Thursday 10 November 2011

Come On In - It's Love Our Lurkers Day

Hello ladies and to all you gentlemen out there.

Today's a very special day for you our dear lurkers - The 6th annual Love our Lurkers (LOL) day created by our good friend Bonnie so grab a chair and a cuppa, that's it come closer stay a while if you can.

This is my 3rd LOL day that I've had the privilege of participating in. So many people pass through my blog from different parts of the world and I thank each and everyone one of you but I always love to hear from new friends. I know how hard it is to leave that first comment, I was there once myself, but now you're here why not do it, don't be bashful, no names needed no long story just a 'hello.' Today is your day.

Of course you're more than welcome to stop by here anytime and hang out without leaving a comment, that's no problem but it would make my day if you did just to let me know you're there.

And while you've got your fingers on the keyboard why not say hello the other bloggers, we're all friendly we don't bite.



Aimless Rambling said...

Have been a lurker for about six months. Enjoy your blog.

1ManView said...

Lurker, NOT ME... lol... I posted a poem titled Capitulate. (last week) It was made from highlights from your blog and my over active imagination. I was going to mention it, but after I entered your blog page, you were celebrating post number 500 and I forgot to say something. When you have time, check us out... lol ...

faerie wings said...

Hi Ronnie, I've been reading for just under a year. I don't comment much, but I always enjoy my visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie, your blog is always a hoot! Happy LOL Day.

PK said...

Shoot, I run my mouth every day and I don't plan to stop but I wanted to say hey any way.


Sara said...

Not a lurker, but definitely a fan! Happy LOL Day Ronnie!


bree said...

I think I commented once or twice before here. Don't have anything to say most of the time that would be helpful or meaningful. Trust me. I do want to say I enjoy reading what you have to say. Keep up the good postings. I admire what you do here and thank you for doing this.

Lea said...

Always love reading your blog Ronnie, happy LOL day!


Celebrating LOL day with a cup of brown joy, what a great idea. Have a good one.


Mindy said...

I enjoy reading your posts, Ronnie.

Chross said...

I really just sat down at my computer with my second cup of coffee!

Happy LoL Day, Ronnie! Keep up the great blogging!


Dee said...

I really enjoy coming here to read :) I was once a lurker but de-lurked not so long ago.
Have a good LOL day Ronnie :)

Dee x

MarQe said...

Happy LOL Day Ronnie xx

Love MarQe xXx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We always enjoy your Blog.

Kaelah said...

Happy LOL Day, Ronnie! :-) I don't comment regularly, but I like your writing and your accounts of your kinky play very much. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Season said...

Just finishing up my first cup of coffee and now have the perfect excuse to make it a two cup day! Love your blog, Ronnie! I enjoy your take on things and your wonderful sense of humor.

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I don't consider myself a lurker here; more like one of the family. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.

Just a little milk in my cuppa.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog Ronnie. Happy LOL Day :)

Unknown said...

*waves* Keep posting, love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Ronnie.

Kendra said...

I lurked here for a very long time before I began blogging. I love how much you share with us about what your life is like!

Jenny said...

Hi Ronnie
Really enjoy your blog. Don't comment much but thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your blog and often lurk. :)
Happy LOL day!

Raven Red said...


Happy LOL day to you. Must also admit that my commenting has shown a serious decline lately...I can onlyblame it on lots of sunshine and spending far to much time next to swimming pools.



Anonymous said...

This is such a warm and friendly place.. I just love the atmosphere of it and stop by often.

*hugs* TMT

Florida Dom said...

The great thing about starting to comment is that I met great friends like you. You have a wonderful blog. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I <3 this blog.

I am a follower and commenter. I perv and lurk more more often.

This is my first LOL. I was introduced to it last year, via your blog. And I was reminded of it for this year, via your blog.

Thanks for the great blog.


Michael M said...

Hi Ronnie
It is always a pleasure and a delight to visit your blog.
Michael M

Rogue said...

Happy LOL Day! I love to stop in and read here. :)

Susie said...

I do lurk here sometimes...I should write you a note more often!

Michael said...

Happy LOL Day, Ronnie. I am not a lurker on your wonderful site but I don't comment often enough. When I log onto "Heart and Soul" I know I will always leave with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. You make our community a better place, Ronnie.

Anonymous said...

My Wife and I enjoy your blog immensely, keep up the great work.


sixofthebest said...

Happy Lurker's Day Ronnie. And many more to come.

Greenwoman said...

Hello Ronnie...It is so lovely to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by to comment! Yep. I'm still reading. I know I very rarely comment, but your blog is still on my Reader and I am still enjoying it. Blessings for many more happy years writing!

Elysia said...

I lurk and comment, so I am both,
Lurmentor or Commenturker! Anyway,
Love your blog and thanks for the coffee!
Happy LOL Day! -Elysia

Alice said...

Hi,Ronnie, I'm a regular lurker here, I do enjoy your blog, happy LOL day

kiwigirliegirl said...

love your blog ronnie - :) certainly no lurker here
Happy LOL day
love and hugs kiwixxxx

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your blog for about 6 months or so. -Susan

Anonymous said...

Blimey,I've been away for one night on a course and come back to happy craziness.So rather than a cuppa mine's an alarmingly large G and T and my lap top is coming up to bed with me....Thanks Bonnie,Sarah,LD,UK

Dragon's Rose said...

