Monday, 17 April 2017

Five ways to know your partner needs spanking

"So you've got a lady. She's a stone cold fox, and you love banging the fresh heck out of her (sex speaking). She makes great pancakes and she can talk so dirty you feel like you need to go through the dishwasher. All of that, and you still feel good about introducing her to your mom. Kinky!

Damn, son, good job on having the kinky sex partner of all sex partners!

What's that you say? Something's amiss in your kink heaven?

Tell Becca all about it.

Ah, I see, you think she might want you to get kinky and tie her up and spank her, 

but you aren't quite sure. I feel you. Knowing whether or not your partner is up for being tied up and getting a spanking can be pretty hard to figure out. That said, if you're looking for spanking signs, there are things to look out for...."

It caught my attention and made me smile, as these things do, so I took up google's link (google sends me daily spanking links) and here, according to Yourtango, are 5 signs she wants you to tie her up and give her a spanking. I know lots more ways to make it clear when I need a good spanking, maybe I'll compile a list some day. When I've got a lot of time:)

Hope everyone is having/had a lovely Easter.

Have  good week.


Let me know if picture is yours.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, interesting article and signs she wants to be spanked, No 2 made me giggle. Would definitely like to see your list :)


Ella said...

Agree with Roz on this one. I will patiently wait for your list, Ronnie. Our toy box seems to become fuller as time goes by. Not sure if other husbands ask you for ideas for birthdays, etc, but if Sam asks me, I usually have an implement in mind. So much better than a sweater.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

Great article! I think I'll investigate how to get Google to send me daily spanking links.


Rosie Jones said...

That was an amusing article, Ronnie, but your list would be much more informative!
Rosie xx

Leigh Smith said...

Enjoyed reading, would love to read your list sometime down the road

Cat said...

Very funny, Ronnie...really want to read your list. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. No 2 makde me laugh as well.

Ella - Thank you. P always says we have enough toys, no more but I usually buy him one for his birthday or Christmas:)

Hermione - Thanks. P did it for me. Think it's pretty simple.

Rosie - Thank you. I may just do one.

SG - Thanks. Amusing.

Cat - Thanks. I think I'll have to do one now.


Anonymous said...

Susan, In a relationship with a wonderful woman. Brief background, have dated men, been spanked by men, did nothing for me. Introduced by a friend to this woman, in her 40's, I'm late 20's, we hit it off.
It was my carefree life that this woman decided a spanking was needed. We had been out to dinner and arriving back at her place she came out and said my actions were that of a naughty little girl and a spanking was coming. I said nothing, she had me stand before her as she sat and my skirt was taken off, my panties lowered and she spanked me soundly. Afterwards I sat on her lap as she held me and told me she loved me, reason for spanking. She rubbed my spanked bottom and I so enjoyed it. I was told to get ready for bed, I stood looking at my red bottom while she was getting ready. She soon was rubbing my bottom, you will not need your nightie she said and the evening was enchanting. We talked about the spanking and I admitted to her I needed them, she admitted that she enjoys spanking naughty little girls, she has spanked males, but females so enjoy it more. I have been spanked while on vacations at hotels, one occasion I regretted was the spanking I got in a restroom at a restaurant, went too far and a couple of ladies watched and smiled and knew what I had done and was glad I was getting a spanking. Back home after that spanking I had to face the wall like a naughty little girl, I was given a bath, put to bed early, next morning I said I was sorry and like always I sat on her lap and she rubbed my sore bottom. Mary loves me, spanks me when I'm naughty, and we love one another, more than any man could do.