Sunday, 17 May 2009

Don't ignore your husband's advice

Not often do I post on Sundays but two things happened - 1) I got over 1000 visits to my little piece of cyberspace yesterday and 2) I ignored P's advice and got spanked for it and it wasn't a maintenance spanking.

So yesterday we were looking at how to build web traffic for a website for the new business, P went into google analytics which he installed ages ago but hardly gets used. It showed over 400 visits to Ronnie for Friday which was about double the norm, no particular reason, anyway P said you should pop a post in as you're getting extra visits let them know you keep uptodate. I didn't do it. This morning while I was showering P accessed statistics again, he likes charts and things, and visits for Saturday went just over the 1000. He didn't congratulate me, he put me over his knee, took my pants down and spanked me whilst admonishing me for ignoring his advice.

Well, all you new visitors, and goodness knows where you've come from but you're most welcome, you can be sure this post is uptodate and my backside is, I can assure you, still smarting as I type. P snapped it on his phone, I promise you it does not show the true colour.

I'm sure the visits are a fluke, maybe people have been searching laptop repairs and found me by mistake:)



Hermione said...

Ronnie - I have to confess it was my doing that caused the increase in traffic.

I liked your post about how long should a spanking last and sent a link to it to one of the big blogs. You'll find it mentioned here on Chross's spankings of the week:


PK said...

I'm glad Hermione let you know want's going on. I've had that happen - suddenly go up an exteremly high number of hits and I'll have no idea why. It'll drive you nuts wondering.

But I also want to thank P for insisting that you keep updating!! It's great that he 1)spank for not taking his advice and 2) enjoys your blog and what you are doing out here!

Go P!


Lessa said...

well, always listen to your husbands advise is a good advise then... but nice and warm in this cold weather is not bad ;-)

love, Lessa

Hermione said...

Ronnie - It might be an idea to go to and sign up. You'll get a counter on your home page, and I believe the code installs itself on your blog. With Statcounter, you can see what blog or site your visitors come from, and what page(s) they visit on your blog. That way there will be no more surprises!

Sorry I got you in trouble.


Meow said...

Hmmm! Reminder to self: Do not ignore husband's advice!! Or else!!! Meow

grace said...

WOW! I'll try to take your advice on taking hubbys advice.

Or something like that....


A.S.S. said...

There are (free) counters that tell you exactly where your hits are coming from.

And speaking of hits... lol... is it really "advice" if you get spanked for not taking it?

~Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,
I dont think I want to know how few visit my place...LOL
I'm glad you man know how to get you to follow his advice. Daisy is still learning.

ronnie said...

Hermione - all I can say is thanks for getting me into trouble :) Also thanks for the info about stats counters. I asked P about google analytics and he showed me. I was amazed, there are loads of charts and graphs which I don't like much and maps which you can narrow it down to where your visits come from and there are some people visiting me that live only a few miles away.

PK - I know, I couldn't understand why I suddenly got that many visits and from where. There still high today. I will let P know you said thanks :)

Lessa - I do try to listen and take his advice but sometimes I forget :)

Meow - Oh yes definitely make a note to yourself to forget to take your husbands advice I mean to make sure YOU DO take his advice.

Grace - hi, I hope you do, take my advice that is.

A.S.S - Hi Todd, Suzy, thanks for stopping by, I know how busy you two are. I really didn't know you could get so much info.

Davey - I didn't either but when they suddenly went up that high I asked P to see what had happened. I told him in future I would make sure I follow his advise next time and you know what he told me to do something this morning and I didn't, wonder if he'll notice :)

Thanks all, I really do appreciate you coming over. Ronnie xx

aristotle said...

Hi Ronnie.....the photo of your reddened backside is a delight! I would love to see more photos of your very shapely and very smackable bottom......

Aristotle x

ronnie said...

Aristotle hello and thank you.

P very rarely lets me post a picture like that.