Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sexy, Sweet or Bad?

So which is it to be for you girls?

I know what I'm going for - Bad, Sexy, that order.



Hermione said...

I think I'll pick Sweet, Sexy and Bad, in that order.

Oh, I love that black outfit on the right! And the red one on the left too.
I'll have to ask Ron which one he refers.

ronnie said...

Black and red one for me as well.
I'm sure Ron would prefer the black outfit but only if you were wearing it :)

Thanks Hermione.

M:e said... I have to choose?? Can't I be all three all rolled up into one?? That IS after all how HWMBA likes me best!!

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

I like that M:e. HWMBA loves you anyway :)
I think I'll change my mind and be all three as well.


Love and hugs.

mouse said...

I'm trying to leave "bad" off the table...LOL...I'll go for sexy and sweet.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I could choose either. I would prefer to be sexy as hell but J likes me looking sweet and if I leave bad out of the mix there might not be any spanking and that would be a crying shame so for us both to be happy I absolutely refuse the choose. the red on the left is cute but I think I really like the black and red in the right middle

Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie,

I like this exercise in futility - for me! I'll go with sexy, I try to be sweet at least to D'artagnan... but ineveitably my anger gets the best of me given I'm a mom of too many kids!! I hope you & P have a wonderful day (and night!). Hugs, KayLynn

ronnie said...

Mouse - Sexy and sweet it good.

JSlittlelady - Your right you can leave bad out.

KayLynn - Bad, sexy and sweet I would say that would be the order for you )

Thanks for stopping by.