away from the area, her boss has also moved offices. So with P's endorsement I posted it with a few cosmetic changes but in essence it's actually what happened.

I know protecting identity is of great concern to all of us and I'm no different. Not because I this TTWD is wrong, just people in our offices wouldn't be ready for the real me.




PK said...

Now that would be an interesting experience! Scary but interesting. I have found out one thing when I told my sister and a vanilla friend a year or more again. Even when you tell someone they don't know what it means to us. I mean they giggle a bit and think it's just some strange foreplay. And its easy to let them laugh it off.

Of course having your blog found is different but since what we love isn't illegal, immoral or even fattening just look them dead in the eye and give them my favorite like "Of course my husband spanks me, doesn't your?"

Sara said...

I would have thought that very strange that they were all talking so openly like that and would have run out too! I think (?) anyone who sees me at work in real life wouldn't think my blog is mine, and I am betting that is true for you too. I mean, common, do we don't LOOK like women who would allow our husbands to spank us?!! ;)

Hermione said...

What an amazing thing to happen at the office!

It's risky to post from work. We can be monitored at any time, but it's usually only done in detail if there is a complaint. But they can and do keep records, especially when someone goes to a forbidden site.

I'm sure you are okay, though.


mouse said...

Wow...I'm so happy you weren't outed. That is truly my biggest fear.


ronnie said...

PK - To be honest I would be OK if a couple of the family found out but if anybody in the offices did, that would be it for me, I don't think I would be able to go in again.

Sara - LOL, No they wouldn't dream I blogged and certainly no way would they guess I was a happily spanked women.

Hermione - I often post from work. As we work for ourselves and have our own office and internet it's not monitored but I had the awful thought, what if it was possible to trace my blog from another computer being used in the same building.

Mouse - Your not on your own, it's a fear we all have.

PK, Sara, Hermione, Mouse, thanks for stopping by.


Daisychain said...

OMGosh, Ronnie! I know what we do is not illegal, immoral or wrong in any way, but it IS widely misunderstood, and my employers would take no chances; I would be looking for another job... word would spread and the chances of staying in this line of work impossible.
Its why I am paranoid!
Bless you, you acted well despite the slight panic...well done. xxxx

turiya said...

Wow... that would have freaked me out. I feel the same about "getting caught". I know what we're doing isn't wrong, but others have pretty warped views on things. I wish society would get to a point where they wouldn't criticize two happy, content and consenting adults for doing something that they themselves wouldn't do.

I secretly think, though, that the more shocked a person acts over it, the more they desire it but are unwilling to admit it to themselves. LOL


turiya (a.k.a spirited)

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I doubt anybody not interested in TTWD would be looking at these blogs in the first place so I really don't think it's a problem. But wouldn't it be nice if this lifestyle was just considered like being lefthanded, different from the majority but no big deal.


ronnie said...

Daisy - Thanks. Yes, I know in your position if your employers did find out, you would be out of a job. Don't get too papanoid about it though.

Turiya - If anyone at our offices (and there are 12 different companies working in the building) found out the whole building would know, that's what it's like, once somebody knows something everybody does.

Turiya, does the name mean anything special?

FD - Oh will it ever be, I doubt it very much.

Daisy, Turiya, FD, thanks for stopping by.


turiya said...

Yes, it does have a special meaning. At least to me. I posted about it here if you wanna read:



ronnie said...

Turiya - Thank you for the link will pop over when I have time.


Tapestry said...

Wow! What a shock that would be! I'm so glad all turned out well in the end though.
Shew, I bet your heart was just racing.

dublin.paolo said...

It is as well you were not 'outed' Miss, to be compromised at the work place is not good for you nor anyone for that matter. I'm sure there must be others like you, maybe even some that have been 'outed', but a fairytale ending, such as Margaret becoming one of us, is exactly as I say, a fairytale. Great posting.