Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Spanking Spoons

We went out with friends on Saturday to a firework display and then onto a pub restaurant they like eating at, we hadn't been before and it was OK, well the atmosphere was better than the food actually, it was clearly too busy and the kitchen wasn't coping well, I think we might try it ourselves on a week night some time when it's less stressed.

Anyway the funny thing was the wooden spoons (these aren't the ones in the pub but they're almost identical) stacked behind the ordering section of the bar. After ordering, we were given a receipt and a spoon to take to our table, it was explained that the spoon should be stood upright in the holder on the table and was to let the waiting staff identify us.

Before we knew that, while we were standing in the queue at the bar.

I whispered to P that they must have a lot of mistakes and perhaps the spoons are for disciplining the staff.

The numbers could be the quantity of swats to be delivered, I ventured. "Can you see one for me?" I asked my husband.

He patted my bottom and said "No, they don't go to triple digits."



Dee said...

LOL!! oh I think I'd just cringe in knowing silent embarrassment if I saw these in a restaurant. And who knows....... Maybe they ARE more than just table numbers :)

Dee x

PK said...

I just love your husband! He's always thinking!


Anonymous said...

Great story. Triple digits? Ouch.

Kendra said...

I end up in triple digits way to often! Funny story, that is the first thing I would have thought too!

Sara said...

Don't you just love a man with a quick mind and a ready retort? ;)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

wondering how many comments the wait staff hears everyday about the spoons?

ronnie said...

Dee - I like to think they aren't just used for table numbers:) Thanks Dee.

PK - I do most of the time:) Thanks PK.

Joey - He didn't say what triple number would be:) Thaks Joey.

Kendra - I hate when spankings go into treble figures:)Thanks Kendra.

Sara - P has a very quick mind, too quick sometimes:) Thanks Sara.

OBB - Would be no comment from us spanks. Thanks OBB.


Michael said...

Triple digits! LOL P is quick on his feet, almost as quick as when he tips you over his knee, Ronnie.....almost. ;-)

Hermione said...

How very creative! Especially useful for new servers who haven't memorized the dining room yet. The judicious application of a spoon would soon improve their memories.

You could lay the table for dinner one evening and put tiny numbers on the cutlery and see where it gets you.


1manview said...

Se what I mean, your post put a smile on my face that quick. And hubby quick wit helps... lol ... And I'm sure the spoons have a double meaning to them...

sixofthebest said...

On the naughty woman who is pictured wearing suspender-belt and stockings, showing us her voluptous bare bottom, I would love to use a birchrod, or cane.

ronnie said...

Michael - Sometimes too quick for my liking:) Thanks Michael.

Hermione - Was a new serving system to me and those wooden spoons certainly improves my memory:) Thanks Hermione.

1MV - I'm happy that they do. Thanks again.

SOTB - The wooden spoon can be effective as well. Thanks.


Patty said...

Found these blogs about 6 mos. ago. was in a spanking marriage for 45 years.Never heard of D/d. Wish I had known others like me. Have no clue how to Blog or if I would want to do so. Will not ask my children or grand kids-they would be shocked to Know I was spanked. Miss my Colonel every day. Patty

Patty said...

Really not much good with computers, meant to put the above comment on the Lurkers blog. Sorry. Patty

Molly said...

Oh this is brilliant... On a recent visit to a pub for a local munch they gave out these lovely wooden varnished spoons with long handles for your table number. We had number 32!

Somehow it managed to come home with us and now sits in with the other kitchen implements but only actually ever gets used for one purpose!