Friday, 16 October 2009

No gain without pain

Last night at dinner I finished before P and he said, "you ate that quick, were you hungry,'' well actually I was and seem to be feeling that way all the time lately (I put it down to the ongoing battle to control weight and recent ruthless reduction in carbohydrates intake). ''Hunger's a sign your losing weight,'' he said, well you can image how happy I was, ''Really, is that a true fact?'' He told me he doesn't do untrue facts, they don't exist.

Then after a while he said, tongue in cheek, ''Either that or it's the increased spankings you're getting lately.''

''Oh? and how does that work out,'' I asked suddenly interested. It's true my average is up lately, apart from the unfortunate incident last weekend I've had more than my share, no doubt having our neighbours away and our son in Europe has helped.

''Lots of ways,'' he said, ''but primarily because spankings push up your sex drive and being on a higher state of alert raises your burn rate (I don't think he intended any pun). Then of course the actual spankings themselves involve physical effort to varying degrees, the body has to cope with the after effects, and even if sex isn't directly or immediately involved you seem to have a spring in your step which must surely raise the metabolism. So you could say I'm helping you lose weight, so next time you're across my knee think of the old fitness instructors maxim
'there's no gain without pain'.....but in your case make it 'loss'.''

''Gosh I'd never looked at it that way before, P, thank you so much'' I said in the dumbest bimbo tone I could manage.

''Be careful,'' he said, ''or you'll be losing some weight very shortly.''

So that's it, lunchtime sandwich back on the menu, follow-up spanking to compensate. God we'd get no work done.

Love our Lurkers Day

Thanks to everybody who stopped by here and commented on LOL Day and a big hug and thank you to Bonnie for organising it and Hermione for the work she put in. It was a fun day.



Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Spanking and sex causing weight loss? Wow, that diet is likely to become popular in the spanko community. Maybe it'll replace the Atkins diet? LOL

And now you don't have to ask for spankings and/or sex. You can just ask him if he's going to help you lose weight when you're in the mood. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Ronnie, Never thought about all those calories I was burning....

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I can just see the info commercials on this one. The new amazing spankomatic weightloss set! You get all this for $39.95: 4wooden paddles, and a dozen wooden spoons. But wait! If you order in the next ten minutes we'll also send you this handsome simulated leather belt made from real simulated cow hide.

This offer won't last, so order now!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ronnie,
I just found out yesterday that I have a medical condition that feeds on sugar, so no more sugar for me. Yikes!

I'm quitting cold turkey. This is as tough as quitting any addiction. I sure wish Max was here to spank away my jitters. That would help a lot... and then we could say I lost weight from all the spankings instead of from cutting out sugar. That sounds much more fun.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - No gain without pain might also imply that when there's pain, there's gain (in weight). EEK! I like P's revised slogan much better.

I also have had to cut back on certain indulgences because of high triglycerides. Perhaps additional spankings would take my mind off what I'm having to forego.


Anonymous said...

Googling "burning calories" & sex I found my way to There's a wonderful article that should give all of us encouragement - even when alone ;-) The article is priceless & should you decide to show it to P, will only strengthen his resolve that he knows everything (no doubt he does)! I love your bimbo line LOL!! Have a wonderful weekend - read the article - no more jogging!!

Not My Original Vows said...

Sex and spankings...sign me up for that diet. I will take that any day over my trainer. :)


Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Lol!...I agree defintely the diet for me...

Theres all that wriggling...& clenching & bending too {{{grins}}}

Karen x

ronnie said...

FD - I love your humour. P please could you help me loose a couple of pounds today LOL.

Allystepsforward - What a great way to loose those pounds :)

Mick - I'll take two, no, make it three :) Are you in marketing, that was a very good.

Maryann - You will get used to it, I cut out sugar. You can get pretty good substitues :)

Hermione - You do have to be careful with your diet. No more sugary things :(

KayLynn - I'm googling it now but the site wont open ahhh, no, try later. You got me curious.
What does your avatar say, can't read it even with my glasses on :)

Katia - Oh yes and me, would be no more 6.00 am wake up calls to go jogging.

LadyKaren - Oh yes, think we should start a club.

Thanks all.

Have a good weekend.