Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Tiger Penis Soup

I receive a lot of a spam emails, some I check out, most are deleted. This was one that caught my attention "Bizarre Soups"

Vietnamese Blood Soup
Tiger Penis Soup
Fruit Bat Soup
Cods Milk Soup
Deer Placenta Soup
Birds Nest Soup
Chicken Testicle Soup
Offal Soup
Sweet Banana Soup
Tripe Soup

Yummy :(

The Tiger Penis soup sounded interesting so I googled to see if I could find the recipe and found this article

Shame the recipe doesn't give details of all the ingredients and I notice it says makes 8 bowls but I guess that would depend on how well the particular tiger was endowed :)



spirited one said...

Wow... scary...

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm, not feeling very hungry.. I'll just have the garden salad. LOL


Sara said...

Wow...ewww...and, separate least you did not say "balls"!!! ;)

Hermione said...

Oh dear, not at all politically correct, since tigers are endangered.

Following Sara's train of thought, I have seen testicles prepared in interesting ways. Young bulls' balls are called "prairie oysters".


mouse said...

I'm glad I waited until after lunch..

Prairie Oysters...lmao


Not My Original Vows said...

I'm with Complicated Kitten on sticking with a salad. Nasty! I have also heard bull's balls referred to as Huevos-eggs in Spanish.

Little Butterfly said...

In Colorado, the "prarie oysters" are called "Rocky Mountain Oysters"!

My Daddy makes fun of me because I will "stick anything in my mouth", meaning I am willing to try any kind of new food (his particular gross-out is that I love escargot), but I don't know if I'd go for the tiger penis! Well, who am I kidding, I am sure I'd be too curious not to try a bite!

ronnie said...

Spirited one - I do wonder though what it would tastes like :)

Kitten - Good choice, I'd join you.

Sara - It never crossed my mind to use "balls" :)

Hermione - Your quite right, I was in two minds to post it.
Never heard of bulls balls called that but know they are a delicacy in some countries.
Isn't "prairie oysters" a hangover cocktail or something?

Mouse - LOL. Glad you did.

Katia - Not heard them called that either Katia. Think salads all round.

Little Butterfly - Your brave eating escargot, I can't bring myself to even try them. I like frogs legs.

Thanks all.


Anonymous said...
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Florida Dom said...

Does it come with crackers? LOL.


ronnie said...

I should think so for the price they are selling one bowl for LOL.

Thanks FD.