Monday, 9 August 2010

Unused and Underspanked

Why is it when you make plans everything goes to pot.

Remember I mentioned I was going to give P the mini tawse this weekend, the one I bought from ebay as son was off to a theme park and staying at a friends until Sunday evening. I had great hopes but it didn't happen.

It was still on the cards Saturday morning, there I am beavering about my chores, waved son of, few jobs still to finish, P comes from office (he likes to pop in on Saturdays as I'm sure I've mentioned before). Cup of tea, chat, checked son got away on time, me trying to get round to mentioning I had a little something for him. Then his cell rings and it's friends who we haven't seen for a while, they live Oxford way. "We have to be up your way Sunday for a christening at 2.00 so thought we could pop in and see you, will you be around?"

"Great," says P, "it'll be fine in fact we can nip down the pub and grab a quick pint while the girls talk baby talk." I glared at him and got up to to make another cup of tea when I heard him say, "Look why don't you come up this afternoon if you're not doing anything, you could stay over, have dinner, couple drinks and we can catch up, we've nothing planned.'' Oh no, I thought, nothing planned my arse (excuse the pun) But it was arranged, they would be up later around 6.00.

Men don't think, do they? I'd not done any food shopping, Saturday's a rubbish day to shop so there I was rushing around like a blue arse fly finishing cleaning the bathroom and loo, spare bedroom, making beds and we still had to go out to get food in for dinner. At least P cooked so that gave me time to leave a couple of comments I'd promised to do Saturday. Dinner was excellent, they had Angus sirloin steaks on offer half price and P asked the butcher for a whole chunk at that price, uncut, which he roasted and served with excellent Yorkshire puddings and the crispiest juiciest roast potatoes ever. We had a good evening I have to say, real fun, plenty of wine. The tawse could wait till Sunday after all it was Consensual Spanking Day.

What happened Sunday. Had breakfast and just as they were leaving our son comes back, friend wasn't feeling well so left early. Probably all those ghastly rides. So the mini tawse remains unused and I remain underspanked, but it was still a nice weekend.

All good things come to those who wait, don't they? Or maybe I'll leave the tawse on his office desk when he goes out and see what he says, good idea?



elle said...

Lol....this did make me smile, though I know its frustrating. I've learned over the years that when I allow myself to make plans in my head they inevitably go awry....and somehow the sense of disappointment is greater then because we've usually filled in the fine detail too haven't we?

I'm sure it will be worth the wait though.

love and hugs xxx

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Sorry you weren't able to enjoy consensual spanking day. Maybe you should leave the tawse on his desk. That might give him some ideas. One way or the other, hope you get to feel the "benefits'' of it soon. LOL.


NaughtyandNice said...

It sounds like a nice weekend even though you didn't get to try out your new toy. I've been thinking about getting a tawse, this is your second one right? Any recomendations on what size I should start out with? And I like Florida Doms idea of leaving somewhere he would find it, just make sure the kids dont find it first.

Sara said...

I'm sorry you were disappointed! "The best laid plans of mice and men..." I vote for the tawse left on his desk. Good luck!

Hermione said...


How very disappointing! Poor P couldn't read your mind, though. perhaps if you had told him what you were hoping, he might have made a firm date to take care of matters. I can see how having son in the house makes it difficult.

Ron decided to go out on an errand an hour before our scheduled celebration of CSD, but he arrived back home in plenty of time.


Anonymous said...

Real life has discretion at all on these matters, does it?

Still, if I were your friend I would ring on the off chance too if I thought I would get a meal like that!

I hope you get what you need soon.


Oh dear! It is a shame that your son is too old to be given a tenner and sent off to the cinema for the afternoon.

The steak sounded great though.


redxxx said...

Booooo! Men are not mind readers.... so reminders are necessary! I have forgotten the age range of your son, but could you not have some urgent something you needed for supper, and have him go purchase it nearby for a few minutes....... We sometimes use louder music in our room, and a cane to dance with!(or actually to)
Hope your bottom is warmed real soon!

Daisychain said...

Well, I vote that due to so many having various reasons why a specific day goes by the wayside, it should be COnsensual Spanking WEEK, then it could be done any or every day in a specific week, to aid those with kid/time/opportunity constraints!!!!

abby said...

I love Daisy's idea..a whole week...I missed a Sunday spanking, but one is on tap for tomorrow...fingers crossed! Abby Put the tawse on the desk..i want to know how it feels! Abby

Anonymous said...


ronnie said...

Elle - I'm glad it made you smile. There I was going about my jobs, chuntering to myself I'll say this, no I'll put it this way, no maybe this way instead of just leaving it somewhere I know he'd find it:) Thanks Elle.

FD - I think I'll leave it on his desk or I could just spank him with it and get him to tell me what it feels like LOL

NaughtyandNice - Hello and welcome. Lovely weekend, thank you. Yes it's my second. I can't really give you any recommendations on actual size. The longer one was my first ever and I loved it straight away. It weighs approx 130 grams, 23 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, at it's widest point. Marked H (for heavy which I didn't know when I bought it) It's made of very good leather about 6.7 mm all way through, Made in Scotland.
This one(as you know can't vouch for it yet) weighs about 80 grams, 14 inches long and 5mm all the way through again this one is marked with a H for heavy. Wy don't you put up a post asking for recommendations on the tawse.

Sara - It looks like it's going to be left on his desk then :)

Hermione - Obviously the weekend wasn't meant to be. Hopefully second time lucky. I'm glad Ron came back in time.

Poppy - P's an excellent chef (runs in the family) and you'd me most welcome to dinner.

Prefectdt - LOL long time since I've been able to do that trick :)

Red - P's usually good at reading my mind but I'd gone over so many ways I could bring up the tawse, I wouldn't have been able to read my mind either :)

Daisy - Love your idea, you'll have to suggest it to Todd and Suzy, American Spanking Society as It was their idea.

Abby - And me, I want to know what it feels like. I hope you got your belated Consensual Spanking.

Thanks all. I really do appreciate you taking time to stop by, say hello and leave a comment.