I'm not a lurker here. Not yet anyway. This is my very first visit! I'll be back.

Have a wonderful LOL Day!

ronnie said...

SG - Thanks for letting me know you stop by, apreciate it. Hope to see you again, thanks.

1MV - WOW, loved it. You really know how to write a hot poem. Always good to see you. Thanks.

Faerie - It's lovely to know you read and enjoy your visit here. Thank you.

Mick - LOL, thanks MIck, Happy you stopped by. Thanks.

PK - And hello to you too. I hope you never stop visiting my friend. Thanks.

Sara - Great to see you and a Happy LOL Day to you.. Thanks for your visits.

Bree - Thanks, I aapeciate you commenting this time, stop by anytime Bree and feel free just to say hello.

Lea - And always lovely to see you here. Thank you.

Prefectdt - I've been celebrating with a cuppa but that's turned into a large glass of Rioja:) Thanks Pref.

Mindy - Makes it worth while when somebody lets me know they do read. Thank you Mindy.

Chross - LOL. A pleasure to see you here Chross. Thanks.

Dee - Having fun so far. I'm glad you decided to de-lurk and start your own blog. Thanks Dee.

MarQe - And to you, thanks for visiting.

OBB - And I enjoy seeing you here. Thanks Bogey and Bacall.

Kaelah - Really kind of you to say, thanks. Stop by anytime.

Season - Alaways appreciate your visits. Hope my coffee was OK, I'm a tea person. Thanks Season.

Hermione - A big part of the family. It's been my pleasure to participate. Thanks Hermione.

Ally - Happy LOL Day to you Ally and thanks for reading.

Waves to you and a big thanks Vixen.

Joey - Always a pleasure to see you here. Thanks Joey

Kendra - And I thank you for taking time to read Kendra, thank you.

Jenny - Lovely to see you Jenny, next time you stop by don't forget to say hello.

Padme - My pleasure and thanks for stopping by.

Raven - Don't tell anyone but I think I wouldn't be commenting much if there was sunshine and I could swim all day:) Thanks.

TTM - That is such a lovely comment. I hope everyone feels the same. Thank you.

FD - I'm glad you started blogging. Thanks. Will email soon.

Hedone - I hope your enjoying your first LOL Day Hedone. Thanks for stopping by.

Michael - And always lovely to see you here, thank you.

Rogue - I thank you for reading.

Susie - That would be lovely if you did. Thanks.

Michael - Now stop that your making me blush:) Thank you Michael for such a lovely comment.

James - I'm glad you both enjoy reading here James, Thanks to you and your wife.

SOTB - Hi and thanks for stopping by.

Greenwomen - Lovey to see you and I will stop by more often

Elysia - Glad you came by. Tried to leave a comment over at yours but for some reason I couldn't log in. Will try again.

Alice - Thanks for de-lurking, appreciate it. Please stop by again.

KG - You certainly aren't. Happy to see you. Thanks.

Susan - Thanks for de-lurking:)

Sarah - It's fun craziness and I'm sitting here answering comments with a large glass of Rioja:) Hope the course went well. Thanks.

Dragon Rose - Hello, welcome. I hope you will visit again. Thanks.


Erica said...

I could have sworn I left a comment already -- glad I double checked! Happy LOL6 Day, Ronnie. :-)

Daisychain said...

Hello, hunni, Happy LOL day! Just got in from work, its after 11pm, 4 hours paperwork to do now before falling into bed, and work tomorrow at 7am!
Doing a quick round of blogs before starting the paperwork! Couldnt miss out my dearest friend, could I? xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! xoxo

Indy said...

Happy LOL Day, Ronnie. I've been reading blogs in fits and starts, but always make my way through yours eventually. Congrats on your 500th post-- that's a *lot* of writing!


Jake said...

Hello, and thanks for the invitation to join the conversation!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ronnie.

I do tend to be a little lurky here, but always enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work!


A.S.S. said...

Happy LOL Day! Long time readers... and fans.

~Todd and Suzy

Mikki said...

Happy LOL Day! (hugs)

Dioneo said...

Ronnie, you have a magnificent blog. I tend to lurk here rather than comment, but I can assure you that I find your writing very witty, artful, and inspiring. Happy LOL!

Dr. Ken said...

Ronnie--Happy LOL day to you! Your blog always brings a smile to my face....

ronnie said...

Erica - Always lovely to see you Erica. Thanks.

Daisy - Ah Daisy, Your such a lovely person. you should have done work paperswork and gone to bed. Burning candles both ends not good.

OFG - Very kind of you to say, thanks for stopping by.

Indy - Lovely of you to stop by and thanks for the congrats, appreciate it.

Jake - Your welcome, hope you enjoyed it. Thanks.

TKL - Were all lurkers sometimes. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Todd and Suzy - Good to see you both, thanks.

Mikki, thank you.

Dioneo - Thanks for the lovely comment, very kind of you to say.

Dr Ken - That makes me happy. Thanks.


Bonnie said...

Hi Ronnie,

Perhaps it's too late to wish you a Happy LOL Day, but I wanted at least to stop by and thank you for joining in our celebration.

Just look at all the lovely lurkers you've attracted!


ronnie said...

No, thank YOU Bonnie for the invitation. Fun day and lots of new friends to visit.