Friday, 12 February 2010

Spanking can also damage your health

Yes, Smoking spanking really can. Wednesday morning P called me into the bedroom before he set off for work, he was sitting on the corner of the bed and told me that as we will now have the house to ourselves (son started work) he has decided that my maintenance spankings will resume (maintenance used to be on Sundays but with son at home we had to suspend them) and he thinks mid week on Wednesday would be the correct day, no idea why he chose mid week, why not Friday (TGIF), anyway it was a nice initiative which I didn't argue with.

So there I was over his lap having my bottom spanked with P lecturing me, he manages to find things to lecture about even when I've done nothing wrong. Now P always uses his hand for maintenance and boy does he know how to spank with it. It was hitting the right spot too often and I was wiggling and squirming so he put his right leg over my two legs to clamp them tight and upped the tempo somewhat.

''Now up you get,'' he said, ''and let me get off to work.'' Then when he went to get up I saw him stop in his tracks, touch his back, stand still, then slowly continue until he was upright. He shook his shoulders, twisted his hips a bit as if to make sure they were still working, which they were, and he was away. I thought no more about it, we went out in the evening, cinema (Sherlock Holmes - definitely a watch) followed by a couple of steaks in town, very nice evening, no sign of any problems. Then yesterday morning P got up very stiff, not that kind of stiff but twinges in his right hip area, he didn't like them, he's had back problems ever since he was a chef ages ago, too much standing over low work benches for a tall guy. He's called for a physio appointment to be on the safe side, he hasn't seized up but he doesn't like the signals. Weird how back problems don't kick in at the time but catch you by surprise a day or so later.

So I've told him no more leg clamping in awkward positions, do it from a stable position by all means, or use belts or something to restrain me with. I mean I don't want to be the cause of injury, indirect or not, and I can't imagine he's too happy taking time out to get physiotherapy, ''So how did it happen?'' ....''Well I was giving the wife a good spanking and when I had to clamp her down to stop her struggling I think I twisted something..'' I think the physio might either run a mile or fall about laughing.

Anyway the bottom :)) line is - be careful out there, spanking can damage your health in ways you don't expect.



PK said...

Poor P! Maybe the corner of the bed isn't the best. I'm usually on the bed and Nick standing - he likes to be able to get to the toy box and change implements. When we do OTK he is against the head and I am across his lap and the bed. Harder to wiggle away.

I really hope he feels better very soon.


Florida Dom said...

Maybe he needs to tie you down to stop all that squirming. LOL.

I thought spankings were supposed to be harder on the receiver than the giver?


Sara said...

Yep, back support is the thing. Try against the headboard. Grant has back problems and he finds that easier for him. And heaven forbid we have the spanker in pain, ya know? ;)

Indy said...

I'm more sympathetic than usual, as I dished out a spanking last night (in between the two I received), and it *really* hurts to straighten my elbow this morning. My bottom hurts, too, just not as much!

Elysia said...

Hi Ronnie, I'm a newbie here but I have had chronic back problems for 30 yrs +. I spent the first 3 months of the year on rest, heating pads anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy. The physical therapy was the best and the therapist stressed to me that my husband should massage the muscles regularly to prevent the stiffness. I am much better now. I would only suggest that perhaps you both need a "warm-up"? I hope he's better soon, I have tons of empathy for him (and you).

Hermione said...

Poor P, but lucky you, to have maintenance spankings again.

We also do head of the bed OTK, because our bed is very high and no support for Ron's legs otherwise. ut in view of P's back trouble, I think any position where he doesn't have to bend over (but you would) would work.

I like Wednesday spankings - they break up the work week nicely.


Janet said...

Sorry to hear about P. Back issues do suck!!!

I would love to be a fly on the wall if P actually told the doctor how he injured his back. Hmm I think the laughing scenario probably would be the best one!!

Hope for both your sakes he's on the mend soon.

Anonymous said...

I too send well wishes for a quick recovery! That is awful! Now the pressure's on for you to be the perfect 'good girl' and hold impossibly still next Wednesday! Just sayin!!

Daisychain said...

Glad you got a lovely spanking, but sorry P hurt himself....hope this doesn't stop further spanking.... xxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

PK - We do the same, P standing or him at head board so don't ask me why he was sitting on the corner of the bed.

FD - Now that's a thought, I don't get tied up very often.

Sara - LOl spanker in pain. He's normally very carefully and will be more so now.

Indy - I've heard of tennis eblbow but never spanking elbow :) Thanks Indy.

Elysia - Hello and welcome. Thank you. Sounds like your have had real bad back probelms, glad to hear your much better now. I like the idea of maybe massaging his muscles but would have to be careful what I do at the moment because he's still not siezed up.

Hermione - I don't know why on earth he was sitting on the edge of the bed. We use the head of the bed as well. I think your right Wednedays will split up the week very nicely.

Janet - LOL me to Janet, I know his physio will ask how he did it.

KayLynn - Thanks, I'm always the good girl, didn't you read my post last week :) and your right how do you keep still?

Daisy - Hi, I think spanking will be on hold for a while but you never know.

I'll give P your good wishes.
hope you all have a good weekend.


In my line (the Hortic part not the spanked part) back problems are the norm. A little over 20 years ago a physio showed me a little preventative exercise, that I do after every working day. Lie flat on the floor or other hard surface then draw the knees up so that your legs form an "A" shape, then relax all the muscles from the waist up and stay that way for 10 minutes, time that, 10 minutes is longer than you think when you are totally inactive.

I am the only long term on site Hortic or pro gardener that I have ever met that has never had any back problems. I think it is due to this exercise.


Measha said...

I hope P is feeling much better by now or will be shortly. TJ has a horrible back and a lot of times it comes into the decision making process of which position to use.

There was one time that I struggled so much during a spanking I hurt him pretty badly. That was the first time he put me in the corner during a spanking..he was too angry to speak and in too much pain to do anything about it. I felt just awful about it and the one thing that helps me keep still (at least better at keeping still) is reminding myself that I can hurt him if I don't.

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - Thanks. will pass it onto P.

Measha - Feeling twinges so he's being careful. I'll make sure he always uses the head of the bed, which to be honest we normally do but how do you keep still, I find it impossible.

Thanks both, hope your enjoying your day.