Friday, 14 April 2017

In with the New - Easter Weekend Bumper Edition

Happy Easter to all my readers. 

A bumper edition of blogs/tumblrs to keep you busy over the holiday period:) Don't forget to stop by.

Domestic Discipline and Our Happy Marriage
Thirty-something year-old woman who is happily married to her husband of many years.  They have recently discovered the world of domestic discipline and their marriage is stronger than ever. He is head of household as some call it. While it brings a blush to my face to admit that I am indeed a spanked wife, I am also a very happy one 

Britty Submissive
A submissive in relationships is occasionally an unwilling alpha in the rest of her life. She finds submission to create a perfect balance to her two inner lives - a good Id to her Ego.

Danni Dawson

BBW Adult Film Actress – – Her Take On All Things Erotica.

Spanking Basics
This site is meant for anyone who has fantasies or obsessions about spanking but doesn't know what to do about it. It is also meant as a resource for friends of spankos, so that they may better understand their friend or partner.

Corrected and Cared For
40ish woman who is sassy to the core. I love nothing more than the thought of someone offering me firm but loving discipline. 

Just a spankin
Plenty of them. Pictures, Gifs and videos.

Sexy Spanking Romance Books
The latest releases from your favourite authors. 

My Femdom Life

Femdom in the real world.  A blog sharing her personal journey in a female-led relationship, and sharing information on female dominance, male submission, kink, and BDSM in general.

Spanky Murphy 

Spanking naughty girls and boys 

Spanking and Women
Spanking with some other things. 

Her Wish my Command

The journey of evolving our 30 year relationship to …. female led.
I asked for Sweetness’s permission to start our blog as I wanted to document, and have in one place, our journey of my submission to her and a place to put my study and research of BDSM, Dominant/submissive, and Female Led Relationship.

L. Paris

Spanking cartoons, art and drawings.

Cruel Teacher

Spanked Sunshine 
Spanking videos.

Pooky's Story
The blog of spanking author Patty Devlin. 

A Day in an Ineffable Life
A female masochist in her mid-20s says, "Hurt me, love me, hurt me again.       

Spanking Kitty Blog
Traditional English Corporal Punishment and Domestic Discipline. 

Mitch's Spanking Art
Original spanking artwork. 

All Spanking, All the Time
Videos and pictures.

Have a fun Easter weekend.


Thanks to Bonnie for bringing us some of these blogs/Tumblrs.


Roz said...

Happy Easter Ronnie, hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Thank you for bringing us a new batch of blogs. Welcome to blogland everyone :)


Leigh Smith said...

Thanks Ronnie and Bonnie.

Have a Happy Easter.

Hermione said...

The picture always makes me smile.

Happy Easter, Ronnie!


ronnie said...

Thank you ladies. Hermione, make me smile as well.