Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Something happened Monday night.......

It was around 10.30pm and we were sitting in the car park of Waitrose supermarket, which is separated from the road by fields and hedgerows, it's half way between the restaurant we'd just left and our house and I was about to perform an indecent act.

There are two routes back home from town, one is main road most of the way and traffic at all times and the other is the one we took, houses petering out to fields with sheep grazing, very little traffic and Waitrose, standing alone, lights still on presumably for security, but the store was closed and I couldn't see any movement. No, nobody about.

I turned to P, my hand, which had been in his lap since we got in the car rubbing and gently squeezing his cock and balls through his jeans, now unzipped him and took it out, he didn't resist, instead he reached down to the seat slider button and moved back several inches. I started stroking up and down slowly, he squeezed his legs and straightened them pushing between the pedals, I put my head down, my tongue flicking, teasing, trailing down and up his shaft, lingering and licking the pre cum from his head, he groaned and I wrapped my lips fully round him, started building a rhythm, head bobbing up and down all the while sucking, slurping salaciously and hungrily, sluttishly I hoped as befitted the occasion.

My other had cupped his balls and when I felt him stir I increased my grip, his breathing got harder, I was breathing through my nose as my mouth was fully engaged, he grabbed the back of my hair making me bob up and down faster and then I felt it coming and sucked for all I was worth and P bellowed out like a bull, so loud it frightened me, I made to pull away but held me there till he was finished. Then he burst out laughing, we both did, I could hear sheep braying or whatever they do, I think he must have frightened them as well as me. I grabbed a tissue from the glove box and mopped up what I hadn't swallowed. He started the car, not wishing to linger and off we went.

''So a good night then,'' I said as we pulled onto our drive later. ''An excellent night,'' P said

So what really happened Monday night? .........Well everything's true except the best part, I didn't do it in Waitrose car park, we really did drive back that way and we drove in too, but P said it was way too risky and we drove right out again. The juicy part was in my head, dirty mind eh, so what's wrong with that.

P told me later he hadn't thought I'd do it, I said I would have it was him who bottled out but to be honest I would have as well, some things are best kept in the mind.

We did have a lovely meal and even got a 40% discount voucher for food only not drinks, for use till the end of the month because the manager's seen us in there a few times now (yeah I know, everybody else probably got one too).

I'm out today, Birmingham, catch up tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Fun story, Ronnie.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - You made me believe it all! Too bad level heads prevailed, but probably not worth taking a chance in a car park. I hope P enjoyed the steak anyway.

Scared the sheep? LOL!


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Oh, you're such a tease.

I'm sure you fooled all your readers but I enjoyed the writing.

Yes, some things are best left in the head. Especially if you're not comfortable doing them.

Anyway, hope the steak was tasty. LOL.



Nice fantasy :-)

Shame that you have to go to Birmingham. What did you do wrong to deserve that?


Anonymous said...

Steamy stuff.

I am fighting the comment about head in your head.

Still fighting it.

Birmingham is a state of mind, don't let it get you.

The Marine's Wife said...

Funny; I remember doing that as a teenager because my boyfriend and I had nowehere else to go. I do not condone teen sex (anymore :P)! Give it another go, though. The rest sounds awesome, so why not in a parking lot? If he has the control and you can find a not so busy street, let him drive while you make his night. All great stuff... looking forward to more!

Measha said...

I always wondered what it would be like to perform such an act in public, but like you, level heads always win...well his level of them, I should say...not both, because the one on his shoulders say "no it's too risky," but the other one...well he's just as disappointed as I. *Sigh*

But, dinner out is always nice, too! A a voucher to boot! :-)

Anonymous said...

What surprises me is that P didn't think you'd do it!! Surely you don't present yourself as being the sainted wife I think maybe too much time with mum has gotten him forgetting the Ronnie I know - who would seemingly have little hesitation to please her man in a fun spot! Hugs KayLynn

PK said...

LOL! You had me going and it was hot!! Maybe next time it will be for real but in the mean time you should definitely write more fiction.

Big hugs,

Daisychain said...

These days, lots of carparks in the UK, especially supermarket ones, have perhaps its just as well you didnt! Coulda ended up on youtube, lol, or, worse, crimewatch!!!! hahaha!
Great story, though, and may I suggest a country lane layby somewhere, late at night, when you can see cars approaching way before they get close enough to see you!!! Hugs, xxx

ronnie said...

Maryann - It was fun writing it. Thank you.

Hermione - I was hoping it would. I'm glad you liked the bit about frightening the sheep :) Steak was excellent thank you.

FD - Me a tease :) Thank you very much. Steak was tasty FD, I had one as well.

Prefectdt - LOL. I was meeting a friend. It's our nearest large town for shopping. Not sure how long it has been since you visited Birmingham City but some parts have been developed.

Poppy - Thanks. I would like to have read the comment :) Some OK places in Birmingham now like Brindley Place by the canel, lots of good restaurants and very busy at night.

Marine's Wife - hello and welcome. Oh to be young and not worry about being caught :) Thanks for stopping by.

Measha - Sometimes level heads are best. After reading Daisy comment I checked the store and it does have cctv cameras.

KayLynn - Don't think anyone would call me a sainted wife LOL.

PK - Thank you. I really am trying to write you a story but I just can't see to get it on paper, fiction only works for me in short bursts.

Daisy - Yikes, you know I never thought of cctv cameras until I read your comment and yes they have them, glad we didn't stop as two of my son's friends work there :)

Thank you all for stopping by and for your lovely comments.


Lil Sam said...

Hi Ronnie
Awesome post,you sure fooled me, Hugs
Lil Sam

1manview said...

Some things are great to share in our minds, but sometimes we need to act on our desires... Very nice writing Ronnie, it was a very visual read...

ronnie said...

Lil Sam - Thanks.

Imanview - Hello , thanks for the compliment.

Hope you both have a good week.